Orley Anderson—in her own words, a “mother, creative stylist, and lover of glitter”—conceived of these astonishing images after deciding she “wanted there to be a POC fairy for little girls to be able to find on the internet. When googling ‘black fairy’ all you get is gothic,” she says. “I wanted to change that.”

She enlisted Liberian-born model Cianneh Browne, whom she had worked with before on a mermaid shoot. “I knew she would be perfect in wings!” Anderson says. Browne, who’s loved fairies since she was a child, says, “As a black model that grew up in a refugee camp, it meant a lot to me. Growing up I never saw fairies that were my skin color, so being featured in an enchanted magazine means everything to me. I want black girls around the world to see this image and believe they can be anything they strive to be. That they too are beautiful and magical, and that they matter.”

Concept, Stylist: Orley Anderson
Model: Cianneh Browne
Photographer: Jamie Sukow
Makeup: Summer Rose
Wings: Hello Fairie

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