July 9 | New Moon in Cancer
*Stability reigns supreme*

July 11 | Mercury in Cancer  
*Be clear, but kind*

July 21  | Venus enters Virgo
*Appreciate the practical*

July 23 | Full Moon in Aquarius
*Embrace independence*

July 29  | Mars in Virgo
*Turn impatience into perfection*

With full solar power still sparkling overhead, July promises all things fragrant, fiery, and fanciful. Though Midsummer has seen fit to subtly shorten our daylight, it is so incremental, so entirely kindhearted in its gentle embrace of life on Earth, that it will be months before we truly even notice the shift. Merci, cosmos, we are most grateful. And, what a month we have just seen! June was both gorgeous and contradictory, with planetary polarizing everywhere we looked. As we enter July, it’s a bit less unpredictable. By now, the effects of what many experienced as a doozy of a Mercury retrograde have settled back down, eclipse messages have likely made themselves at least partially known, and the confusing duality of matters have become somewhat more manageable.

We begin this juicy jaunt over the crest of Summer with the unstoppable force of both Mars and Venus in fiery Leo, shining bright like the Sun above: infusing life with vibrancy, passion, and fabulous flair! Specifically, with these planets aligned we see the archetypal balance, and indeed power, of masculine and feminine energies – which is a phenomenal thing. This is where assertiveness meets yielding, creativity meets action, and physical drive meets intuition, just for starters. Passion, romance, and sex take center stage, but be aware of the (high) potential for jealousy and drama. Exactly which areas of your life are most affected, of course, is determined by your birth chart, but make no mistake, every sign will feel it. And in every way, mes amours, please take full advantage of your potency, and turn on the dazzle – go out and get it. 

Of course, Cancer still holds the Sun for the better part of the month, and with it an important lunation on July 9th: a defining New Moon in the sign of the hearth-loving Crab (9:17 pm EST.) Here, I would advise looking at what area of life needs more stability. It would seem from the outside that the home is calling for your attention, but if you look more intently at it, perhaps “home” is, in fact, you. You at that deepest level of soft insides that requires a hard shell of protection.  How can you create more stability in that home, which then extends to your outer world of work, relationships, and your actual dwelling? Watch out for Cancerian tendencies to create too much of a hard shell, which can potentially block something important. Mars and Venus have your back – don’t forget this – so you can take risks. If something, or someone, is making you feel unstable, then you need to make a pact with yourself now to not only change that, but also to create that stability for yourself. Work with this New Moon to create the change that is necessary, no matter how difficult. You will have six months to see it through to fruition, and you will have an opportunity later in the month to solidify that magick. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Right now, let’s focus on what is needed to conjure that steadiness, that la terre ferme, yes?

Cancer Power Card: The Chariot Use your intuition to see the best course for moving forward. Your armor will protect you, but you must find the balance between the exterior and the emotions. From the Astrological Oracle and Crowley Thoth decks.
Cancer Power Card: The Chariot Use your intuition to see the best course for moving forward. Your armor will protect you, but you must find the balance between the exterior and the emotions. From the Astrological Oracle and Crowley Thoth decks.

To assist you on your path, and I do know it can require some courage, I have concocted a delightful beauty bite which is both light and grounding, infused with Venusian beauty, and gives you a shot of solar power right where you need it most (ahem.) Easily digested and happily devoured, this nibble asks that hold your intentions and your visions strong while concocting it. As you savor each bite, feel its magick within you, and how amazing you are when you’ve stepped into that strength

Pouvoir du Citron
Beauty Bite

Serves two.

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk
¼ cup unsweetened almond milk
¾ cup gluten-free oats

Juice of 1 small lemon       
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon coconut flakes  (optional) moon
1 teaspoon sunflower seeds

Pinch of Celtic sea salt
Stevia or raw coconut nectar to taste
Zest of 1 small lemon

Coconut Ruled  by the Moon and water, coconut heightens your intuition and psychic abilities as it provides beauty fats for supple skin.

