Each moon is a teacher, a mentor, a glowing guardian that rises up in the sky, luminous and full. In the moon’s glow, we are given a mirror, something to reflect upon in our own spirit. The September full moon is known as the Harvest Moon.

The moon is asking you to take a moment of pause and truly see what you’ve harvested into your life over the last 12 months. So often, we are goal oriented and once we achieve something, we are onto the next thing without celebration or acknowledgement. As a culture, we are constantly running, working, creating and doing.

As the full moon arrives in the sky, sit within its sweet glow for a moon bath. Whether you chose to take a moonlit walk, or even lean your head out of your window and allow the glowing night rays to hold you … have a conversation with the ancient being that is the magic of the moon.

Take a piece of paper and write down your “harvest” of the things you have brought to you, created and conjured in the last year. When you take a moment to write them down in your own hand on a scroll in the moonlight, it draws power to it. Write down the things you are proud of, big and small.

When you are finished, read the scroll out loud to the moon. Feel the full strength of the moon illuminating your paper and your writing.

Leave the list in the moon light overnight. For the next 28 days, keep the paper in a place you can see it and feel your power increase and feel you draw more good things to you as you focus on your own harvesting abilities.

At the next full moon, take the paper and scroll it in twine. Keep it in a sacred place so when you need a power boost, you can remind yourself of all the good things you’ve already created and this will charge your own power “moon magnet”.

Make this a tradition to do every year on the full moon in September.

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In this autumn’s issue, Veronica and her beloved, David Garfinkel, write a sweet piece about magic you can do as a couple (Steve Parke photographed the romantical couple in the legendary Chelsea Hotel):

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