In other olfactory, relaxation and even hygge-esque news, we wanted to tell you about the magical chanteuse Leah McHenry who also makes lush, fantasy-inspired candles that create entire experiences. Here is Leah in a fit of candle making:

She has five hobbits/workers too, which might explain how she gets so much done:

And look at some of her wares:

That’s right, she has, among other things, a whole collection inspired by Celtic woodland folklore: “Enter a green, lush forest with all kinds of mythical beings such as Fae, Spriggans, Elves, Wood Nymphs and Seelies! You won’t find overbearing floral scents here. Instead, you’ll immerse your senses in the light of our crackling wooden wicks, and fill your abode with the fragrance of forests, fresh leaves, citrus trees, dark berries & herbs, sandalwood, vanilla, and honey, fresh from the hives of spring bees.” Umm. Yes please.

She has one called the Tree Nymph Palace: “What is plain nature to us is a palace to the tree nymphs. Gorgeous tree canopy ceilings, walls of endless woods, and earthy floors, decorated with dark berries and fruits.” Sigh.

Below, we ask Leah a few penetrating questions:

How did you start making candles?
I’ve been pretty crafty most of my life but mainly focused on songwriting and music. I got serious about candle making during my last album release, Ancient Winter, which is a folk-fantasy-medieval inspired winter album.

I love the idea of making candles to accompany music. Can you talk more about that?
I was thinking of ways I could create a more immersive listening experience and that’s when the idea struck to combine more senses. I had a wonderful time creating blends of fragrances that matched the theme of the music, and my love for candle making grew from there.

How do fantasy and myth inspire you and/or shape your life?
It encompasses so much of what I do every day, whether I’m reading to my hobbits during our homeschool time, writing new fantasy-inspired music, or crafting new candles that transport you to another era. Fantasy, myth, and legend help to make this crazy world we’re in a lot easier to endure, and brings a sense of magic to my home.

How do you use candles in your everyday life, etc? 
I’ve been a candle freak for many years! I love to light them any time of day, but especially during my morning quiet time ritual, if I’m up early enough to get in some reading without interruption, and then also while I’m working. Candles have such a universally calming effect. Something about the flicker of the flame, and, in our case, the sound of the crackling wooden wicks… it’s incredibly therapeutic when combined with just the right mystical fragrance and clean ingredients that don’t give me a headache!

Can you tell us about some of your favorite candles that you’ve made?
Absolutely! I have a few favorites: The Ranger, which smells like aged bourbon, woodsy forests, and worn leather (we get constant requests to bring out a perfume oil with this scent so your man can smell like this too – it’s so yummy – haha!), Wizard’s Pipe Weed, which is not a typical tobacco scent, but muskier with a very light floral accent, and The Enchanted Grove, which is incredible if you like the idea of sugared citrus fruits and exotic greens. We’re focused on more novelty-type scents and are not trying to produce anything mainstream. You won’t see plain vanilla or strong floral candles from us! We’re trying to help people create more immersive experiences, such as reading, gaming, dinner parties, and events, through very unique fragrances.

How do you come up with your themes?
I take a lot of time to think and get inspired by fantasy books, tv shows, and films, like Lord of the RingsOutlanderVikings, and more, but I also draw a lot of inspiration and ideas from our followers and customers. I have a background in online marketing and my absolute favorite “hack” is to just ask your audience. Involve them as much as possible. From our followers, I have a massive list of all the ideas and themes we could possibly do, and we won’t be running out anytime soon!

The big challenge is to create the perfect scents that align with the scene or theme idea. But that’s half of the fun too!

How do your five hobbits participate in your process?
Oh, I am constantly asking for their honest feedback. They are my first go-to audience when I’ve created something, whether it’s music or candles. In Mythologie, they help me narrow down the contenders to the final collection of candles. Kids are very honest as you know, and I take full advantage of that!

And finally, how do you stay enchanted?
To me, staying enchanted means getting into and staying in an inspired state. When I’m in an inspired state is when all my best “work” is done, and yet none of it feels like work. To get to that place, much of it begins with consistent routines (which sounds boring, but creates a baseline for my body and mind), and then finding quiet time and space to create on a regular basis. Also, decorating my home with paintings, furniture, and decor that feels delightful makes a big difference. We, creative people, are very sensitive to our environment! So that’s why the right area rug, the throw pillow, the trinkets on the hearth, and the candle flickering on the table which fills the room with a bewitching aroma can do wonders for the soul!

Here are a few more photos of Leah’s brood (including her Viking husband) at work.

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