Strange and abbreviated, February is oft-greeted with a heave of resignation, followed by the ennui that can only occur during the ceaseless gray of Winter. And yet, the month is dominated by such distinctly Aquarian energy in the cosmos, that, really, we do it an injustice. This highly intellectual vibration is everywhere, as is the push from last month’s New Moon towards gathering the pack, circulating among like-minded creatures, and thinking beyond your own needs. Though it feels endless, it is actually fleeting – and wise to work that energy while it is there for you. That’s really what it’s all about, with astrology and lunar cycles: aligning with the energies present.

How best to navigate old, soupy February? We can begin, mes amours, by celebrating the seemingly too-subtle turning of the wheel with the Witches sabbat of Imbolc on February 2nd. Unlike Yule, which requires of us unwavering faith that the light will indeed return, this sacred day of Brigid reassures, with the first beginnings of new life appearing. Breathing a sigh of relief, and looking toward the return of Spring is exactly where you need to be. But, as the thaw is still off in the distance a bit, take this time not only to give thanks, but to really feel the lightness of being that elemental air allows. There is still time to organize your plans, but do take the reins and extend – fly, if you will – to reach the key people that you will need close by to help get your wings up to speed by Spring.

STAR TAROT Beauty Witch Alise Marie Enchanted Living Magazine

 AQUARIUS POWER CARD, THE STAR: Renewed hope and faith. Inspiration. Listen to your inner wisdom.

Giving a grandiose push to your mental capabilities now is my absolute favorite Full Moon of the year, bringing the dynamic force of nature that is Leo, shining brightly on February 9th (2:33am EST.) Fire Moons are the best for getting things moving, and unequaled for manifesting, so whatever you want, now is the time. Your magick gets extra firepower worked on the evening of the 8th (the Moon is void-of-course most of the 9th) –  get ready!

You’ll have the Lion’s charm and warmth at your side too, so your rituals will be done with an extra sprinkle of heart, loyalty, and more than a little courage. Remember that magick worked at the Full Moon can materialize quickly, and dramatically, so be prepared. Leo will also bring his huge presence to the stage, ensuring absolutely no subtlety! What’s more, the February Full Moon is known as the Ice Moon, with the energy of life working its way to the surface, healing, and growth. So, the combination of fiery Leo and the Ice Moon make it one of unique balance. It’s a fantastic night to get out, too, and celebrate with others. It may be the dregs of Winter, but see to it that you are bedecked in finery – the Lion disapproves of shlumpy layers, and anything that can be referred to as “athleisure.”

I’ve conjured a gorgeous drink for you! Start your Full Moon workday, or your evening revelry, with a delicious sip that balances Leo fire and playfulness with Aquarian cognition-meets-individualism. Of course, it also contains myriad beauty foods. You simply must look and feel your best!

This month, the stars align just like this:

Blackberry Ruled by Venus, this sexy berry carries not only her beauty magick, but that of abundance and creation. They can even boost your love life! Voluptuous with antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and vitamins – most notably vitamin C – blackberries refine and feed the skin, while revving the all-important cell renewal process. Their deep hue ensures vibrant Jing energy, so vital to our inner and outer radiance.

Banana Sweet, familiar banana is actually a sacred food of ancient India that has surprising beauty benefits. Loaded with vitamins, these humble friends restore and moisturize skin, banish wrinkles, maintain elasticity, and protect from UV damage. When consumed, their fiber and nutrients give energy while keeping bloat at bay. Added magick? Bananas bring love, abundance, and heightened spirituality.

Saffron These sensual, solar threads gift us with their heady aroma, depth of flavor, and lots of bright, sunny happiness magick. Rich in manganese, saffron promotes glowing skin, along with boosting immunity and easing digestion.

Cashew More solar power comes in with the addition of cashew. These creamy nuts have long been associated with riches, and the fire needed to obtain them. Additionally, they are rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, iron, protein, and selenium, making them supreme beauty foods.


