August bounds in like a rather large cat romping atop your bed, just as you were hoping for a bit more slumber – he is at once a ball of playful energy and a languid beast content to rest in the rays of sunlight. Leo season is here, and he is impossible to ignore. And why should he be? The Lion commands your attention always, but gives much in return. And so, we enter the last of the summer months teeming with a need to get in as much leisure as possible before the flurry of Fall arrives, entwined with a high-spirited zest for absolutely everything we can get our paws on.

LEO POWER CARDS: Strength and The Sun. Express your passions with inner strength, resilience, and loving energy. Radiant warmth and vitality is the key to success. From the Aquarian Tarot deck by David Palladini.
LEO POWER CARDS: Strength and The Sun. Express your passions with inner strength, resilience, and loving energy. Radiant warmth and vitality is the key to success. From the Aquarian Tarot deck by David Palladini.

There is always a pause as a season comes to its natural close, a moment of stillness much like when the Moon is exactly at her half-full point. Everything is a little easier, it seems, and yet there is an awareness of how the next phase will play out. There is an interesting trio of cosmic events happening now, and a prime opportunity to tune into them. With the first of the harvest festivals, Lughnasadh, appearing on August 1st there is a strong sense of play in the air. During this Sabbat we celebrate the abundance of the growing season with gratitude, and understand that with the dark half of the year soon approaching, that we simply must live in the moment and enjoy it. This of course pairs well with our feline friend taking center stage in the sky right now, but there’s more: The Sun (Leo’s ruling planet) squares Uranus (the planet of surprise) on August 2nd, pretty much ensuring that whatever is unsteady in your life will crumble. Not to fear, mes amours. It’s been coming for a while, and you know about it, so the usual Uranus out-of-the-blue shock won’t really be all that much of a surprise. And really, it has to happen for you to move forward in a healthy way. I suspect, for many of you, this will occur somewhere in your work space, because one of the things this global plague seems meant to do on a spiritual level is to take us out of where we are stagnating, and place us on the path to what we are meant for next.

The third aspect here is our Full Corn Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd (11:59am EST) which takes things a bit deeper. This Moon will challenge existing thought patterns, the beliefs you hold, and those that perhaps also must be shed. This is such an amazing opportunity to not only let go of what isn’t working (and you know what it is) but to really embrace a new direction, a new way of seeing things, and ultimately a new life chapter. And through it all what do we have? The Lion’s bravery, vitality, power, and heart. He’s got your back, so take that leap!

To give you some assurance, I’ve concocted a very potent elixir that will fortify and strengthen you inside and out, with the life force of the Sun and the intuition of the Moon in a harmonious tryst. This month’s super stars are Lemon and Lavender – yes, yes, I know, tried and true. Because they are. I am a great champion of exotic, somewhat obscure ingredients in my potions, but you cannot ignore the magick of the most basic, beloved witches plant companions. And in this case, our power duo provides the most exquisite blend of soothing and brightening, both for our overworked Summer skin, and our somewhat depleted emotional bodies. Lemon is our luscious lunar light, bursting with high vibrations of vitamin C, antioxidants, and cleansing prowess alongside love and happiness magick. There is a lot of power in these bright little orbs! Lavender eases inflammation, and gently clears away negativity (including blemishes) while relieving anxiety, negative feelings, and even restlessness, while gifting its magick of protection, love, and peace.

Crème au Citron

Per serving

1 lemon, juice only
1 cup unsweetened cashew milk
2 tablespoons hemp seed
2 tablespoons chia seed gel
1 tablespoon raw, unsalted sunflower seeds
1 teaspoon dried lavender
1 teaspoon raw coconut nectar, or to taste

First, prepare the chia gel by mixing ¼ cup chia seed (black, if you can get it) with 1 cup of pure water. Whisk together, then let it sit about 5 minutes. Whisk it again so that it doesn’t clump, then allow it to set for about an hour so the water can absorb into the seeds. When the chia gel is ready, spoon it into a high-speed, bullet style blender, then add in the remaining ingredients. Please note: if you do not use a blender of this type, it may not render the smooth consistency we are going for here. Blend until completely smooth, while visualizing and feeling yourself infused with the strength and vitality to go forward and attain your desires.

