April 3 Mercury in Aries *Use your voice*

April 11 New Moon in Aries *Efforts now pay off*

April 14 Venus in Taurus *Indulge your senses*

April 22 Earth Day *Make a resolution*

April 26 Full Moon in Scorpio *Intensity and action*

Throw aside that blanket! Get off the sofa! Get dressed, for heaven’s sake! I mean it – for heaven’s sake. It is April, mes amours, and the heavens themselves have had it. When the fires of Mars ignite, there is no more energy available in the cosmos for “meh,” and, to be honest, no patience. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your lockdown status, it is time to get up, and get moving! Though the past year has thrown considerable limitations upon us, the cosmos are here to remind us that we still have power within to actualize our dreams and aspirations. We are more than overdue for renewal, yes? And it will begin by putting some effort in. (Please get out of those stretchy pants. You can do it.)

April begins with communicative Mercury entering Aries, providing the opportunities to speak your mind boldly and with self-assurance . Timid loves, you can really access your voice now and be heard. For the naturally bold, use this opportunity to make your point well, just don’t overdo it. Be aware of passions that can get out of hand, remarks that can wound, and bridges that can easily burn.

ARIES POWER CARD The Emperor: Create your own destiny. Be aware of your own power and strength; wield it wisely. Aries is also associated with the Queen of Wands: Courage, confidence, independence. You are in charge. From the Aquarius deck by Dawn Aquarius.
ARIES POWER CARD The Emperor: Create your own destiny. Be aware of your own power and strength; wield it wisely. Aries is also associated with the Queen of Wands: Courage, confidence, independence. You are in charge. From the Aquarius deck by Dawn Aquarius.

Here’s what is so beautiful right now: we’ve nurtured the blessings of Pisces season, and now have the spark available needed to take all that glorious creation energy, and turn it into something tangible. I suggest clearing the path right now, while the Moon wanes, to create the space for what you desire. There really is something so freeing, so uplifting, to the concept of “Spring cleaning” – I particularly love the idea of paring down and letting go of things that can bring a bit of cash in, like clothing or trinkets that no longer inspire you. They needn’t be big ticket items, nor should you expect them to be entirely market-value worthy right now, but who cares? Money is energy, and every little bit can become part of a nice little stash that helps to fund your dreams.

And then, on April 11th (10:31pm EST) a most courageous, energetic, and charismatic New Moon appears! Aries vitality is in your pretty paws now, providing firepower over the next six months for whatever you wish to put your energy into – do not waste it! Set your intentions, make a plan, but then stop dragging and do it.  To give you a little kick where you need it (ahem) I’ve conjured a bold, beautifying, absolutely delightful potion to shake off the heavy, bolster your confidence, and call back your sense of presence. Nothing connects you to your own power like getting back to the body. These petite rituals restore you in oh-so-many ways! This one carries a little extra zing and a whole lot of fire love. And it is very, very pretty.

Feu de Joie

Body Exfoliant
Conjures 2 treatments

 1/2cup pink Himalayan salt
2 tablespoons avocado oil
1 small blood orange
Seeds of one vanilla bean
1/4 “ piece fresh ginger root, peeled and grated

In a comely bowl, combine the salt and oil, stirring well. Squeeze the blood orange into the potion through a tea strainer to catch any seeds, and stir again. Carefully slice the vanilla bean lengthwise, and scrape the tiny seeds into the potion. Add the grated ginger, and stir again. As you concoct, feel the fire rising within you. How does it feel to have your dreams realized? I’ll bet you have a huge smile on your face. You are confident, capable, and more than ready. Carry that energy with you as you use the potion. Massage onto damp skin in circular motions, from the outer areas inward towards the heart. You can literally feel yourself awakening, energizing, charging up to reach for the stars. Rinse, but let the layer of moisture and scent stay with you. Now, go and tackle that list!

