Summer arrives in her bombshell style,
but she isn’t alone –
the planetary jongleur
poises to keep us all in the air
as particles fly about.
What will drop?
Flowers, sunshine and starlight
when love reigns supreme.

Mmm, mes amours. The sky is indeed heating up, in more ways that we may even realize. The air is sultry with fragrance, the fruits of life at their most voluptuous, and everything is coated in the rich sensuality that only Summer can bestow. What could possibly be better in this cycle of purely intoxicating lush? Well, honestly, a more temperate cosmic condition. This season, as the mercury rises, so does the intensity. It’s not the usual laid-back affair of the warm months, but rather a celestial storm slowly gaining momentum.

June places us at the starting point for a rather potent lunar eclipse next month. We’re not there yet, but the atmosphere is building. You see, our fearless warrior planet Mars is “out of bounds” right now, which means that technically he is beyond the limits (or outer bounds) of the Sun. Translation? We have a planet that’s a little out of control. This means we are dealing with amplified Mars energy out there: courageous and strong, but also angry. As we get closer to the lunar eclipse in July – boiled in the cauldron along with a few other planetary clashes – the heat can very well intensify, both in our personal lives and upon the world stage.

But forewarned is forearmed. Smart witches know that love is stronger than fear, and as such take full advantage of the beautiful energies that nature is graciously giving us right now. I’m going to stay on you all Summer about this: choose love. If things become harsh, find the beauty. It’s always there, somewhere, and you can help yourself and others by setting a sorceress-worthy example. Take care of you, and take care of those around you. Your energy will spread like stardust, a pollinator of magickal light to illuminate dark places.

Let’s begin by taking full advantage of our New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd (6:02am EST.) This one, my Loves, will be all about communication, particularly with yourself. There are choices to be made, the kind that kick start exciting new beginnings, but they will require the balancing of opposites. This is tricky. You may find yourself in a quandary over two important things, like home and family for instance, or artistry and a steady income, and you must ask yourself to take a step back and look at the big picture. There’s a way to do it, but it will require some soul-searching, and more than a little organization. Harness the cerebral gifts of Gemini, but steer clear of the urge to take flight – now is the time to face the decisions that will ultimately affect your future.

Gemini power card: The Lovers. Soul connections. Choices. Balancing of opposites to create wholeness. Honest communication
Gemini power card: The Lovers. Soul connections. Choices. Balancing of opposites to create wholeness. Honest communication

My potions for you this month come in the form of glorious Summer sweetness, to help you through any potential challenges along the way, and bring you back to beauty. I’m over the Moon to share them with you! Their bewitching ingredients will be your dear friends, like this Triple Goddess of Beauty, which appears as a love-enhancing trio:

Rhubarb Packed with vitamin A, calcium, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this saucy stalk loves your skin. It shrinks pores while protecting the integrity of your collagen and elastin. When consumed, it eases bloating, fights inflammation, and fortifies. Please note: rhubarb has laxative properties, so ingest in moderation. More importantly, only the stalk and flowers are edible. Do not eat the leaves – they are poisonous.

Strawberry We lathered this fruit of Venus on our hair and scalp last month, so why stop there? These gorgeous offerings bring you glowing skin, remove excess oil, nourish and fortify with abundant vitamin C. And they are pure pleasure in every way, including the love and beauty magic they are known for.

Almond These little beauties are rich in precious vitamin E which repairs damaged skin, lessens fine lines while preventing new ones, protects against UV damage, and feeds you from head to toe. Magically, they bring wealth and protection.

Leading the way is a delectable beauty bite in the form of…dessert! Oh yes. But way better. I’ve conjured the sunniest, most blissful high vibration treat that feeds your gorgeousness from the inside out. In addition to our spotlight ingredients, the powers of lemon, dates, and chia bring even more glow to you: with hydration, plant protein, cleansing and blood-sugar stabilizing properties, they feed your entire being with energy, not to mention an extra helping of bewitching love magic. Beautifying enzymes intact, free of collagen-depleting sugar, and loaded with body-loving nutrients, it is simple, raw, and entirely delicious – you’ll get a bit hooked, I’m afraid.

