Adages and weather aside, the transitional month of March, in fact, comes in like a fish and goes out on fire. Indeed, the spell that holds the rebirth of our beloved Spring is presided over by dreamy Piscean intuition – and more than a little nebulousness – for the better part of things, bathing us in emotions that carry sweeping imagination right into the flames. The New Moon of late February draped us in a watery veil of poetic visions, and guided us to spend time alone with dreams and unique artistry. That distinctly lovely Pisces energy remains as we enter March, still in the thrall of retrograde Mercury. If you haven’t done a bit of the “re” yet – review, reassess, redo, etc.  – you may want get on it. You have until the 9th (plus five days shadow) to use this energy wisely, all the while taking a deep breath and trying to let any irritating drags roll off your graceful shoulders. Not easy, mes amours, but necessary.

PISCES POWER CARD: The Moon. Your intuition will lead you through your fears and uncertainty. Beware of illusion. Tap into the power of the lunar cycles.

Our planet of communication goes direct right at our Full Moon on March 9th (1:48pm EST) in meticulous, rather serious Virgo. What does that mean? My loves, though you will want to forge ahead like a freight train after feeling derailed for several weeks, kitten steps are the way to go. Small, well-planned moves are your closest cohorts right now. Be aware, looking and listening, as the manifestation of the last six months culminates. Your rituals now should be especially specific – the Virgin will lend her detailed energy to your magick to help you, particularly if what you wished for back in August of last year under the Virgo New Moon needs a bit more work.  This is a brilliant Moon for embracing plant medicine, wellness rituals, and all things green under the watch of the Earth Mother, especially if immediate results are needed. Just be careful of over-doing the analytical – Full Moons are for celebrating! Spring is on her way! For many of us, that means finally kicking off those dreaded snow boots and slinking into slingbacks once again. But, I dare ask: have you been neglecting your feet all Winter? Oh, Beasties, I hope not.  On the off chance you may have gotten a bit lax over the last few months, I have flown in on my broom to deliver a timely potion to you that assists your neglected tootsies with an overflow of healing Virgo vibes. It feels so good!

Sway With Me
Foot Treatment
Per treatment

1 cup gluten-free rolled oats
1/3 cup almond milk
5 leaves peppermint
13 drops peppermint essential oil
8 drops clove essential oil

Beauty Witch Secret:  Pisces rules the feet, both literally and symbolically. Take special care of your feet when the Sun and/or Moon is in the sign of the Fish: protect them from potential injuries, give them especially good massages and soaks, and by all means adorn them with beautiful nail lacquer.  Then treat them to fabulous shoes and go out dancing!

Oats Earthy oats are actually gifts of Venus that draw money toward you. Used as a skin treatment, they calm and soothe irritated skin and act as a humectant.

Almond Known for their potent healing, almonds are rich in precious vitamin E which repairs cracked, dry skin while adding needed moisture.  Magically, they bring wealth and protection.

Peppermint Delightfully cooling peppermint is actually ruled by fire, and as such excels in bringing forth action as well as being a passionate love and lust herb.

Clove Spicy, Jupiter-ruled clove oil kills bacteria and clarifies skin while conjuring love, money, and protection magick.

Begin by pulsing together the oats, peppermint, and almond milk in a food processor until the mixture resembles a creamy porridge. Spoon it out into a pretty bowl, then drop in your essential oils, one at a time. As you concoct, feel the restorative vibes from each ingredient infusing your potion. Visualize and feel yourself taking calculated, tiny steps toward achieving goals. This makes you feel sure, and safe.

Now for the fun part! Cleanse your feet well with a mild castile soap, pat them dry, and bring your potion to a comfortable spot where you can relax. Bring a large bowl of water and a towel. With a slow, sensual touch apply the potion to your feet, massaging away every last bit of stress – take as much time as you like. Now allow the potion to sit while you rest your feet on the towel, elevated if possible. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, as the mint and clove oils work their tingly magick, and let your mind open up to cosmic communication. When you feel rested, and have a clear vision of how you will move forward (feet carry us there, after all!) rinse away the potion and pat dry. Feels great, yes? Now take that sparkly vision with you as you go about your day or evening. The cool lightness of the peppermint will remind you of your petite ritual, and keep bringing you back to the road ahead.

