Inside woven baskets brimming with the abundance of autumn, so ample with lusciousness that you can barely carry them, ancient beauty secrets live and love. Lusty apples, exuberant sunflowers, succulent grapes, flirtatious pomegranates, and woodsy hazelnuts gather in an intimate soirée to whisper their magic. Can you hear them? Get closer. Stories of love and beauty, bestowed upon those favored by the goddesses they hold dear, are being retold as glasses clink and celebration flows. And have a peek: There is a most glamorous scene unfolding. With the harvest festivals upon us, a few tips from those in the know will be helpful when planning beauty rituals this season, yes?

Ah! There’s apple, bedecked in a bold, shiny red cloak, regaling everyone with memories of when her kin were considered so lust-inducing that Norse priests were forbidden to indulge! She, of course, is sacred to both Aphrodite and Freya and holds the distinction of bestowing the gift of eternal life upon the ancient Egyptian gods. Buxom and blessed with abundant vitamins
A, B, and C and UV protection, she is a high priestess of rebuilding cells, reducing wrinkles, and giving serious glow. Beside her, sunflower laughs, shaking his golden yellow headdress like a great bird showing off feathers. He says that he has always been considered the height of masculine virility, with the ability to make everyone around him smile with his bright solar finery.
(That he also feeds the skin with essential vitamins and minerals does not go unmentioned, mind you.) Voluptuous grape shimmies over, to chime in with her wild tales of Dionysian romps—possibly exaggerated—and her legendary powers of bestowing ageless beauty. Pomegranate overhears, turns, and winks, coyly flashing a glimpse of the rubies beneath his burgundy coat. Oh, he has a few witticisms about being used as currency in ancient Egypt and that time his likeness ended up inside a pharaoh’s tomb. Did he mention that he strengthens the proteins that form collagen and elastin? Of course he did. Not to be outdone, hazelnut chimes in, noting that in addition to his renowned wisdom, he is also highly regarded as a protector. Oh, and yes, he provides much vitamin E to give the recipient firm, plumped, hydrated skin.

Are they boasting? Not really. These gifts of nature are indeed born of the divine and have every right to want to shine brightly and be revered for their talents. As do you. Take their not so subtle cues and align yourself with the great goddesses of beauty and love. Take supreme care of yourselves, mes chers amis, elevate your beauty routine to that of ritual and reclaim your power every single time.

Now, because I adore you, I have a few spellbinding secrets to divulge by way of autumnal beauty potions. I think you will find them most pleasurable. Conjure and enjoy them in full fall fabulousness, bébés, and revel in this season of opulence!

Esprit de la Lune
Beauty Cocktail

Serves two

¼ cup pomegranate seeds
¼ cup red seedless grapes
Sliver of ginger root, peeled and chopped Dash of ground cardamom
Champagne or red wine, to taste

Ah, this is such a delight! Simply place all the ingredients except the spirits into a bullet-style blender and blend until smooth. Now, there are two things to know: If you use a different type of blender, you will end up with some bits of fruit purée (and possibly a spicy bite of ginger) in your drink. Personally, I like that. But if you prefer it silky smooth, then use a vortex blender that will break everything down completely. I find they are an excellent investment for all sorts of beauty potions—though I do have a tendency to exhaust mine.

Once you have your concoction blended, pour a champagne coupe or a small wine glass half full, then top with your libation of choice. I love this for a full moon celebration, particularly the ones where you really see the culmination of your efforts over time. Fall is such a bewitching window of opportunity that if you need to give a spell you cast back in spring an extra kick to make it real, now is the moment. As always, I ask that you think back to what you were manifesting six months ago when the new moon was in the same sign and either celebrate its appearance on the physical plane or give it an extra charge. Either way (or even a bit of both) will find you raising your glass to the stars, the gods, and to your own power. Bask in it, knowing you are feeding your beauty from the inside out. Now that’s sexy.

This magic root calls upon the fire of Mars for his force of will, circulating the blood for fresh skin
cells and a fresh energy.