Starry Eyes

Per serving
1 cup blackberries
¾ small banana
1 cup cashew milk
8 saffron threads, or ¼ teaspoon ground saffron
1 teaspoon Lion’s Mane mushroom powder
Juice of ½ lemon
Stevia to taste

Place or pour your ingredients into a high-speed blender, one at a time. With each gift of the plant universe, visualize its powers infusing your potion with their magick. When you can really see and feel it, pulse until smooth. The pour into a beautiful glass, garnish with a few blackberries, and enjoy. Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom that assists cognitive function and sharpens mental focus. Adding lunar lemon to the potion ensures a cosmic balance, as well as an extra dash of love and happiness magick. Stevia is, of course, a non-glycemic plant sweetener which can be used even if you have sugar concerns, without the collagen-depleting effect that sugar has on the skin (not to mention the addictive quality that makes it so harmful to the body.)

Beauty Witch Secret: It is said that to consume saffron causes premonitions. Tell me, what do you see in the stars tonight?

Now, my Darlings, you have until mid-month to reach out and grab the attention of those you wish to contact, because our chatty friend Mercury goes retrograde on February 16th. It’s okay! Don’t panic. Smart Witches plan ahead, putting things in order before the five-day shadow. If you’ve sent correspondence earlier in the month, you may have to wait for a response, but, it’s out there. That’s important. Mercury goes direct next month – at the Full moon, no less – so you won’t have to wait forever. Adding to the now-slower pace is the shift in energy toward our lovely Pisces, as the Sun takes his place in the sign of The Fish on February 18th.

This of course, means the prevalent vibe coming in is one sheer creativity! This is fantastic, because you can add those swathes of color to your canvas now – the Piscean flourishes make the Aquarian blueprint come to life with luscious texture, vivid tones, and boundless imagination. And what better time to give it a go but then our dreamy New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd (10:32AM EST.) This is an excellent time for imagining all things romantic, poetic, and gauzy, as well as time spent alone, particularly surrounded by water. Allow the Fish to heighten your creations with her signature intuition, and your conjuring will be even more meaningful. Add this gorgeous potion to your New Moon beauty ritual, and you will keep going back for more: its sensual, tactile allure translates directly onto your skin, drawing starlight down from the heavens in great waves of dreamtime.


Galactic Beauty
Facial Masque
1-2 treatments

2 blackberries
¼ small banana
8 saffron threads, or ¼ teaspoon ground saffron
1 teaspoon cashew milk

Begin by placing your blackberries in a small bowl. With a pestle (or a fork) crush them into a colorful gel. The add the banana, and do the same. Blend them together as you visualize their magick coming together to assist your plans. Next, sprinkle in the saffron, grinding the threads into the mixture. If you are using ground saffron, simply stir in clockwise. Now add the cashew milk, and mix to mingle all the plant power. Apply to clean skin, and allow the masque to rest for 20 minutes while you lie back and rest. What are you dreaming of, my Loves? It’s about to take form in the coming months, so make it good!

When you have it, rinse your face clean, and pat dry. Follow with your beauty oils as you normally would. You skin will be soft, smooth, and positively gleaming as you head into the waxing lunar cycle.

 Beauty Witch Secret: Rubies are not only stunning solar gemstones, but they also hold potent beauty magick. They increase blood flow, bringing a fresh radiance, while strengthening and supporting the skin. Place a few in your potion and allow it to sit for a while before using, to absorb the high vibration of the stones.

 And there we have it, my Beasties: the multi-faceted jewels that line the grey clouds of February. It’s all a matter of where you shine the light, no? Take this time, and use it well. And endless kisses to you for joining me here – this month marks the two-year anniversary of The Beauty Witch column!

All my Gratitude, Love, and Stardust,
Xo Alise

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  1. Once again, another invaluable column. It’s my go to guide for the month! So much wisdom and knowledge combined with all my beauty needs!

  2. Happy Anniversary! *major heart eyes* Thank you for the guidance, as always! I look forward to brewing up the Starry Eyes elixir, plus adding the ingredients into my shakes this month. The Galactic Beauty masque sounds absolutely divine, and I cannot wait to make time for myself and try it out.

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