Here’s some lovely advice from Susan Tuttle, aka Whisper in the Wood, whom we feature in said autumn issue:

Gather wildflowers and flowers from the garden to make a pretty harvest bouquet. For mine, I’ll be collecting goldenrod, wild aster, calendula, lavender, and Lady’s Thumb. Enjoy the process of gathering and designing your floral work of art. Place the bouquet in a pretty vase or in a simple mason jar tied with twine or ribbon. Similarly, you can create an altar, adorned with harvest time flowers, leaves acorns, and apples.

Take this opportunity to supercharge your magical tools in the light of the powerful Harvest Moon—things like crystals, candles, moonwater, runes, tarot and oracle cards, wands, brooms, pendulums, singing bowls, and more. While they are charging, enjoy bathing yourself in the light of the moon, charging your body and spirit with powerful healing and grounding energies.

Sip a mug of hot apple cider, gaze at the beautiful Harvest Moon, soak in its energy, and take time to feel gratitude for the abundance of the season and for all of the things you have in your life that you are grateful for.

Here is a photo from Susan that we happen to be particularly fond of for mysterious reasons:

And here’s some advice from Terri Foss, whose wonderful witchy art is also featured in the issue:

The full Harvest Moon can come in September or October; It is named by the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. This powerful full moon offers the most light, this time of the year, for harvesting crops. I choose to use the Harvest Moon’s energy as a time to reflect with gratitude on spring and summer’s gifts. I reminisce of the passing warm thunder storms that watered my gardens and the mother animals that trusted me enough to birth and raise their babies on my land surrounding my home. It is time to slowly finish turning the pages to this chapter and open our hearts to the coming Autumn season that is filled with the bountiful fruits & gifts Mother Nature has graciously bestowed on us.

Here is a photo I took last year of my pumpkins under the full moon in my front yard:


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