We have enchanting news about Llewellyn’s fourth annual LlewellynCon! This annual, FREE and entirely virtual event features 10 days of talks, presentations, and Q&As with some of your favorite Llewellyn authors. From fairies to folklore, astrology to alchemy, this virtual event has something for everyone. Visit www.Llewellyn.com to reserve your spot for the convention, sign up for more than 40 giveaways, and more!

THAT IS RIGHT: You can watch all manner of lectures on topics as varied as “Appalachian Folk Magic,” “Witch Bottles for Home Protection,” “Victorian Spiritualism,” “Magical Grimoires,” “Exploring the Myths of Avalon”…. honestly, we can barely stand it and might faint dead away in unabashedly nerdy, magic-loving, book-loving and astrological delight.

We are not even lying when we say that we paused just now in our missive-writing in order to register ourselves at https://www.crowdcast.io/c/llewellyncon2023 and will probably be cuddling with our dog on our couch, drinking tea, and/or eating chocolate while learning about everything magical, which is in our opinion the best way to do everything.

Just look at this glorious line-up!!

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