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Midsummer’s Eve is one of the most potent nights of the year—certainly for predicting where and with whom you’ll find love. If you can’t wait to find out who your lover will be, try these tricks some night around the solstice, between June 20 and June 23.

♥ For the patient witch, a powerful conjuring: Walk backward through a garden and pick a rose without looking at it. Put the rose into a bag (cloth, paper, or otherwise) and sew the mouth of the bag shut. Then put the whole thing into a dark drawer and do not look at it till the next solstice, around December 20 or Christmas. Take the preserved flower out and pin it to your chest. The first person who comes up to you and asks for the rose—or who simply takes it without asking—is destined to be your lover.
Remember that if someone simply takes rather than asking, you still have a choice: You can dump Grab-Hands before the relationship really begins.

♥ For the hungry witch: The same trick that works with apple peels on Halloween can work with any other fruit skin at Midsummer. Peel a peach, for example, in one long curl, then throw the peel over your shoulder. It will form the first letter of your forever love’s name; now you just have to figure out who C or L or W might be.

♥ For the gambling witch: Take an ordinary deck of cards with which you’ve already played several games. Shuffle the deck while thinking about someone who might become a lover; if you have no one already in mind, let a name come to you while you shuffle. Then, with the name on your lips, deal the cards face up one by one. Your prediction arrives with the first face card that appears. Everything depends on the suit to which that face belongs.
• If the suit is a heart, you have found the name of your true love and joy.
• If it’s a diamond, the two of you will be wealthy—at the very least, rich in love.
• If it’s a club, the name belongs to somebody who will work hard to win you.
• If it’s a spade, your lover will try to dominate the relationship.

This divination will work even better if you use a secondhand deck that has passed through many other hands.

♥ For the unclothed witch: When you retire to bed, turn your undergarments inside out and hang them over the back of a chair. At midnight you should see the spirit of your future life partner turning your skivvies right side out.

♥ For the sweet witch: If you already fancy someone, write that person’s name and yours together on a slip of paper. Twist the slip and bind the edges together in a circle, then drop the paper ring into a honey or sugar jar. Be sure to sweeten your food only from that jar until it is empty. By the time you’ve swallowed the last of it, the person whose name you have conjured will have fallen in love.

♥ For the witch who loves mystery: If you don’t need a name right away, you can simply draw love toward yourself. For this, all you need is a new pink candle. After you light the wick, sit with the candle until it burns out. You’ve put your intention out into the world; now love will find you.


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