Almond Soothing and nutritive, almond softens and heals skin with natural vitamin E, which has the ability to regenerate cells and repair damaged skin. It also carries the magic of healing energy.

 Oats Earthy oats provide a grounding, stabilizing influence that will keep you full without feeling heavy. They offer  anti-inflammatory and healing gifts alongside Venusian magick of beauty and abundance.

Lemon This cheerful, Cancer-ruled lunar fruit brings love and happiness, lifts the spirit, balances pH, and gently detoxifies.

Chia . Hydrating chia adds a punch with significant, complete plant-powered protein, Easily digested, chia is rich in omega fatty acids, fiber, and minerals, and offers strength tuned to creation magick.

Sunflower The virile seeds of the sunflower bring more solar power alongside high protein, calcium, iron, B6, and magnesium.

Celtic sea salt adds a dash of salty taste balance, while providing essential beauty minerals.  Stevia is a non-glycemic plant sweetener that is suitable for even the most sugar-sensitive diets, though if you prefer a richer sweetness, coconut nectar is low-glycemic and pairs well with citrus.

One of the things I love most about overnight porridge is the pure simplicity of it. The other thing I love is how much beauty magick you can pack into a relatively tiny breakfast or lunch. The ease and tote-ability of these concoctions makes them all the more fetching, yes? You can conjure the night before right inside a glass jar or bowl, pop the cover on, store it in the fridge, et voilà! Tomorrow’s work or school repast is ready to beautify, satisfy, and fortify.

So, yes, just whisk the main ingredients together, add your sweetener, taste (naturally,) then top with sunflower seeds and a slice of lemon for drizzling if you like. Though it is a quick conjure, don’t forget to hold your plans firmly in your mind, and how they feel in your body. This will infuse you, literally, with what you need to get it done. Since this is a very important lunation, I would light a candle as you prepare this nibble – even carve or dress one beforehand – that way you can stay focused every day as you have a petite ritual. This helps to reinforce that intention on a daily basis. Think of ways you can take action on the physical plane to create what is needed.

Now, when you devour this, mignonettes, the obvious vessel of choice would be round and womb-like, to nourish your creations, no? But I like to add another dimension here – a martini glass. Oui! Why not add some sass to your sorcery? Why wouldn’t you treat your morning ritual with the fête it deserves? It’s you. Never skimp on that.

Beauty Witch Secret: Not nibbling at home? I insist that you bring a sexy martini glass to the office. Leave it there. Spoon your beauty porridge into it, add garnishes, then take slow, decadent bites. And don’t forget a pretty spoon. At school? Find the most glamourous etched glass jar possible for transport and serving.

Just as the New Moon begins to grow, sprightly Mercury catches a ride on the train of her gown, allowing himself to be spirited into Cancer. This can provide a challenge in communicating, as the Crab often stays silent, expecting you to read minds. As a water sign, and arguably the moodiest of the zodiac, there can be a prevailing sense of not being understood. But, are you being clear? Watch out for passive-aggression. Seriously, mes amies – we’ve all done it, and it is the worst. Again, Mars and Venus are right there, so call upon them for the push you need to say what’s on your mind, express how you feel, and be heard without being whiny or entitled. Go for warmth. That’s what Smart Witches do.

Speaking of our Love Goddess, she makes the move from Leo to Virgo on July 21st , and thus transitions us from displays of grandeur to those of practicality. How does that show up for us? Think of the small, but incredibly helpful gestures that make life easier. Instead of bestowing upon you a bouquet of roses, someone dear may simply run an errand for you when you’re strapped for time. Or a small, seemingly insignificant purchase may prove invaluable. Perhaps you might whip up a few beauty potions for an at-home spa instead of splurging on a facial? (You are in the favor of a certain Madame Beauty Witch, after all.) The time for indulgences will come around again, fear not, but for now, the Virgin will see to it that you are discerning in how you spend your time and your cash. Expressions of love will also be on the useful side, rather than the romantic. But it’s always appreciated, no? Make sure they know exactly how much. The Sun now reigns in Leo, too, so the Lion’s big heart is right there with us.

