Since my entire home reads like an ode to a trader on the silk route, creating a decadent cozy corner felt a bit redundant. I also know that people with families squeezed into small spaces might not be able to spare even a corner for luxury, so I decided that another option would be to create a decadent “room” outside in the garden. Gardens are magical places full of possibility—and an exotic space for a quiet evening cup of tea or an afternoon pick-me-up.

I started with an open area under a tree and proceeded to hang fabric from the branches. I have a collection of Indian saris that were perfectly long and in a rich burgundy color, which set the mood beautifully. Any fabric that is long enough will work, even bedsheets. You could easily drape fabric over a fence, from a balcony, over a tree branch, or over a market umbrella. The idea is to form a cozy designated space much like the blanket forts we used to make as kids. It does not have to be outdoor friendly over the long term, as this is temporary. But if you want to go permanent, an over-the-top gazebo draped with rich colorful outdoor fabric is like adding a room to your home. If you prefer a neutral palette, then mosquito netting or creamy gauze sets a beautifully romantic stage.

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