Feb 1. New Moon in Aquarius *A New Path*
Imbolc Eve  *Life Awakens*
Lunar New Year *Big Leaps!*

Feb 3. Mercury Direct  *Oh, Did I Keep You Waiting?*

Feb 12. Venus/Mars conjunction  *Business and Romance Spark*

Feb 16.  Full Moon in Leo  *Get out There!*

Saturn, and Tigers, and Uranus, oh my! As we open the expertly lacquered pair of French doors to February, we find the multi-paned glass particularly clear, the handles smooth, and the wood surprisingly light for such formidable openings. Odd though, as one side glides open almost effortlessly, while the other catches, causing you to stop for a moment. This, mes chéris, is the duality of the Aquarian energy: With two rulers, the Water Bearer dominates this month with an energetic tug-of-war between the old and the new. Uranus is considered the modern ruler of Aquarius, presiding over the daytime, with Saturn as its ancient ruler, governing the night. And this is where it gets complex. Saturn demands tradition, rules, structure, and loves the status quo, while Uranus champions progress, change, and free thinking. How does this feel in your world? It’s the known versus the unknown. The need to cling to the past, but knowing that change simply must happen. And we all know how Uranus operates when we stubbornly, fearfully resist change! But let’s delve a bit deeper, yes?

Saturn, for all his taskmaster drudgery, actually represents what you truly want. Sit with that a moment. Do you know what that is? In relation to now, and building the next chapter in your life, what, honestly, do you want? If you can crystalize it, Saturn will help you get it – he’s great that way. Yes, he requires focus and hard work, but he rewards this commitment and perseverance with success. And you have to love and honor him for that.

Uranus wants freedom. His out-of-nowhere hits can knock you over, for certain, but he is the liberator. He forces us to let go of what doesn’t work, what has no potential for growth, what is toxic to your spirit and your art, and sets you free. This can be a job, a great love, a home, a friendship, a place on the map, a career path…but it also means old patterns, programming, limiting beliefs, habits, and default routines.

The key here is to not just toss the old as if it were overripe trash, but to keep with you the parts you can truly appreciate, the things that stay with you in a good way. Think of it as retaining all the worthy moments that showed you something of value, be it in a person or a situation. And you are bringing all those good vibes into your future.

AQUARIUS POWER CARD, THE STAR: Renewed hope and faith. Inspiration. Listen to your inner wisdom. From the Aquarius Tarot deck by Dawn Aquarius.

February 1st marks significant change, and a beautiful new path. We have our New Moon in Aquarius at 12:46am (EST) inviting fresh, modern energy, but, she goes void-of-course at 6:01am (EST,) giving us a fleeting window of time for ritual. I would advise using it to your advantage, mes amis, because you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Of course, the energies are there whether you work with them consciously or not, and their affects will be felt. But wouldn’t it be grand to have some early morning magick? In case you need an extra incentive to get out of bed early, know that this New Moon will make you want to let go of the past, and a harmonious Mars alignment gives you the drive to pursue your true passions. Whether they are lifelong dreams that you’ve been forced to set aside for a while, or brand new ideas that absolutely thrill you, now is the moment for you to set out on an imaginative, and very supportive path. Aquarius rules groups, so your way in is through networking, socializing, and interacting as a means not only of progress, but also, you have reinforcements. Remember that.

The one caveat to this Moon is that Saturn will require a good, hard look at the reality of your current situation, and what you are trying to achieve. This isn’t to hold you back, but it is a necessity with which to move forward. Saturn represents authority, so you have to ask yourself what it is that the higher-ups are looking for – unfortunately, you do need their approval in some way. (Insert author’s fire sign eyeroll here.)

As if all this monumental energy weren’t enough, we also welcome the Lunar New Year on this day, in the dynamic and powerful Year of The Tiger! Get ready for a year of passion, risk-taking, adventure, and taking big leaps! There is nothing like big cat energy in my book, and I cannot wait to find out what this year holds. You see? You can really establish your long-term goals this year, and accomplish a few of them along the way, with the help of the cosmos. If you stumble a little, so what? Keep going. Hard work, focus, letting go, and embracing the new will be supported by strength and vitality, and your drive will not only be formidable, but you heart will truly be in it. Watch out for the ego to surface, and the need to have everything your way right now. And keep in mind that you are not going it alone, so as you are supported, you must also support others.

