Jenna Caprice started the White Witch Parlour seven years ago, after leaving city life behind and moving into the mountains of Southern California with her husband to “be with nature as much as possible.” The transition healed her, she says, and led to an intense spiritual awakening: It taught her to trust her intuition. For years before she’d been creating potions, incense, herbal blends, and candles for friends, not to mention collecting crystals, but it was only after reconnecting with nature that she embraced her passions full time.

Soon she realized she’d become the person she aspired to be: “a fulltime witch in the woods, who often frolicked in nature.” This is natural magic, she says, which to her “is not just about working with and learning the natural elements around you but doing what also is natural to you.” Like nature, we are made up of energy, she says. “Anything you dream can become physical and tangible if you align with the correct energy and vibration, which is often achieved through reconnecting with nature.”

Now she lives in the New Hampshire mountains with her husband and son. This is how she incorporates magic into her life every day: by finding time with nature, “even if it just means taking a moment to water my plants or watch the sunset.”

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  1. Moving to the mountains and being with nature daily sounds completely amazing. I live in a rural area but it still has constant hustle and bustle.
    To be able to be alone with nature and listen to it would be completely magical.

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