Here are some thoughts from Najah Lightfoot, from Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day Almanac:

Full Moon Blessings
I can feel it coming. I can feel the energy of the full moon upon me before I ever see its luminous glow in the night.

Sometimes, if I’ve planned ahead, I’m ready for a full-blown ritual. Other times, depending upon what life has brought, I may only be able to light a candle. Other times I may only blow a kiss to the moon. All are okay. A full ritual is okay, a kiss is divine, and a candle always lights our way in the darkness.

Tonight, as the moon grows full, let go of what you think you should be doing and simply be with her. Take a nice bath or shower and go outside. Stand beneath the moon and bless yourself, your home, and your loved ones. Let the moon whisper to you and bless you with her magickal light.

A peek at Najah’s book Good Juju, which came out this summer:

Here’s a blog from Tess Whitehurst, whose book Unicorn Magic comes out in November, with five ideas for celebrating the harvest moon:

Here’s a lovely one that we will try this eve in Baltimore (in our hearts):

On the evening of the harvest moon, go out in nature or create ambiance with some candles, a fire pit, and/or some incense evocative of fall. Then put on a playlist or Pandora station specifically created to open your heart in gratitude to all the many blessings you presently have in your life, from clean water to a comfy bed to beloved friends and family – and even the little things like your favorite coffee mug or fuzzy socks. Then move on to a playlist or Pandora station specifically created to tune you into the expansion you’d like to experience. For example, when you release the expectation of lack or the belief that you don’t deserve abundance, how do you feel? Find music that helps you feel that way. Then dance to celebrate opening up to even more of the beautiful blessings the Universe so dearly desires to shower upon you.

So whatever you choose to do, have a lovely, joyful harvest moon! (And feel free to email us at to tell us all about it!!)

Before we go, please take one more gander at our autumn witch issue (opened to a spread about Terri) from resident wood nymph/Enchanted Living art director Lisa Gill:

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