Incorporating a love of all things fairy tale and fairy into day-to-day life is a constant challenge. It helps to find little ways to add a touch of whimsy or magic into everyday wardrobe items. Two makers of fashionable yet fairy-friendly accessories are Lalabug Designs and Folk Owl. Although they both work in the same medium, felted wool, they have unique artistic voices and show the mastery of their craft in the items they produce.

Folk Owl is known for her signature Faerie Cuffs, or wristlets. Layered felt-embroidered leaves, rich lace, and ruffled chiffon form a different pattern on each unique pair. Folk Owl also makes Pixie Scarves, dripping with layers of multicolored and textured fabrics, and felted hoods fit for any elf.

Lalabug Designs focuses primarily on chapeaus, creating one-of-a-kind hats that fit each customer’s desires as well as their heads. Her designs range from goblin hoods, often framed with leaves and lichen and sometimes featuring removable horns or antlers, to her Wren design, a fedora-like shape featuring a turned-back brim angled high enough to show off pointed ears.

The designs of both artists work beautifully together and are perfect choices both to keep you warm in colder months and to add a touch of enchantment to your everyday. On the day of our fashion shoot, the models, the photographer, and the stylist all exclaimed over the accessories, and the models were quite grateful for them when a blustery wind began to blow on the outdoor set. “I feel like I’m in Lord of the Rings!” exclaimed Keilah, one of the models. And really, what more could any of us want to add excitement to even the dreariest winter day?



Photography: WinterWolf Studios
Additional wardrobe, hair, and makeup: Fox, Fawn & Fauna Make-up Art by Ruby Randall
Models: Chayla White, Keilah Jude, Lilianna Durig

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