The very next day, we have our Full Hay Moon in Aquarius (10:38pm EST) which shines lunar luminescence upon something that goes hand in hand with the wisdom our New Moon granted: the need to stand in our own independence. I feel that the stability we are creating will then require that we act in a self-sustaining manner, that we step up and out to truly grow. Again, this requires courage. But it is worth every effort you put forth, no matter how scary those first kitten steps feel. Remember that you are actively in the process of creating stability for yourself, a strong foundation both within and all around you, and from here you can stand tall. Harness the Water Bearer’s finely honed intellect and ability to clearly see the thought process that will dictate what actions you must undertake. Remember that what can feel scary at first will ultimately become exhilarating – think of the freedom it allows!

For this Moon’s potion, I think it’s high time to take beauty matters, amongst everything else, into your own hands. If you’ve never really gotten into making your own potions, now would be an excellent time to dive in. I’ve conjured a delicious bath blend for a moonlight soak that’s sure to enchant as it opens up the pathways to your power.

Free Your Mind
Bath Soak

Per treatment

For the sachet:
1 teaspoon dried mint
1 teaspoon star anise seeds, slightly crushed

For the soak:
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
½ teaspoon almond oil

Joining coconut and almond are Aquarian-ruled mint and star anise, bringing the power of love, luck, protection, healing, and abundance and as they leave your skin softly strokable and refreshingly cooled.

Have you tried a bath sachet before? Ah, they are lovely! I do recommend using dried herbs, simply because they are easier to have on hand, and often have a stronger scent. Fresh will do well though, if you prefer. Since this ritual takes a little time to prepare, you have a nice spell of time to really conjure it mentally and physically, and the multiple steps allow for reinforcing the intention. First, gather your mint and anise. I ask that you gently crush the anise seeds after you remove them from their star pods, because it releases their intoxicating scent, and thus enhances their magick. Hold them in your power hand (the one you write with) as you connect with the plant vibrations. Ask them to assist you. Now put them aside in a small bowl. For the sachet itself, you can easily use a square of cheesecloth, or a natural loose tea pouch. (I like to raise the glamour vibe by using a bit of lace or netting fabric, but that’s just me. ) Fill the cloth with the mint and anise, then tie it with a ribbon or string of your choice. Of course, colors and textures can add to the magick, so choose what feels right to you. Then combine the coconut milk and almond oil in a stylish carafe. Place it all on a tray, and bring it into the inner sanctum of your bathroom. Now, run a warm bath – even in the heat of northern Summer, a warm-ish soak can do wonders. It works well here to attach the sachet to the spout, so the water runs through the sachet as the bath fills. When it is ready, pour in the coconut milk and almond oil blend. Swirl the waters with your fingers, tracing patterns that only you understand. Now detach the sachet and let it float in the bath. Step in, submerge, and enjoy a Full Moon dip of pure pleasure! Now, mes amours, if you do not have a bathtub in your lair, the same idea applies to your shower, but it will be a two-step delight: Let the water run through the sachet as above, then pour the milky potion over your body as you shower.

Beauty Witch Secret: Did you know? Your little sachet doubles as a sensual sponge! Massage it all over your skin as an extra-delicious addition to your ritual.

As the month closes, Mercury enters Leo, easing the communication conundrum we’ve been feeling all month. Now is a spectacular time for being, well, outspoken! Charismatic chatter is yours, and commanding attention is easy – if you allow yourself to be confident. The Lion’s warmth and big heart are right there to help you, so be bold! Last but not least, Mars then shifts into Virgo, which can test your patience. If you finesse it just right, however, you can actually put a lot of potent energy into getting the job done well. What’s on your agenda? You can do it right now, and do it to absolute perfection.

And here I leave you, mes beautés, in the sultry waves of Summer’s bliss. As you dance in the flurry of all this star power, please remember to taste the ripeness of such a glorious season, as she only stays for a short visit. And save a bit of her sunshine in your deepest places, so you may have light even in the darkest of Winter.

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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