As July opens her wings, her heart and belly are revealed in a proud display of the electricity-charged embrace between Mars and Venus. We enter the height of the season with the “magic three” of bright flowers, fully in bloom: Midsummer vibrations are still pulsing with lusty satisfaction, Venus has come back to delight us, and virile Mars is now happily home again in Aries. This, mes amours, is no small cosmic favour. The heaviness and energetic drag of feeling suspended in time now reanimates, and you can’t help but notice it coursing through your entire being, your very blood energized after lying stagnant for far too long. And oh, does it feel good!  Your physical stamina will return alongside mental clarity, bringing with it a lift to your emotional body. If you have been waiting on a communication, particularly regarding an advancement of some sort, news is likely on its way.

Fruitful frequencies courtesy of the Cancer New Moon last month set the tone as we greet July, and indeed stay with us all month courtesy of several planetary alignments. Issues of home, hearth, and family (especially children and child-like beings, such as creature companions) are still center stage, even though the urge to charge out of lockdown is overwhelming. Current world situations are forcing us to remain, for the most part, close to home, necessitating that focus rests in the immediacy of our surroundings. This includes internal work, so though the outer body more than ready to shimmy, there are still things to simultaneously tend inside our nacreous shell.

From the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

On July 5th, we have Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (12:44am EST) in Capricorn, which could bring an important project to culmination. Capricorn’s ambition is fueled by the ability to work hard while remaining on a slow and steady path up the mountain. Ruled by taskmaster Saturn, the Goat takes a nose-to-the-grindstone approach that does not stop until the goal is reached. If you have been coasting a bit, or avoiding something, this Moon will light that up rather brilliantly, and show you where you need to up your action. However, if you have been following in his sure-footed path, you can expect a return now, one which will then create a whole new landscape, complete with new heights to scale, and new vistas to behold.

I think this deserves a toast, no?  For this Moon, known as the Blessing or Hay Moon (as in “make hay while the sun shines”), I say a beauty cocktail is in order! Let’s celebrate all the time, effort, and focus you have put into that which you desire. It’s all well and good to set intentions, but of course, they also require sacrifices – which it appears you have been making for a while. Let’s kick up our heels and concoct a chalice full of moonlight, shall we?

My offerings to you this month feature the sublime lunar talents of three stunners: Papaya, Grape, and Lemon. This Triple Goddess quenches your desire for a cool, crisp, bright cocktail on a steamy night, ripe with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and absolutely bursting with hydration. Leaving in the papaya seeds adds a zesty pinch of peppery flavor, and up the power surge with their beauty potency. This high-vibration libation does beg for a splash of bubbly, but by all means feel free to substitute white wine (also Moon-ruled) or kombucha if you desire a virgin cocktail – it will remain delicious and spellbound in each of these incarnations.

Ascending Goddess

Beauty Cocktail
Serves 2-4

1 small papaya
1 2” slice of organic cucumber, skin on
13 white seedless grapes
Squeeze of fresh lemon
Raw coconut nectar, to taste
Dry champagne

To begin, half the papaya lengthwise. Make sure you get a very ripe one, or it won’t be as sweet. Scoop out the flesh, including the seeds, into a blender cup (as always, only use bullet-style blenders for best results.)  Add the rest of the ingredients, and blend on high speed until completely smooth. As you conjure, get a strong visual of bringing a project to fruition. Maybe you get a call or email, or perhaps you need to put the finishing touches on something to push it through. Whatever it is, hold that feeling in your body, as if it is already happening. Keep this with you while you concoct, and while you sip. The final touch? Add an equal part of champagne (or another of your choice, as above) to the blender cup, and give it a good shake. Do you have a vintage cocktail shaker? Even better. Pour the magic into a goblet, and enjoy. If you are nursing it, adorn a toothpick with grapes and give the drink a stir now and again, as the contents will settle.

Papaya Fleshy, sweet papaya is a tropical love fruit which casts its spell on your skin with its anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, and moisturizing prowess alongside lots of vitamin C for cellular regeneration.

Cucumber Cooling, soothing, and hydrating, crisp cukes bring forth the magic of peace and healing.

 Grape The fertile seeds of Bacchanalian grapes contain flavonoids which strengthen collagen and bones, along with heightened mental abilities and money magick. Grapes also offer intensified hydration, cleansing, and beautifying benefits to spare, thanks to their high concentration of water, fiber, and antioxidants. 

Lemon Bright, tangy lemon is a fruit of love and protection that purifies the cells, alkalizes the body, and infuses you with high levels of vitamin C. 