Lending magickal support to our star couple are these gorgeous conjurers of beauty sorcery, resulting in a gloriously creamy, zesty sip that will keep you fortified and happy without bloat or heaviness.

Cashew Ruled by Leo, cashew is a solar-powered fire food known for its money magick. Full of rich “good” fats, cashews are good for the heart and are loaded with beautifying minerals, including a high dose of skin-loving copper.

Hemp Hemp is an easily digested plant protein ruled by water. It carries the magick of healing, love, and visions.

Chia Another high-powered plant protein, soaked chia seeds provide ample hydration, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Sunflower The virile seeds of the sunflower bring more Lion love and solar magick alongside high protein, calcium, iron, B6, and magnesium.

Coconut This beautiful gift of the Moon raises psychic awareness and promotes spirituality while treating you to a mineral rich, low-glycemic sweetness.

Beauty Witch Secret: Chia gel can be made ahead of time in larger batches (double or triple the basic recipe) and generously added to smoothies, porridge, and baking for extra beauty food magick. It will keep in the refrigerator for 2 days if tightly sealed.

Leo star power is with us for nearly three full weeks after the Full Moon, so as the lunar intensity subsides the fire remains intact. I urge you to get out there (safely) and soak up the sun, the air, the water if you are fortunate to be near any, all the Summer fruits, the heady aromas, the wildflowers…this year we’ve had to really reign it in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy simple pleasures. As more planets move direct this Autumn, things will accelerate even more, so take your pleasure, and your sensual sunlit stretches now.

Just before the Lion makes his dramatic exit, he must, of course, have one last brilliant encore – oui! surprise! – we get our New Moon in Leo after all! On August 18th (10:42pm EST) we have a brief chance to set our longer-term plans into action for green lighting in January of 2021. Why brief? Because this New Moon occurs later in the evening and then goes void-of-course at 1:38am EST. It is a small window, yes, and tricky for anyone who needs to rise early, but it is a very powerful Moon, and one I would implore you to align with.

For this potion, I would suggest concocting it earlier in the evening, when the Moon is dark, and letting it work its magick while you enjoy a bath (if you don’t have a bath tub, a shower will do just fine.) This one cleanses, hydrates, and tightens so you can enter the next phase beautifully ready for bringing good things toward you. It also soothes sun and wind parched skin and lightens any annoying blotches or blemishes that have decided to take up residence during those sweaty outdoor romps. Are they paying you rent? Helping with household chores? No, I didn’t think so. Evict them.

Bright Lights

Facial Masque
1-2 treatments

1 teaspoon pure aloe vera gel
6 drops lemon essential oil
4 drops chamomile essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil

Spoon the aloe gel into a small bowl. One at a time, drop in the essential oils, then give it a good stir clockwise to fully mingle the ingredients. As you concoct, and while you are using it, see and feel only the best and brightest cosmic gifts coming your way. Apply to a clean face, let it rest a moment, then apply a second layer. Don’t forget your neck and décolleté! Treat the back of your hands, too, yes? Allow the masque to work its magick for 10-20 minutes, then rinse well with cool water. Pat dry, and follow with your favorite serum or crème.

Aloe Healing lunar aloe treats damaged skin gently, while cleansing, soothing and adding moisture. Added magick? It brings protection and good luck!

Chamomile Another legendary herb of calming and healing, chamomile settles agitated skin while inducing a feeling of peace.

Beauty Witch Secret: Aloe is incredible in all forms, from the thick gel we use here, to the thin extract that shines in cleansing potions. The best version is, of course, fresh from the leaf if you have it available. If you are using the gel directly from the leaf, mash it well with a fork to get the smooth consistency you need here. Just make sure to never over-harvest the plant. And say thank you.

And here, chèries, I shall leave you. Bask in the glow of Summer while she is still with us, drink her in, because soon she will depart. But…August coming to a close means one thing: that everyone’s favorite witchy season is right around the bend! Get your broomsticks ready…

Love and Stardust,

 Xo Alise

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