Kelly Louise Judd, a.k.a. Swan Bones, is a flora-, fauna-, and folklore-inspired artist who lives in the Midwestern United States with her flock of chickens, clowder of cats, and two very smart dogs. When she’s not creating things she’s likely tending to these creatures or to her varied gardens. “My pets and plants are constantly feeding into my work,” she says.

How is she inspired by animals? “I feel very connected to all animals. They inspire me to live more in the moment and to not incessantly question the path that I am on. I try to evoke some of that spirit in my work.” While her own animals are her favorite magical beasts, she’s always been drawn to werewolves.

And how does she stay enchanted? “I go outside and look at all the tiny things growing and moving around me. A single blade of grass enchants me.”

Find more of Judd’s work on Instagram or Etsy @swanbones.

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