Cloak your heavenly body in rich moisture and deep hydration, while infusing your entire being with vital nutrients. Ancient beauty secrets are unlocked inside these captivating potions, so get ready to settle in for a luscious ritual and, because beauty begins on the inside, a delightful sip to accompany you on an icy winter’s eve.

These make for enchanting gifts, too!

Article from the Winter Issue #41:  Print & Digital

Winter is when we go inside, literally and figuratively. It is the time for deep introspection, and for planning the future. So, while you’re lounging in your own little sea, and treating your face to a delicious confection, take time to imagine something you would like to have blossom in spring.

What is it? What does it look like? How does it feel? What do you need to do to create it? Let the intuitive, expansive power of water open you up to the possibilities! Allow ideas to come in while sipping your elixir, as it mingles with the sacred waters of your body, creating a dynamic flow of energy. Not only is it feeding you inside and out with much-needed hydration, it also helps to soothe and protect from environmental stresses by way of romantic vanilla bean. Loving lemon helps to brighten skin, banish toxins, and give an infusion of vitamin C, while coconut nectar bursts with minerals, so essential to your good health. All these potent forces are present to help guide you on your path, giving you the life force needed to create, and are especially effective during a waxing-to-full moon cycle.

½ cup Celtic salt
½ cup epsom salt
3 drops clove essential oil
3 drops nutmeg essential oil
1 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. ground mustard seed
1 tbsp. rosehip oil

Blend the two salts together in a bowl. Add the spices, then the essential oils. Give it a good stir. Sprinkle into a warm bath, lie back, and heave a sigh of relaxation…

1 8 oz. can organic coconut milk, chilled
1 tbsp. rosewater
2 tbsp. almond flour, finely ground
6 drops frankincense essential oil

You can prepare by placing the can of coconut milk in the refrigerator for about an hour. This will allow the solid cream to separate from the liquid. Spoon the cream into a large bowl, and set aside the liquid for later. Add the almond flour and rosewater to the cream. Using a hand mixer, blend until you have a fluffy, whipped consistency. Fold in the frankincense, inviting in all the beauty of the season. Massage in a circular motion onto clean skin to remove the dulling surface layer of cells, then let the masque set for 10 to 20 minutes.

Rinse well with cool water, pat dry. Your skin will be glowing, radiant, and oh so soft to the touch!

Spoon into airtight jars and keep refrigerated until you are ready to use. This recipe makes quite a bit of masque, so you have plenty to enjoy and share. It also works beautifully as a hand and body treatment.

Makes one serving
1 cup pure coconut water
½ lemon
1 vanilla bean
1 tsp. rosewater
½–1 tsp. raw coconut nectar, to taste
Unsweetened shredded or flaked coconut for garnish

Combine the coconut water you set aside earlier with the fresh lemon juice and rosewater. (A bit of the coconut cream will still be in the can, which will add body to the drink.) To prepare the vanilla bean, spilt lengthwise down the middle with a sharp knife. Carefully open the pod, and scrape the tiny black seeds into the liquid mixture, using a dull knife or a small spoon. Add the desired amount of sweetening from the coconut nectar and blend on high speed until creamy. Sprinkle with coconut flakes and enjoy!

You can easily multiply the recipe by using a larger container of coconut water. It makes for a lovely libation to serve guests!

Revel in the celestial glow, darling fairies! The shining star here is you, supported by magical fruits of the earth and sea. Taking center stage are two important ingredients to always have on hand: coconut and rose.

Coconut is immensely hydrating, both internally and topically. It is ruled by the moon and the element of water, deeply connected to spirituality and psychic awareness, while delivering integral moisture to your skin by way of essential fats.

Photography by Hans Vivek via Unsplash

Rose is an ancient beauty goddess unto herself. She is the messenger of Venus, also water-ruled, and the absolute embodiment of love gifted to your skin in the form of dewy radiance. Almond meal adds additional oils and vitamin E to soften skin, and offers a gentle exfoliation, as well as drawing prosperity in.

Cherished frankincense is one of the earth’s oldest and greatest treasures, both for its healing and beautifying properties. Solar powered, it works here as an important balance to the lunar energies and helps prevent wrinkles while lifting and toning skin.

In your bath, the salts detoxify and soothe aches, as the rosehip oil imparts silken moisture. The ginger and mustard are incredibly warming, so this is a fabulous soak all season long, particularly if you are feeling a bit under the weather. Clove oil is antibacterial and antiseptic, helping to boost the immune system and repair skin tissue. Nutmeg oil stirs circulation and eases aches.

Photography by Kira auf Der Heide via Unsplash
Photography by Kira auf Der Heide via Unsplash

One more secret: Add raw, unpolished crystals to your beauty potions and rituals, as pictured. Have them present when you are concocting, then nestle them inside each mixture to infuse their powerful energies, letting their essence grow stronger with time. (When you make a new batch, you can reuse the crystals.)

Here, clear quartz amplifies intention, and moonstone is a talisman of the inner journey, bringing to light that which must be illuminated. Sapphires have been used for centuries to impart hydration to the skin, and rejuvenate, restore, and protect from environmental effects. Amber is a solar stone, bringing both joy and an ability to circulate the blood, giving your skin a lustrous sheen.


Article from the Winter Issue #41:  Print & Digital

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


  1. This is so beautiful! I can’t wait to try! I love all the magical and practical information here, and the inviting way it is written!

  2. I’m so glad that Alise Marie is back with another in-depth feature! I can’t wait to dive deep this season with Alise’s rituals and brews; they are always so relaxing and renewing 🙂

  3. I just want to cover my whole body in the snow queen face mask!!

    Thank you Alise for another simply beautiful way to make me feel like Scherazade, except this time, I‘m Scherazade in the winter palace.

    I can’t wait for the next instalment on Faerie!

  4. As a newbie to Alise Marie’s potions, I am SO hooked! These are wonderful!! I have got to go on a hunt tomorrow for some of the ingredients, however, nothing will stop me!!

    Thank you for everything!!

    PS When is your book coming out?

    • That’s so great to hear, Shelly! You can usually find everything needed at your local health food store. If you need any help online shopping, let me know, i’ve found some great resources over the years. The book release is up to the publisher, but I will announce it as soon as the wind whispers to me…xo Alise

      • I have concocted (I am now obsessed with this word) all of these and used them multiple times. Crafting them is incredible fun and using them is a luxurious treat. Someone mentioned they felt like Scheherazade, well I feel like Cleopatra, bathing in scented sea waters, covering my skin in luscious creams, and drinking mystical elixirs! So thank you very much for that, Alise!

        I did have a question, about oils, essential and otherwise. I did my best to find a good brand on Amazon, but there are so many! I know not all are good for skin applications, so I wanted to know if you had any brands or online stores you recommend? Thanks!

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