DEC 4 New Moon Solar Eclipse  *Swept away*

DEC 13 Mars enters Sagittarius *The sky is the limit!*

                      Mercury enters Capricorn  *Chart your course*

DEC 18 Full Moon in Gemini  *Independence and freedom*

DEC 19 Venus Retrograde in Capricorn  *Reassess you needs*

DEC 21 Winter Solstice  *Keep that inner fire lit!*

Veil yourself in soft swathes of warmth, mes chéris, for December is here! Though climate change may indeed prove me wrong, the settling in of Northern frost seems to have asserted itself – thus, once more we take charge, Beauty Witch style: hydrate from within, protect on the surface, fortify with fervor, and, by all means, get some rest. Skin, hair, nails, and all of your everything need to be fed right now, and wisely, so don’t neglect nutrition during such a dizzying month. Tune into your beauty rituals like mad, mignonettes, and you will be rewarded. Who’s that mysterious creature with the defiantly dewy glow? The glimmering tresses, despite that maddening wind? The easy smile that invites calm? Mmm, oui. That would be you. 

Winter officially begins this month, and with her comes the divine opportunity for indulging in sacred ceremony with yourself, both on an internal level and outwardly where it can be seen. November was full of unexpected surprises, shocks, and upheavals, forcing us to truly do the deeper work. Now, more (yes, more!) rises to the surface, but this time with optimistic Sagittarius vibes to guide us through. Scorpio segueing in to Sagittarius couldn’t be more polar if it tried! It is, quite literally, the joyous rebirth after the decay and death, and with it the endless possibilities of new growth. From the deep dark depths of renewal, suddenly a shift occurs that’s like emerging from the bottom of the sea to the sunlit surface of the water, where the air enters your lungs and you can clearly see land. Now, you need to take the physical prowess of The Archer and swim toward that shore with vigor and intent. I always say, when Sagittarius is well aspected, point that arrow and focus. Then release, and you are certain to hit your target.

Sagittarius Power Card: Temperance Balance of masculine and feminine energies. Stay grounded in earth while you go with the flow of the water. Stay true to your purpose. Take the higher path.
Sagittarius Power Card: Temperance Balance of masculine and feminine energies. Stay grounded in earth while you go with the flow of the water. Stay true to your purpose. Take the higher path.

We will need it, too, because December also brings a few shakeups, though not as intensely as November. I would ask that you keep returning to the idea of focus throughout this month – it will help immensely.

Let’s begin with our very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4th, (2:43am EST) in the sign of The Archer. The Moon in any sign shows you where to direct your attention, and eclipses are always supercharged. Thus, we turn our attentions to Sagittarian sorcery, namely areas of publishing, education, higher learning, teaching, and gorgeous travel-related inspiration, which I like to think of it as (ahem) foreign affairs. This eclipse is influenced by Mercury, so there will be lots of potential for communications around these areas. Perhaps you will hear interesting news, or have your curiosity sparked by something from a far-away land. Or, is there a fascinating someone from another culture or “world” different from yours that has appeared? With Mars in the mix, you will feel a definite drive, even a need to jump directly in to the deep end, but be wary: just make sure not to overdo it, either with actions or words. Neptune will see to it that you desire to be swept away will be strong, but…with the eclipse there is major potential for hidden information that you simply cannot see just yet. Be aware, mes beautés, and be very careful. Decisions can be clouded, communication can be confusing, and deception is highly possible. There are things you don’t know, and when they come to light, they may have an impact, so step back, stay focused, and demand clarity wherever things seem murky.

How to reclaim that focus? By embracing your power. I offer you a petite ritual for a not-so-petite eclipse: a skin-loving, spirt-lifting, and decadently pleasurable potion that will help you to set the tone in your favor for the next six months. This one supports you with nutrients, antioxidants, and bold beauty magick.

The Triple Goddess of Beauty in this mélange appears in the form of three beloved Winter offerings: Anise, Clove, and Coconut, all ruled by Sagittarius, all here to awaken you to the possibilities of distant stars…and bring them closer to you.