Consuming cardamom helps with weight loss and maintenance, quells anxiety, fights disease, treats skin allergies, and improves complexion with antioxidant super powers. It is a gift of Venus, infused with the magic of love, lust, beauty, and protection.

Red Wine
Solar-ruled red wine is known as an offering to both the gods and goddesses. Rich in beautifying antioxidants, its deep ruby tones bring fire magic to any celebration.

The delights of this lunar sparkling wine are endless! Oh, and it shares numerous health, beauty, and celebratory benefits with its jewel-toned counterpart.


Beauty Witch Secret:

Don’t partake in spirits? Add a luscious splash of pomegranate juice, kombucha, or even sparkling water to top your cocktail. The magic remains.


Bountiful Body
Body Exfoliant

Per treatment

¼ cup hazelnut flour
2 tablespoons sunflower oil
¼ to ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon,
or three drops essential oil
Seeds of one vanilla bean

Begin by combining the hazelnut flour with the sunflower oil, mixing well to create a thick paste. Add in the cinnamon and blend. Finally, slice the vanilla bean lengthwise—carefully—then gently scrape the tiny black seeds from their pod with the knife (or your finger) into the potion. Mix once more, inhaling the scent.

Depending on what moon phase you are in, either visualize what you would like to shed or what you would like to draw in after you “clear the path,” so to speak, by exfoliating. This is a very gentle sloughing, but don’t mistake its gentle nature for passivity—your skin will be so soft and glowing, and you will feel heavenly!

To use:
Apply to damp skin in the shower or bath, then massage in circular motions all over. Next, rake your fingers along your limbs in an upward stroke toward the heart. Rinse well, pat dry. Depending on your skin type or preference, you can now apply oil or body crème, though you may not need it.

Love, money magic, and potent healing are gifts of this sexy spice, alongside a heightened sense of psychic awareness.

Rich in copper, which helps promote collagen and elastic production, this soothing Venusian aphrodisiac protects from environmental stresses and carries an enchanted scent.


Beauty Witch Secret:

For sensitive sorceresses (and sorcerers!), opt for the ground cinnamon instead of the essential oil. The effect, and the magic, will be the same, sans irritation.


Abundant Sorcery
Facial Exfoliant and Masque

Conjures 6 to 8 treatments

¼ cup organic apple

1 tablespoon pomegranate juice
1 tablespoon hazelnut flour
Seeds of one vanilla bean, scraped

This beauty, mignonettes, is a many-faceted gem: it acts as a gommage cleanser, exfoliant, and treatment masque all in one delicious potion! First, chop the apple very finely, add the pomegranate juice, and pulse in a food processor until smooth. You may need to scrape the sides and pulse again several times to get the right consistency. Pour the mixture into a bowl. At this point, it will still be a little chunky. You can break it down further by mashing with a potato masher or a pestle.

Add the hazelnut flour and vanilla bean, and stir until well blended. Conjuring and then using this during a waning to new moon would be a stellar way to gently keep getting the old energy off you, whatever that may be. Clearing, letting go, releasing, and then inviting in the new, vibrant vibes. It is gentle enough for such a week-long ritual—your skin will absolutely be revived, refreshed, and ready for new and exciting things. In the crisp, fragrant air of autumn, adventures await!

To use:
Apply to damp skin, massaging in a circular motion upward from the neck to the forehead. The gommage texture works to gently but effectively cleanse and lift away dead skin cells. Then leave the potion on for 10 to 15 minutes as a masque. You can leave it on during the shower or bath too. This allows the steam to open your pores for even deeper beautifying! Rinse well, then pat dry. Depending on your skin type and preference, you can either apply toning mist and serums or leave skin as is.

Cover tightly and keep refrigerated for up to six days.


Beauty Witch Secret:

If madly pulsing a fresh apple isn’t your thing (!) you can use unsweetened, organic applesauce instead. Just add in a teeny bit at a time, and adjust the texture as you desire.


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