Photography by Lillian Liu

Lillian Liu_ Sea Fae

These images showcase the range of Asian inspirations. The first features mermaids and fairies blended with some visual references to Taoist deities. The self-portrait “Hallowed Deer” (opposite) presents a Chinese historical-fantasy look inspired by the Buddhist Jataka tale “A Deer of Nine Colors,” which features a benevolent deity that walked the earth as lord of deer. The Empress (page 18) was a collaboration with Yinsey that was auctioned for the Stop Asian Hate community fund. “A Love Verse” (page 19) is inspired by Persian miniature art and makeup styles (both classical and contemporary) but with a modern fantasy spin and loosely based on the character and energy of Layla from the Arabic folktale “Layla and Majnun,” often dubbed the Romeo and Juliet of the East.

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Feature Image:
Model: Asel Luke @asel_luke
Makeup: Wendy Mao @hiwendychu
Dress: Firefly Path @fireflypath

Model, Photography, Editing: Lillian Liu @lillianliuphotography
Antlers: Mud and Majesty @mudandmajesty
Background: The Backdrop Studio @thebackdropstudio

Photography and Editing: Lillian Liu
Model: Yinsey Wang
Hair: Annette Gray @nettgray
Makeup: Victoria Leanne @victorialeanne
Tassels: Monika De Silva @monika_ds

Model: Mahafsoun @mahafsoun
Photography: Lillian Liu
Couture: Avalon Saez @avalonsaez

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