En Votre Faveur
Body Treatment

Conjures one treatment

1 cup coconut sugar
1 tablespoon unsweetened pumpkin purée (not pie filling)
¼ cup sweet almond oil
2 drops clove essential oil, or ¼ teaspoon ground clove
6 drops anise essential oil

With your visuals strong, and your focus present, pour the coconut sugar into a fetching bowl, breaking any lumps with a whisk or spoon. Add the pumpkin and the almond oil, and mix in a clockwise direction until well blended and smooth. Add the essential oils, one at a time, then blend again.

Apply to clean skin, massaging in a circular motion, adding more as needed to give skin a honeyed coating, then let it sit as a full-body masque for 10-20 minutes. Rinse completely and pat dry. Your skin will feel slightly tingly and refreshed, renewed, and beautifully hydrated! The exfoliation is so gentle, mes amours, and yet, entirely effective. It leaves a lingering, spiced scent and a firmed, plumped appearance that is especially fetching just before a big day, or an evening spent bewitching.

Anise This shining star provides antibacterial cleansing, pore reducing, and skin tightening benefits while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. It also offers protection and youthfulness magick.

Clove Decadently spicy, Jupiter-ruled clove oil kills bacteria and clarifies skin while conjuring love, money, and protection magick.

Coconut Sugar Lunar coconut sugar is full of beauty minerals and provides a gentle, yet effective exfoliation. It heightens spiritualty and psychic prowess.

Pumpkin Abundant and healing, Moon-ruled pumpkin is packed with vitamins A and C, two of the most effective anti-agers around. It also has an earth energy to keep you steady right now.

Almond Oil Ruled by Mercury almond is soothing and nutritive, almond softens and heals skin with natural vitamin E, which has the ability to regenerate cells and repair damaged skin. It also carries the magick of healing.

Beauty Witch Secret: This one works equally well for the face, you simply must try it!

As the stardust settles in the wake of the eclipse, we have two shifts occurring on December 13th, setting the tone for the second half of the month. First, there is passionate Mars, always at home in a fire sign, feeling quite pleased to find himself in adventurous, energetic Sagittarius…for here, he knows no limits! This will have you planning the future with fervor, considering risks you may not normally take, and really, truly enjoying the expansiveness of possibility. And, yes, it can all happen! Just be wary of going too far out on a limb, and do what you can to stay in the present moment – after all, those big dreams will require some actual planning, yes? Remember, stay focused. The cosmic wisdom? This is where Mercury in Capricorn comes racing in to assist. The Goat’s no-nonsense approach will ensure you take a methodical path to making your dreams real. Rely on his practicality, but don’t let him dampen your fire. As I always say, work with the energies present, and here, there is an absolutely beautiful opportunity to balance drive and passion with a rock-solid plan.

Just beyond this seemingly endless horizon, a restless Full Moon awaits. On December 18th (11:36pm EST) the Gemini Moon will be conflicting with solar rays, lighting up the need for personal freedom and individualism within an important relationship, be it of a personal or professional nature. That all-encompassing connection that may have been ignited by the New Moon now has potential to be tested, with desires for independence popping up when we least expect it. There is, however, a beauty to the timing: Gemini rules short-distance travel (as opposed to the longer-distance of Sagittarius) so a quick jaunt home for the holidays, a Yuletide circle, or even a little weekend escape with friends can provide the distance needed to gain perspective. Jupiter is there, nudging you to think about moving forward in the new calendar year, so some time away from whatever is on your mind will be put to good use by considering how you might market something important to you after the holidays, particularly in the areas of media, websites, publishing, and higher education. Jupiter is famed as a bringer of luck and expansion, but sometimes it is forgotten that he is also highly protective, so no matter what, you are in good hands. And as you formulate your ideas, enjoy this Long Night’s Moon, because it is absolutely social, chatty, and fun! Gatherings of any size promise needed release from any tensions that have been building. Wherever you are, surround yourself in the upbeat, lighthearted vibe of now, and bring along a fabulous high-vibration libation to share and celebrate with. And I have just the Witches Brew for you. Born to simmer oh-so-slowly in the cauldron as it wafts it’s magick throughout your home, this one will warm you and wow you. It’s a twist of sorcery on the classic vin chaud (mulled wine) so delightfully served at Winter gatherings…santé!