Our quietly joyous sabbat of Imbolc is with us now too, bringing the promise of Spring heralded by the first signs of new life, and the excitement of new growth. We are firmly planted in the middle of Winter still, but the light is beginning to brighten, and we are reminded to clear out the clutter to make space for what’s to come. Doesn’t that give you a shimmy of excitement?

My potion offerings to you this month certainly invite abundance…I would even say voluptuousness. Can you guess? Oui! I speak of none other than our darling Venus, who is out of her retrograde slumber and ready to dance! Won’t you join her? February does mean Valentine’s to most, but of course I prefer Venus’ Day, so let’s indulge a bit on this most glorious New Moon with a divinely scented, honeyed velvet nectar for your naked flesh. Alone or shared. But always adored.

Naked Nectar

Body Oil
Conjures approximately 2.5 ounces

2 oz. jojoba oil
45 drops pure cacao essential oil
16 drops rose otto
2 drops cardamom
Rose petals

The star this month, as always, is glorious, glamourous rose. To me, she is the timeless icon of beauty and love, and appears in my potions frequently. Her voluptuous scent, poetic visuals, and  immense gifts for the practical magick of topical potions is only surpassed by her powers of strength. It’s true. Like a woman, she is a force to be reckoned with wrapped in gorgeous packaging.

To conjure this luxe body oil, you must first find a beautiful vessel to house it. To this, pour in the avocado oil to approximately ¾ full (you may need to use a small kitchen funnel to make it easier – and neater!) Add the cacao essential oil next, breathing in its delicious aroma – it truly smells divine, to the point of being otherworldly. Next, add the rose, then cardamom, and with each ingredient connect with its individual vibration, conjuring thoughts and feelings of beauty, pleasure, success, love, and abundance. How does that feel? Mmm-hmm. Give it all a swirl in a clockwise direction to mingle the energies and the scent. Feel free to adjust the aroma according to your desires, naturellement. Add the rose petals, and whatever closure you have for the bottle, then set it in a window to absorb the New Moon energies. It is best to avoid direct sunlight, but certainly you want it to have the energy of both day and evening. Leave it there until the Full Moon. Now you are ready to lavish it upon the skin. Heaven!

Jojoba Similar to the skin’s natural sebum, jojoba balances its production and absorbs quickly as it provides long-lasting hydration.

Cacao A fire-ruled magickal beauty food, enhances mood and stirs sexual desire. Rich in antioxidants, your whole body will love this treasure in its purest form – free of dairy, refined sugars, and additives that drain your energy and your good looks. Whether ingested or used topically, you will reap its beauty benefits!

Cardamom Cardamom helps with weight loss and maintenance, quells anxiety, fights disease, treats skin allergies, and improves complexion with antioxidant super powers. It is a gift of Venus, infused with the magic of love, lust, beauty, and protection.

Beauty Witch Secret: Naked Nectar makes a fabulous massage oil. Try it gently warmed for an even more glorious experience! Add tiny pieces of rose quartz to heighten the beauty and love vibrations.

Just after our New Moon, two more wonderful heavenly gifts appear. The first, on February 3rd, finds our communications expert Mercury back stationed direct, releasing tensions all the way around. Blocks in conveying pretty much everything are cleared, so that correspondence you were waiting on can certainly appear now. Forward movement on things like a new job, new home, or signing up for a new course can certainly happen, and with the ease necessary to work out all the logistics.

Next, Venus and Mars will form a rare conjunction on February 12th, igniting both the spark of romance and business relationships. What makes this pairing unusual is that it typically lasts for about ten days, and this time, they will remain together until April. Expect fiery, exciting connections, and with the Aquarian energy all around, you can bet you will meet the right people in group situations. They may be a bit smaller, or less frequent right now, as we remain in a state of concern over the current health plague, so don’t pass up an opportunity when it does present itself. Yes, it’s cold out (or sweltering if you are in the southern hemisphere.) But go. It will give you a chance to swan about in a faux fur. And here’s a tip: Mars remains in Capricorn this month, so you will see results of your efforts, and the confidence asserted can be channeled in a very productive way.

