I will forever love the old, gritty, unfiltered fairy tales steeped in imagery and ancient symbolism. The tales that speak of girls who go into dark, dangerous forests or chambers and later emerge as women. Survivors. I find a raw truthfulness in these stories. For me, these tales sparked a journey of self-discovery and empowered me to claim my own inner magic.
—Laura Whitney

Fairy tales offer fantasy, recovery, escape, and consolation. So says J.R.R. Tolkien, and who wants to argue with one of the grand masters? After reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, my life changed. I became a lover of reading, especially of fantasy, which eventually led me to Faerie Magazine/ Enchanted Living.
—John Tallent

I love that you can see echoes of the same stories all over the world—telling the tales over and over in a way that is comforting and frightening and thrilling all at once. I love how you can have a dozen versions of the same story, whether told orally or written down.@thegothicalice

Because of fairy tales, I saw pixies on every toadstool and princes in the form of frogs, and I knew one day my own crown awaited me. —Kaylee Hilling

Fairy tales are stories of the mundane intersecting with the mysterious and magical to give us something mythical. This gives us more meaning and context to what we perceive as our normal, everyday life.
—Dianne Forrest Trautmann

Each time I enter the same forest I meet a different fairy tale.
—Kerstin Schulz

I love the complexity of them: the danger enfolded in the beauty, the shadows in the forests, the rot beneath the decadence, each precipitous turn in the labyrinth leading to delight or ruin.
—Caitlin Couture

I love that in fairy tales the smallest spaces can hold the promise of magic within them. Fairy tales evoke the idea that another world, one free of current responsibilities and problems, can be hidden in the most mundane of spaces. It’s the kind of escapism that has me peeking behind stumps and large rocks for rabbit holes or other mysterious places. —K.M. Cooper, a.k.a.
the Practical Escapist

The wisdom and craftiness of the animals. They are such great characters and given so much power. They truly give us a lesson about our own pets and how they help us every day.

As a person with a physical disability, I have always found fairy tales to be a portal to a world of endless possibility. —Jacqueline Yee

They reveal the worlds beyond us and the forces within us so that no new villainy in our world feels as strange or overwhelming. Fairy tales reveal what we’re capable of, for worse or—more important—for better. —Trisha Hein

Fairy tales are a path by which to explore the dark forests of the mind while safely nestled in a cozy warm reading nook. —Plato Kasserman

I love that fairy tales teach us to reach deep down inside of ourselves to find courage, generosity, kindness, and belief. They teach us to look below the surface to see the unique beauty in others. And they teach us a code of ethics, such as always share your loaf of bread with the beggar, deal honestly with each other, and search for beauty in every situation. —Elisa Black

It’s the art of it really, art and possibilities. The possibility of an ordinary life to encounter an extraordinary realm of beauty, magic, and art. —Ana Carolina

Fairy tales shine a light on our deeper thoughts and feelings. They also allow magic and wonder and an illuminated window into the natural world and its transcendent beauty. They open our eyes. —Francesca Stahlut

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