Voluptuous Vin Chaud
Witches Brew

Serves 8

1 bottle good-quality dry red wine (tempranillo, pinot noir, merlot work well)
¼ cup good cognac
½ small orange, sliced
2” piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced
13 whole cloves
6 star anise, whole
3 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
¼ cup coconut sugar, optional

 Get ready, and spare no urge to make it a theatrical display of conjuring! Uncork the wine, and pour it into a cauldron. With intent, add in each of the remaining ingredients. Give the brew a good, curvilinear swirling clockwise to mingle all the flavors. Now light your fire on very low, cover, and allow the blend to heat up slowly and sensually, at least 20 minutes. Take care not to let it boil. When you are ready, take the lid off, revealing the fragrance and splendor of it all! Ladle into heat-safe glasses or earthen mugs. Raise a toast to all gorgeous things, and sip languidly.

Ginger This magic root calls upon the fire of Mars for his force of will, circulating the blood for fresh skin cells and a fresh energy.

Clove see above

Nutmeg Jupiter-ruled nutmeg is an excellent anti-inflammatory for skin that can have a reaction to the changing seasons. It is also highly valued for its ability to open up our psychic awareness.  

Cinnamon Love, money magic, and potent healing are gifts of this sexy spice, alongside a heightened sense of psychic awareness.

Red Wine Solar-ruled red wine is known as an offering to both the gods and goddesses. Rich in beautifying antioxidants, its deep ruby tones bring fire magic to any celebration.

Cognac I always have a good cognac on hand for cold-weather splashing into a soup, pottage, or other savory dish (my mother always swears by it in her classic onion soup.)  Of course, it’s a lovely warmed spirit on a frosty evening, shared by the fire, preferably naked under a faux-fur. As with any spirits, it carries a certain lust-inducing magick. Just go easy – it’s full of sugar, which wreaks havoc on the skin. Moderation, bien sûr.

 Rosemary Fiery rosemary is a Witch’s best friend, blessing everything it touches with strong protective energy mingled with considerable cleansing, healing, and love magick. There may or may not be a dose of lust in there too. You’ll find out.

***Note: If you do not wish to indulge in spirits, a blend of pomegranate & pear juices make saucy substitutes. Pomegranate strengthens the proteins that form collagen and elastin, bring forth abundance and creativity, and symbolize the blood of life. Venusian Pears promote longevity and abundance magick, reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, and contain a retinue of beautifying vitamins that  promote healthy, glowing skin.

 Beauty Witch Secret: Why not reserve a bit of potion and add it to your kitchen witchery? It makes a divine marinade, sauce, or dressing for all your beautiful plant-powered savory dishes!


Hot on the heels (Louboutin’s, yes?) of the Full Moon is our Venus, now cautiously donning a pair of ballet flats in order to better navigate the terrain. She retrogrades now in Capricorn, and does not station direct until January 29th. Now is the time, under her graceful wing, to step back and reevaluate both relationships and business. Restructuring your business or finances will be especially productive now, as well as asking yourself what it is you truly want in your love life. Nostalgic feelings for a former love can surface, as can a wistful longing for something that used to drive you that perhaps you no longer pursue, such as an artistic endeavor. This is a good time to give such talents another look. Maybe you’ve dropped a side project due to a lack of time, or finances? You can find a way now, if it’s important to you.

Now is the time to reassess, but not brilliant for beginning something. I would steer clear of signing new contracts, creating a new partnership, of forming a new company. And, please, don’t get married. Drastic new beauty measures are off the table too right now, so stash that blue hair dye in the cabinet if you’ve been steadfastly chestnut brown, and don’t schedule any visits with your dermatologist unless you see a suspicious sunspot (you get my meaning.) Oh, and that amazing dress that you have to have? Wait. It will be there. Or something better will be. If there’s one profound Beauty Witch thing I have learned over my many Moons, it is this: there are always more dresses.

We close December with the exuberant vibes of a festive, harmonious, and hopeful Winter Solstice. Yule fires burning bright, we welcome back the gradual, but certain return of the Sun, and the wheel of the year once again turns. Enjoy nestling into the belly of Winter, cozy and warm, candles lit, scents dancing through the air, and the magick of snowflakes on our lashes, as we send love to those who have less, always. Do whatever you can to help people, animals, and our beloved Mother Earth, chéris, even if it seems like a small gesture. And know that, wherever you are, you are loved right back.

Have a splendid month! I wish you all the best.
Love and Stardust,
Xo Alise

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