But don’t forget to take rest where you can. The cold, dreary days and chilled nights of mid-Winter can be a beautiful respite from such a busy month, as we take full advantage of the snuggled up delights of the season while they last. Keep drinking lots of water, enjoy gorgeous homemade soups, and spend absurd amounts of time curled up with a good book. And go all out with your beauty rituals – you’re going to need your energy and your most beguiling self very, very soon!

Now that you are rested, massaged, and positively glowing, get dressed, because the Full Snow Moon arrives on February 16th (11:56am EST) in fun-loving Leo, so the time would be now to dazzle that aforementioned room of interesting people. The Silver Lady is void at fullness (grrr!) so, best to get out and shine the night before, while she’s strong in the sign of the Lion. This Moon will be a purrfect time to let loose and play a little after all the intensity of late, and see what has come to fruition since July. My guess? You are a different person, in a different place. Celebrate that. Change, however difficult, is needed to grow, and you have so much to do this year!

I say, whip up a batch of my favorite beauty bites, and head out the door in style. You’ll seduce the senses in every possible way, and spread sensousness all around you. These petite bon bons are decadent, mignonettes, rich and lusty with Venusian treasures, and so very good for you!

Bonbons de Beauté

Beauty Bites
Conjures one dozen

½ cup coconut oil
1 cup raw cacao powder
¼ cup raw coconut nectar
1 tablespoon organic vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
6-1/2 teaspoons chilled rose water
Pinch of fine Himalayan Pink salt
Pinch of ground cayenne

Coconut Lunar coconut embodies the magick of calling upon spirit and opening psychic awareness. It contains good fats, so vital to beauty. Raw coconut nectar is a low-glycemic, vegan, mineral-rich alternative to honey.

Vanilla This gorgeous, lusty vine is rich in copper to promote collagen and elastin production and has noted aphrodisiac powers.

Himalayan Pink Salt Beautiful pink Himalayan salt comes from deep within the mountains, with gifts of abundant vital minerals and earth magick.

Cayenne Warming, healing, and filled with fire magick, cayenne promotes a healthy heart, good digestion, and increased metabolic rate.

In a small saucepan, warm the coconut oil on a very low simmer until it is completely melted. Transfer to a bowl. Add the coconut nectar, vanilla, cardamom, cayenne, and salt, and whisk until the mixture is smooth. Keep whisking, and add in the rose water, a little at a time. Cover, then place the bowl in the freezer to thicken, about 30 minutes or until thick and fudgy. It should come out firm, but able to scoop easily. (If you over-freeze it, don’t worry, just allow it to thaw until your consistency is reached.) Scoop the mixture out with a melon baller, and begin to make individual spheres. Be careful – it’s messy. Coconut oil melts at body temperature, so remember that you must work quickly to avoid getting chocolate everywhere! Your best bet is to scoop with the melon baller, then mold them into a smooth sphere from there –  half the fun is getting your hands in it, and rolling the speres in the palm of your hand.

As you concoct, and breathe in the chocolatey scent, envision what you have achieved, and feel how it will feel to have gotten to where you wanted. Enjoy these on the Full Moon by yourself, or certainly share with friends and (potential) lovers…no one will be able to resist! These freeze beautifully, for popping whenever you need a decadent nibble. They are wholly good for you, yes, but they are also high in both calories and beauty fats, so, mignonettes, don’t overdo it.

Beauty Witch Secret: Another idea is to pour the liquid cacao mixture directly into a candy or chocolate mold with a fetching shape, then pop them in the freezer.

Enjoy the month, mes petites sorcières! This column marks my fourth year bringing you The Beauty Witch, and I will tell you how sincerely thankful I am for all of you. I look forward to sharing more stars, adventures, potions, and general hocus pocus with you, and I wish you all good things, always.


Love and Stardust,

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