We want to tell you about enchantress Natalie Toma and her Enchanted Realms, which she created “as a way for people to recognize the magic in their own lives” and through which she’s “created a variety of magical products that facilitate in ceremonial magic and wellbeing.” Which is all, of course, right up our alley:

Take a gander right here: https://theenchantedrealms.com/shop

And look at these reiki-infused magic moon candles:

And these beautiful oil blends:

And then here’s Natalie:

We asked Natalie a few witchy questions below:

So can you tell us what enchantment means to you?
Enchantment means to me a sense of wonder and awe. Holding this feeling near allows for connection with magic!

Do you identify as a witch/what does witch mean to you?
Yes, I identify as a witch, or someone who connects with nature and magic.

Can you tell us about your grandmother and how she instilled a sense of magic in you?
My grandmother was one of my biggest inspirations. From a young age she empowered me and my cousins to be anything we wanted to be. She also shared her love of magic and paranormal with me. She would share stories with me about her “sixth sense” and explained her healing remedies that cured any aliment. She was a widow for nearly fifty years and raised ten wonderful children. Her life was magic! She was magic!

How did you start making magical products?
I started making magical products as a way to decrease my stress and anxiety. Also as a way to reconnect with what felt true to my soul and journey. Magic has always been something that has brought me a sense of peace and excitement. I wanted to sprinkle those feelings into my magical products for others to enjoy

Do you have any tips for our readers trying to live more magically, and more in tune with nature etc?
Yes, spend as much time as you can connecting with things you love! Love and magic are so closely related. The more you surround yourself with positive energy, people, and situations, the more you attract magic into your life. I would also recommend focusing on self-care acts. Take a relaxing bath, get a massage, doing something creative. These are all sources of magic.

What are the sacred moon circles you hold?
The sacred moon circles explore the energies of the new and full moon cycles. By working with these cycles we can learn to release what no longer serves our highest good and set intentions on what we want to attract. It’s a way to speak intentionally to the universe while harnessing the magical moon energy

Do you have a favorite product you’ve created?
I love them all!  But if I had to pick I would go with the New Moon essential oil roller, the DeStress Aura spray and the Goddess Candle.

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