Spring truly begins for me once I’ve caught sight of the season’s first wisteria flowers coming into bloom. Their abundance of blossoms casts a subtle yet unmissable shade of lavender against the backdrop of newly grown leaves. I’ll gently gather the pale purple blooms into my hands while breathing in their clove-like, floral perfume as deeply as possible—filling my lungs, and spirit, with their ethereal essence. —Kambriel

Cutting rushes to make Brigid’s crosses. Burning the ones from last year and setting intentions on what I want this year to be for myself and my loved ones. Cutting wild grapevines in the forest and wrapping and weaving the vines into wreaths. Waiting for the crocuses to pop through the earth. Planning flowers to plant in the garden. Enjoying foraging in the woods with my children. —@thewillowandthevine

My springtime rituals all revolve around my yard—clearing away last’s seasons leaves and dead plants once it’s warm enough for the pollinators, prepping soil, blessing seeds and bulbs, hanging birdhouses to welcome back my bird friends and encourage them to raise their families with us … I always find it so grounding to reconnect with the waking earth after the cold and dark of winter. —Vanessa MacNeil

Each year, on the first day of spring, we burn our winter wreath and garlands and replace them with fresh flowers. —Andrea Qureshi

On the morning of May 1, I collect drops of dew in a tiny bottle using
a medicine dropper to keep on my altar. This Beltane dew, appearing at dawn out of thin air, reminds me to be on the lookout for other magical transformations throughout the spring season. —Pamela Russell

Each spring, my two sisters and I take a road trip to visit our magical Auntie Sue. She always has some wonderful activity or crafting planned—we once did a barefoot snow walk, we’ve made soap and learned wood burning. Then we usually stay up late chatting, feasting, drinking, cuddling pets. It’s become a bit of a tradition, and it always leaves me feeling enchanted. —Amy Jane Von Purr

Collecting the dandelions and white clover in my area to dry for tea. Giving back to the wildlife with food and water. Making sun water and using it for herbal teas. Using the spring rainwater for art magic. Setting up an altar for the season—I like to do a bird’s nest and add lots of nature, grasses. It’s a great time to make different iced teas, and you can use herbs that are in season or possess the magical properties you wish to gain. —@shewantsrevengex

One of my favorite spring rituals is to go wandering barefoot in nature after the final winter frosts are winding down and the new green growth is just starting to come alive with the warmth of spring. —Jillian Homen

Chatting with my bee friends who visit my garden daily in the spring. They adore my peonies very much. —@daniellesigwalt

As a witch and an artist, my favorite is watching the way my craft and artworks shift with the season. My spells and color palettes match nature’s renewal, and my drawings and paintings reflect the blossoming flowers and emerging animals. —@kalystafellines

Gazing at the tulips that come out of the earth and smelling the spring air. Going on a walk in nature to see the changes that spring brings. —@juneballion

Not magical at all but spring cleaning. Opening the windows and doors to let out the stale air of winter and let the house be refreshed with spring air. It’s like breathing deeply. Sweep out the dust and worn out winter blues to welcome in all the warmth and joy of renewed life of spring. Finish it off (and it takes days!) with a bouquet or three of fresh flowers inside the house and water bowls outside for critters. —Alicia Hitomi Carroll Arnold

Being a wildlife photographer I love welcoming the return of all the birds. I have a favorite pond that I visit every day to see who has arrived. —@maryleeagnew

I dye eggs for Ostara, and when I’m done using them as a seasonal decoration, I crush the shells and save them to use the different color correspondences in magical crafts. —Katy Fae

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