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We hope you’re having a gorgeous week! We thought we’d share this quick post to tell you about our friends at Fairy Glen and all their many many many enchanted wares that you should obviously peruse this minute. Their webstore, which is right here and has 10K+ 5 star reviews, has been around for nearly two decades and remained small and family-owned (in case you don’t know, Enchanted Living/Faerie Magazine is also a tiny business run by a few people from our homes) and basically offers an enormous array of treasures for anyone who loves even a dash of fantasy in their lives. And who doesn’t?

Plus they’re offering $5 off for any purchase over $20 and free shipping on any order over $75!

Below are a few of the items that we secretly covet, like this Art Nouveau Peacock Box:

And this Map of Middle Earth Tapestry Throw Blanket which lets you plot adventures and stay cozy at the same time:

And this unicorn head candle holder for when your candle needs are a little extra and when aren’t they:

We also secretly feel we’d turn heads in this super fashionable t-shirt featuring a vaguely sinister cat who loves to read:

And these elvish dice for the more practical minded among us:

Which probably won’t fit into this glam mermaid shell box but we’re pretty sure some pearls and shells and mermaid’s tears and secret wishes will:

Also, why have a regular light switch plate when you can have dragons? We’ve asked ourselves this question repeatedly and suspect you have as well.

Whilst imbibing some secret elixir out of these numbers:

And here’s a witchcraft gazing ball, for goodness’ sake, which we didn’t know we needed in our life until this very moment:

And who hasn’t been yearning for a Greenman wall plaque set made of cold cast resin or is that just us?

And who doesn’t need a lady parade pewter bracelet for those rare occasions when you’re not in a lady parade already? We’re off to join one right now, in fact!

It’s all a little overwhelming, really, so we might need to relax with a cup of tea in a mug featuring lady bugs and kittens because why not:

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