These gorgeous gifts of nature conspire to peel away the last of old Winter, revive circulation, renew cells, and feed your starving skin. The pretty, pink magick of Himalayan salt is an excellent base that sloughs away old skin beautifully, providing mineral riches and earth power. With its deep hue and woodland scent, lusty blood orange exfoliates with natural citric acid for a sublime celestial glow. It also supports collagen production and cellular renewal while bringing forth love and prosperity. Rich, nutritive avocado oil deeply moisturizes with and cloaks your skin in the lush gifts of Venus. Sultry vanilla is always a favorite for her sensual pleasures, her aphrodisiac charms, and her love magick. Feisty ginger root calls upon the fire of Mars for his force of will, circulating the blood for fresh skin calls and a fresh start.

Beauty Witch Secret: If you have a bathtub, make an extra batch of potion for soaking in. The minerals and nutrients will do your skin wonders, and the magick will activate you even more!

Beyond shedding a few layers of not-so-glorified pajamas, there is ample reason right now to actually raise that glamour vibration much, much higher: on April 14th, Venus changes her mind once again, trading red-hot Aries for languid Taurus, simmering down from explosive passion into sybaritic sensuality. All things love and money will seem especially delicious right now, but do watch out for the tendency to pour too much cash into something that catches your eye, however shiny it may be. The fun part? You can lavish your love on someone worthy, and receive it in return. It is also an excellent time to indulge in beauty rituals…you’ve certainly come to the right place!

This month also gifts us with Earth Day, and though we shouldn’t need a reminder, sometimes one is a good idea. I’ve been saying it for so many Moons: every day is Earth Day. But, maybe, as a New Moon gesture it is time to make another eco-friendly change? Somewhere in your world there must be room for a little improvement that goes a long way? Give it some thought. I’m committing to a cause I hold dear: no “fast fashion.” Those who know me know that not only do I loathe trendy buzzwords and sayings, but I am a lifelong fan of investing in clothing and accessories that will be with you for a very long time. So this concept of only buying sustainable, well-made new pieces or giving a grateful new home to vintage treasures appeals to me on so many levels, that I am actually using this buzzy expression! Now, even when I see something new and fabulous and crazy cheap calling to me, I’m not buying it. And I will never miss it.

April culminates in a Full Growing Moon in Scorpio on April 26th (11:32pm EST), promising great magnetism in this already powerful month.  The energy present is that of creating, producing, change, self-reliance, and, of course, ample confidence – with a heady dash of Scorpion intensity. Your ability to see through veneers will be strong, and cutting to the proverbial chase will be a given. You can manifest well with this Moon, but, as with all magick, only when will and action accompany desire. What are you willing to do to manifest your greatest wish right now? Focus on that as you concoct this potent potion, and as you conduct your ritual work. (Yes, you can toast your magnificence at the end.)

Get Glowing!

Per serving

 1 teaspoon linden flowers
1 cup spring water
½ blood orange
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
½ teaspoon grated ginger
½ teaspoon coconut nectar (optional)
*If you are pregnant or nursing, substitute chamomile for linden.

Begin by making the tea base. Bring the water to high heat, but not boiling, then steep the flowers for about 20 minutes. Let it cool, then strain into a bullet-style blender cup. Add the blood orange, vanilla, ginger, and coconut nectar, and blend on high speed until completely smooth – it will be a little frothy at first. Pour into a cocktail glass, garnish if you like, and raise your glass to the heavens. (If you feel so inspired, add a splash of spirits  – I won’t tell a soul.)

 Joining the soirée are lovely linden flowers, delicate but strong. They will quell your fears, ease an anxious belly, and ward off Springtime sniffles. Magickally, they bring protection, luck, and love with the good fortune of Jupiter. Coconut nectar is optional, but a fabulous addition of non-glycemic sweetness, filled with minerals and lunar spirituality.

Beauty Witch Secret: Add one teaspoon of unsweetened, plain coconut yogurt to one teaspoon of elixir to conjure a gorgeous face masque that revitalizes and leaves you glowing like the Moon herself! Sensitive? Just blend tonic ingredients together sans ginger, reserve a teaspoon, then you can add the ginger to your drink.

And there we are, with a new cycle in full swing. I wish you great joy and inspiration!

Love and Stardust

Xo Alise


P.S. Speaking of sustainable style, I am opening the Beauty Witch wardrobe to clear out some beloved pieces that have been dear friends, but now must be passed on to new homes……watch my social media pages for goodies!

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