We have some exciting news to share about our friend and frequent glamorous contributor Rona Berg, who just received the Women in Wellness Environmental Leader Award from American Spa! Isn’t that awesome? Please go congratulate Rona on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ronaberg/

And you can see more about American Spa’s 2020 winners at https://www.americanspa.com/industry-insiders/meet-winners-american-spas-2020-women-wellness-awards


Rona has contributed all kinds of gorgeous pieces to Enchanted Living, as well as all three handbooks from the Enchanted Library, like for example this piece on “The Art of Baking with Herbs and Flowers” in our current autumn Natural Magic issue:

and this stunning profile of Diana Gabaldon in our autumn 2018 Outlander issue:

and many many more besides!

Rona also, as it happens, authored these two best-selling beauty books:

Plus she’s editorial director at Organic Spa and is the former editorial director of Elle, deputy lifestyle editor for The New York Times Magazine, contributing editor to Spa and Self, and advisory board member of Shape.

And look how cute she is:

especially when she’s pulling a pint of Guinness in Ireland:

Here she is with our winter 2019 cover model Damaris Lewis:

And at the release party for The Mermaid Handbook with editor-in-chief Carolyn Turgeon plus Carolyn’s sister Catherine and best-selling authoress Jeanine Cummins (author of American Dirt plus some lovely pieces for Enchanted Living like this one: https://enchantedlivingmagazine.com/why-my-daughters-will-believe-in-faeries/ and this: https://enchantedlivingmagazine.com/grainne-omalley-the-girl-pirate/)

Anyway, Rona’s award is richly deserved and she’s currently celebrating by working on a piece for our upcoming Romantics issue on girl crush Mary Shelley.
(OK, those things might be unrelated.)

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