Crown of Sisterhood, set with rose quartz with a design of clasped hands on the brow. This crown is never bought, always given.

Crown of Righteous Fury, set with bloodstone and carved with depictions of snarling lions. A faerie queen hopes never to have to wear this crown, but when protecting innocents or defending justice, it can be invaluable.

Diadem of Darkest Night, set with moonstone and silver crescent moons. This faerie queen knows that the only thing anyone should fear in the dark shadows is, perhaps, herself.

Wreath of Nature, carved by dryads from a fallen branch given by the oldest oak tree in the wood. The queen who wears this knows that we are one with nature around us and that its joys and sufferings are ours as well.

Coronet of Kindness, set in copper with sunstones that glow with an inner fire. It is fine to be nice, but it is better to be kind. This faerie queen has an awareness of the difference between the two.

Laurel of Longevity, set with a large piece of amber, an ancient fern curled and suspended at its center. This queen not only receives long life but the endurance to do what she must for as long as she is needed.

Circlet of Enchantment, set with iridescent labradorite, with a shimmer that can only be seen from certain angles. This crown allows the wearer to see the magic that flows through all things. Don’t worry, this faerie queen won’t turn you into a stag. Probably.

Garland of Growth, made from ever entwining and growing ivy. A faerie queen should always learn from her mistakes and strive to improve her reign.

Tiara of Self-Worth, set with aquamarine gems cut in the shapes of hearts. When this crown is worn, the bearer receives the epiphany that we are all faerie queens, every one of us who wishes to be so, regardless of birth, gender, or the judgment of anyone else.

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Grace Nuth is a writer, artist, and model living in central Ohio with her husband, black cat, and a garden full of fairies. She also co-wrote The Faerie Handbook, out in November 2017 from Harper Design. To follow her projects, please visit