Raw Coconut Nectar This lightly sweet, low glycemic sweetener is rich in beautifying minerals, pairs beautifully with fruit thanks to its citrusy flavor, and will not spike your blood sugar. Naturally, it carries the protective, spiritual, and psychic magic of the coconut.

Beauty Witch Secret:  Papaya seeds are the oft-discarded little gems of the fruit that really should be invited along from time to time. They store an amazing amount of antioxidants, fiber, belly-friendly enzymes, good fats, and even the ability to easy monthly discomfort. The catch? As with anything, really, you mustn’t consume too many of them, as high levels can be toxic. But then, you can say the same of cacao. So, Smart Witches simply enjoy it all in gloriously satisfying moderation.

What else does July have in its treasure box? How about a direct-motion Mercury on July 12th? Oui! Communications get so much easier now, enhancing the willful energy of Mars for even more assistance in getting things moving. Though the messenger planet goes direct in Cancer – opening up talks in the family and home sector – all areas will have an ease of motion now. And, as it happens, our coveted New Moon is also in Cancer…for the second month in a row! How does that happen? It should be in Leo, yes? Well, it is a fairly rare occurrence, and requires some cleverness: On July 20th, New Moon occurs at 1:33pm EST, but goes void-of-course exactly twelve minutes later, making it therefore unadvisable to work magic.  Can you conjure the next six months within that twelve minutes? You could, but it would be shaky at best. Instead, I would wait until the Moon goes into Leo (4:16pm EST) and align with the power of the Lion – this lady cat, for one, is not going to miss out on his potency! Fortunately, our feline friend will be with us in all his golden brilliance anyway for the next month, as the Sun enters his sign on July 20th. Remember that the Sun rules Leo, making solar power absolutely unstoppable now – why not greet the new cycle with fresh, new, bright-as-sunshine skin? Oh, and the best part! You get to enjoy the cocktail again!  Make another batch of Ascending Goddess, and set one tablespoon aside. If you don’t fancy spirits (hmm?) then make it this time as a smoothie.

Gilded Rays

Facial masque
Per treatment

1 tablespoon Ascending Goddess masque
1 rounded teaspoon sandalwood powder
½ teaspoon grapeseed oil

*Note: please make sure the sandalwood is well-sourced, as it is still endangered in some areas of the world.

 Oh, this is easy! Add the sandalwood powder and grapeseed oil to the blended cocktail base in a small bowl, and stir clockwise until mixed. Tell me, what are you burning to make real in the next six months? What are you willing to do to get there? Can you see it? Visualize not only the outcome, but the steps you need to take. This tells the cosmos that you aren’t just asking for a handout. And open yourself to the firepower of the Lion – he’s a mighty one. When you are ready, apply a thin layer of masque to clean skin. It’s best to use a cosmetic brush with a masque like this one that has a thin consistency. After that layer is set, then apply a “second coat.” Let it rest while you dream up the possibilities! If you step into the shower or bath, the steam will deliver the masque into your open pores for an added potency. Rinse with cool water, then pat dry. Finish with a spritz of flower water and your favorite crème.

In cahoots with all the delightful ingredients we used in our beauty cocktail, we add the mighty sandalwood here, for its ancient beautifying properties and a little solar-infused magick.  For a finishing touch of gorgeousness, grapeseed oil gifts us with even more beauty benefits.

Beauty Witch Secret:  Add a piece of rough-hewn amber to your potion to infuse it with solar magic. Amber has been revered for centuries as a beauty stone, particularly for its ability to circulate the blood. And it is sacred to Freya, so there you have it!

And that will bring us to the end of another beautiful month together, Darlings! I wish you all the stars have to offer, and do feel free to ask me anything you like about this month’s cosmic adventures in the comments below. See you in August!

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


  1. Hello!

    As always, my monthly staple!!!

    I have a question for you. I’m stuck in a quarantine hotel with no facial exfoliant. All I can get my hands on is instant coffee and sugar from the complimentary tea service. Is that okay to use on my face??

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!


  2. Hello Claudia! Ah…what a drag! But I am very happy thst you are well – and bravo for keeping up your beauty rituals in quarrantine! I would go for the instant coffee, provided it is very finely ground. If not, then do the sugar as a last resort (again, only if it is very fine.) You don’t want to use anything abrasive on your skin. If neither suits, then honestly I would wait it out until you reach your destination-better to be a little scaly than harm your skin. Stay well! xo Alise

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