Strawberry Fields
Beauty Bite
6-8 servings

1 cup almond meal
8 dates, chopped
1/4 lemon

2 cups frozen strawberries
1 stalk rhubarb, chopped
1/2 cup almond meal
1/3-1/2 cup black chia gel
6 dates, chopped
2 packets stevia
Fresh strawberries for garnish

Begin by making the chia gel. Whisk 1/3 cup of black chia seeds in 1 cup of spring water, let them sit a moment, then whisk again to ensure an even blending (you will end up with extra chia gel – great for adding to smoothies or porridge.) Let them sit while you make the crust. Pulse the crust ingredients together in a food processor a few times until the mixture clings to the center blade. It should still look crumbly, but more like a fluffy dough. Pinch it – if it sticks together, you’ve got it. Now place the dough onto an 8-9” round pie or tart pan, and press dough down evenly with your fingers, energetically creating a good foundation for whatever decisions need to be made.

Add all the ingredients for the filling into the food processor. (You can wash or rinse it out first, but it’s not really necessary.) Pulse it all until it resembles smooth gelato, then pour it onto the crust, and swirl it evenly with a spatula. See and feel it as the abundant beauty and love that fills you inside, which all the world can see. With a sharp knife, score into 6-8 wedges, and pop it in the freezer. In an hour or so it will set. 

The almond meal lends a rich, buttery base to this bright, fresh, and decadent nibble. I’ll share a confession with you: this is my absolute favorite Summer breakfast. Whether you enjoy it by the slice, or serve the entire tart to your circle, store it in the freezer but give it some room-temperature time to thaw just to the point of creaminess.

Beauty Witch Secret: Black chia seeds, like all black plant foods, are rich in Jing energy – pure life force. Swap less potent versions for black wherever possible, like quinoa, rice, sesame seeds, etc. You’ll be unstoppable.

Later in the month, the beehive buzzes with honeyed celestial light. Beginning with the Full Mead Moon in Sagittarius on June 17th (4:31 am EST), the path is lit for a culmination of the direct bullseye you set your sights upon back in December. Whatever you focused your intentions on during that Sagittarius New Moon, if you kept your gaze unwavering, will now take shape. If things are still unclear, talk it over with the trees. The Archer rules the forest, so spending some time amongst the wise ones will help you to see what is missing. This Moon honors the majestic oak in particular, along with lavender, lily of the valley, and the witches prized yarrow. Use the natural forces available for strengthening, protecting, and, perhaps most vital right now, preventing potential eruptions.  Since the Full Moon hits in the wee hours as void-of-course, do your conjuring the night before, with virile Sagittarius energy at its most potent.

Right on the high heels of our silver lady is that zenith of sultriness that bedecks our very souls with flower power – the witches sabbat of Litha, the Summer Solstice. At Midsummer’s peak on June 21st we celebrate all things fertile, joyous, and expansive while reveling in the fulfillment of our plans that were carefully conceived in Winter to burst forth from the ground in Spring. The Sun is at his most potent now, his vital life force at its strongest. To help you prepare for a romp around the bonfire, a most delightful potion has been concocted! It will leave your skin fetchingly supple, dewy as a rose petal at dawn, and softly aglow with the still-teeming Moon.

Luminous Litha
Facial Masque & Exfoliant
3 treatments

1 large strawberry
1 tablespoon almond flour
1” piece rhubarb, chopped
2 drops rose absolute

Pulse all the ingredients together in a food processor until it becomes as smooth as possible. As you add each ingredient, bring forth love and abundance – it is right there for you! To use, add a small bit of water to the portion you will be using, working it with your fingertips to create a creaminess. Apply a thin layer to a clean face, massaging in a circular motion for a gentle exfoliation. Then carefully apply another layer by smoothing it onto your skin – it will have a texture similar to an oatmeal masque, so it will be a little messy, but the heaven-on-earth scent will more that make up for it. Once you have it well distributed onto your skin, lie back and relax. Breathe deeply, holding a visual of pure joy as you feel that electricity flow through you.  It wouldn’t be a celebration without rose, now would it? The sacred flower of love adds a powerful anti-aging magic wand to your petite ritual, cloaked in her resplendent beauty. When you are ready, remove the masque with a warm, damp cloth, followed by a thorough rinse.  Follow with your beauty oils, crémes, and sunscreen if needed.

Though this is a fabulous pre-soirée ritual, I find that using this masque at night before bed is equally stunning. As skin rests and restores itself, you awaken to a noticeably smoother, refreshed visage. Nice way to greet the day, yes?

Beauty Witch Secret: Add ¼ cup dry chia seeds to the potion for a more vigorous polishing if you like. Since the recipe conjures quite a bit, why not make it a full-body spa treatment? All the better for Midsummer frolics.

Well, my Dearest Ones, I must be off. The Sun is high and I can smell hydrangea just outside my window. Who could possibly stay indoors? Have a beautiful June! And stay in the light of radiance. It is, after all, your natural habitat.

Love and Stardust,
Xo Alise

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