Speaking of the road ahead, had you forgotten? A glorious, green, and gorgeous March 19th awaits with none other than the Witches Sabbat of Ostara, also known as Spring Equinox, where verdant gifts are celebrated as the wheel of the year turns to embrace the season of renewal. Time to rise up from our mossy beds to taste the Sun! Though March in the northern hemisphere is generally a wet and chilly affair, still the signs of le printemps are everywhere: trees are budding, days grow longer, flowers rise up from the earth, and the birds have returned to share their songs.  Movement is suddenly back in style, and on its heels the original action hero, Aries, brings his powerful presence center stage (where he likes it) also on this day, demanding that you do it. Whatever your “it” happens to be, now is the time for manifesting as only fire can. Be sure, my Darlings, that what you want is something you have thought carefully about during the cold months, because Aries does not hesitate – he boldly jumps into the deep end without a second thought. Don’t be afraid! The Mars-ruled Ram brings immense courage and strength to you, along with the firepower to succeed.

One thing is certain: your time to work serious magick this Spring is now, for we have a dynamic New Moon in Aries on March 24th (5:28 am EST) that is really the ultimate for getting things off the ground, and ensuring they take form. New beginnings are natural to Aries, as is the will for them to succeed. You can quell your nerves by tapping into the Ram’s optimism and charm, but beware his acute impatience. Smart Witches know that New Moon magick takes time to manifest properly, so reign in the urge to check the cauldron, so to speak, every five minutes, huffing and puffing about how long it’s taking. Rely on the sheer force of nature that is Aries to make your dreams real, and then do what needs to be done on the physical plane to support it – the Ram and the cosmos frown on inertia, particularly after you’ve asked them for help.

I’ve conjured a very passionate potion to assist you in your plans. I adore you! And I want you to adore yourself. So, no dragging feet here. (How could you, really, after that Full Moon treat?) Get ready to concoct an upbeat, lively, playful activator that gets things done.

One that rejuvenates your cells, infuses everything it touches with fire magick, and smells like an exotic temple.

Play With Fire
Anointing Oil
Makes 3 oz.

2 oz. avocado oil
2 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
8 drops ginger essential oil
6 drops clove essential oil
6 drops cinnamon essential oil
1 small yellow sapphire

In a 3oz. colored glass bottle, pour in the avocado oil, then drop in the cinnamon sticks and cloves. Swirl the potion clockwise to activate the energy. Next, add the essential oils, one at a time. As always, visualize and really feel not only the firepower of the ingredients but the intention. Drop in the yellow sapphire, swirl the potion 13 times clockwise, cap tightly, and place it in a window (or outdoors if possible) to absorb the cosmic energies from the New Moon until the Full Moon. It is now ready for anointing – your body, magickal objects, candles, crystals…whatever feels right to you. And don’t forget to dab a bit onto whatever symbolizes what you are manifesting – it could be anything from a musical instrument to your computer, but it will add that extra, much-needed charge to things.

Pairing with our very sexy clove this month, are a trio of time-honored Beauty Witch herbs that work like magick…because they are.

Avocado Rich and sensual, avocado oil has long been associated with beauty and love magick.  Ripe with good fats, this Venusian gem is an excellent moisturizer high in vitamin E, fighting the signs of aging and feeding your skin while soothing inflammation and breakouts. It is also a revered aphrodisiac.

Cinnamon Fire and Solar-ruled, this cleansing, stimulating, warming spice reduces inflammation, while infusing vital minerals (like age-defying copper!) and increasing circulation. More than a little love magick is in there, too.

Ginger This ancient power root is known for its fire magick, protection, and ability to bring good health. A warming spice, it increases circulation and lessens pain. 

Beauty Witch Secret: Yellow Sapphire isn’t the most common crystal to work with, but why should it be? It is an extremely potent stone that activates the solar plexus, charging you with its will, strength, and fearlessness. It is also generates success and abundance, and magnifies the intention you set – so make it a good one!

Enjoy all the wonders that March brings, Dear Ones! You have worked hard behind the scenes all Winter, and now you shall blossom! I’m off to light a fire under every possible slow-moving object I can get my hands on…what else is new?

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


  1. This Pisces has, unfortunately, been neglecting her feet for years. I can’t wait to finally pamper them with the Sway With Me treatment *major heart eyes* And! I can already tell that Play With Fire is going to be my go-to oil this season too!! Thank you for the always incredibly insightful guidance, Alise!

  2. My cheeky husband refers to my tootsies as “hobbit feet”… I’ll whip up the foot treatment tomorrow! Thank you for another gorgeous column xxx

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