This month we asked our readers:
How do you stay cozy when it’s cold outside?


I live in northern Denmark where the word hygge is omnipresent. Its traditions and ways were passed down from my grandmother, who lives in an old fishing village near the sea. The way I embrace coziness during the cold winter months is by warm woolen socks, and then I love to light candles and make decorations with an autumnal nature feel. It is true hygge for me. —Mia B. Rasmussen

Hygge … thick wool socks, fire in the hearth, lots of candles burning, cashmere throws, hot cocoa and tea, homemade soups, and homemade healthy cookies and breads. Having cinnamon, orange peels, and cloves simmering on the stove. Soft conversation with loved ones and friends. Kitties and dogs snuggling in front of the fire. A walk in the snow, in the forest and loving the cold, crisp air. —Sandy Cline

I snuggle in front of the heater with a nice warm, thick blanket; a hot cup of tea; and my fat orange cat on my lap. I’ll get lost in a good book or an issue of Enchanted Living and may even create some art as the wind blows bitterly outside.
—Rachel Cavazos

I light a fire in the outdoor fire pit and sit under the stars in a comfy chair under some blankets and with a hot drink in my hands. My dad usually joins me, and we just ponder the universe together. —Jelena Ljubisic

To stay cozy I wear flannel pj’s and warm slippers and have dandelion or calendula tea from my garden. I have big warm blankets that my two dachshunds share with me. The kitty sits on top while the dogs burrow under. I usually read, write, or prepare art paper for my next painting. —Laura K. Benfer

Books are a must for a cozy experience! Nothing relaxes me more on a cold winter night than losing myself in a good book. —@robin.cheryl

There is nothing more enchanting than being home and cozy with family, baking and sharing family stories. Also I like curling up in my papasan chair with my two cats, a good magical book, candles, a cup of coconut chai, and the vegan pumpkin gingerbread cupcakes I made with my family. —KD Wentz

My friend’s hot tub on the deck as snow quietly falls around. —Jeremiah Rau

Cutting out patterns for cloaks. Lighting my black candle to honor ancestors. Hot chocolate while watching Halloween movies with my black cats! —Maggie Brown

I make a batch of homemade bread, then snuggle on the couch under my faux-fur blanket with a cup of tea or warm spiced wine and a good book. Inevitably, my dog and cat snuggle next to me, and we watch the light change in the forest outside the window. —Jody Helme-Day

A long walk in the snow to get our blood pumping, then shedding all our layers as soon as we walk in the door. After that we have tea and whatever I’ve baked recently. —Alex Wilson Gildner

A cat in my lap, a fire in the fireplace, and glass of wine in hand! —Susan Saale

I stay cozy by creating gorgeous images when I return from the cold wintery scenery in the forests surrounding me and the icy vistas of the Great Lakes beyond. It helps to have a roaring fire, candles flickering, and a cup of hot coffee … maybe with a few drops of spirits? —Sarah Chisholm Photography

This is how to stay cozy: I wrap myself in a weighted blanket filled with lavender. You heat it up in the microwave and then place it deliciously around the back and shoulders. This, paired with a mug of honey milk, is a great way to snuggle in. —Kim Malinowski

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