The restless winds of early Spring
torn between adventures that await
rising from the fertile belly of the earth
and the fervent desire
to melt back beneath the layers
lest uncertainty reveal itself

And such is the conflicted suitor that is March – does he forge ahead as Mars, fearless and bold, to greet the unlimited potential of the budding season, or does he sleepily look out the window, then hasten back to his nest of brocades, burrowing under once more? The sometimes too-subtle beginnings of Spring seem to always cause confusion. On one hand, we wait all through the cold months for this moment, cursing the ice and counting the days until we can blossom again. But what, exactly, lurks on the other side of that door? The time of action, my Loves – and this can rouse fear like no other. March, in its wishy-washy swirl of indecision makes that transition even more challenging, because it is dominated by the most enchanted spirit of the zodiac, Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, the fish is the idealistic star-dreamer, swimming in a cauldron filled with imagination and fantasy. This makes for some very gauzy daydreaming, and more than enough intuition to guide those meanderings, which is absolutely delightful…except for one thing: our aquatic playmate has a bit of a struggle with reality.  Often overwhelmed by the mere thought of its own creations, the fish simply decides to go back to sleep.

This month, it’s easy to see the view from beneath the waves.  On March 5th, our dear and often frustrating friend Mercury retrogrades once again, causing a general dither amongst the masses –  which sensitive Pisces often chooses to avoid even on a good day. I’ll remind you, my Darlings, to not get caught up in the critical mass of worrying, but rather to go into Smart Witch mode: triple check everything, don’t buy electronics, avoid contracts if at all possible, and back up your work. You know the drill. (And start right away, as the five-day shadow will commence at the very beginning of the month.)


Pisces Power Card: The Moon - Use your intuition to heal repressed emotion, inner confusion, and release fear. Rely on your own instincts.
Pisces Power Card: The Moon – Use your intuition to heal repressed emotion, inner confusion, and release fear. Rely on your own instincts.

But there’s a way to work this energy to your absolute best advantage, because the very next day, March 6th, we have our yearly New Moon in Pisces at 11:04 am EST, which actually provides an incredible opportunity to manifest. How on earth, when all this potential inertia and confusion is about, can we make a Winter’s wish reality for Spring? By tapping into the sheer chiffon brilliance of Pisces creativity, dreaming as big as the sky! What would you really, truly love to do if you could? What would make your heart absolutely sing if it could actually happen? What artistry lies deep within you that the world needs to experience? As part of your New Moon ritual, let your ideas fill the air with colors and textures, adorned with starlight and faerie dust, because next month you will have the fire power of Aries to get it off the ground. That’s right, my Gifted Ones, this is one of those charmed lunar pairings that always come at just the right time, and the collaboration of the dreamer and the doer is one of the many gifts of cosmic Spring.

Just be certain to protect yourself energetically when working with this Moon, as Pisces boundaries are fluid and can leave you quite vulnerable and easily influenced. Remember that Neptune is in charge here, so although a trance-like state is easily attainted now, the urge for escapism and fantasy can overpower your good intentions if left to wander. Remain clear, stay within the boundaries of what is realistic, and be sure to rest when you are finished – Pisces craves deep sleep!

To help you along, I’ve conjured a delicious elixir for unleashing visons that craft your desires while keeping you safe. Make it just before your ritual, as it thickens when sitting, and enjoy its bright, delightful taste while you weave your silken wishes.

Star Dreamer
Per serving

1 teaspoon angelica root
1 cup seedless purple grapes
1 apricot or ¼ cup dried unsulphured apricots, chopped
1/ 2 cup coconut milk
Stevia to taste

Begin by steeping the angelica root in 1 cup of hot (not boiling) spring water for 3 minutes. Be careful not to steep longer, as the tea can become bitter. Strain, allow it to cool, then pour into a high-speed blender. Add the grapes, apricots, coconut milk, and stevia, and pulse until smooth and creamy. Add more stevia if desired. Angelica has a slightly earthy taste, similar to juniper but not as strong, so depending on your palate you may prefer to omit the sweetener.

Angelica Ruled by the sun, angelica adds powerful protective energy to the potion, and a needed balance of celestial influence. It calms nerves, soothes an anxious tummy, promotes restful sleep, and heightens psychic visions.

Grapes Lunar grapes are not only potent beautifiers, but also aid in prophetic dreams and visions. Highly fertile, they feed your creativity while feeding your skin from the inside out with antioxidants, vitamins, and hydration. Although they taste sweet, grapes don’t spike blood sugar, making them excellent fruits to feast on. Purple activates the brow chakra for opening the third eye, honing your intuition, and allowing you to think for yourself.

Apricots Among the first of the Spring fruits, Venusian apricots bring love and peace along with a multitude of beauty benefits. Loaded with vitamins and minerals (particularly vitamin A,) apricots contain a generous dose of fiber, help to strengthen bones, fortify the blood, and boost metabolism.

Coconut Lush and highly spiritual, coconut promotes psychic awareness and clear visions. It is loaded with good beauty fats, adding creamy richness to the potion and to your skin.

Beauty Witch Secret: Though a protective witches herb, angelica has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries as a female tonic, and to promote healthy, abundant hair growth.

Keep your visions private as the lunar energies continue to build through the month, as you remain steady despite stagnant Mercury. It’s never a good idea to spill your plans to the world while they simmer, but now in particular it’s best to keep your cards close to your heart, so to speak. With communication askew, even confiding in those dearest to you can be open to misinterpretation.

And then…guess what? A very bright and celebratory light is on its way! On March 20th, we have a glorious melding of the Vernal Equinox with a lovely Libra Full Moon, and I can’t think of a nicer way to greet the new season. The Vernal Equinox, celebrated as the witchy sabbat of Ostara, marks the perfect balance of light and dark, and ushers in the growing months with exuberance. All is fertile and full of promise now, so take some time to honor that abundance. Adorn yourself and your altars with beauty, and let the festivities begin! Full Moons are always a time of gatherings and celebration, and this one is simply over the top. Despite its name, the Full Storm Moon beams brightly in social and friendly Libra at 9:43pm EST, so wherever you are, make it sing! This is a time of internal energies breaking out into the open for growing and prospering, so naturally you will want to be at your most beguiling: try this facial treatment at home before you head out into the harmonious night, and you will glow like a million stars.

Vernal Vixen
Per treatment

1 ripe apricot, mashed (or 1 teaspoon apricot powder)
1 teaspoon coconut milk
¼ teaspoon vitamin E
6 drops chamomile oil
*For this one you will need either fresh or frozen apricots – dried won’t work. If they aren’t available, you can find apricot powder online.

In a small bowl, mash the apricots into a smooth paste. Add the coconut milk and mix to form a creamy consistency. Add the vitamin E and chamomile oil, one at a time, stirring as you bring forth the expansive beauty of the Equinox and the Full Libra Moon. Apply a layer to clean skin, and allow it to set for 20 minutes. Remove with a warm cloth, then rinse thoroughly. Pat dry, and apply your serum or moisturizer.

This sweetly scented masque leaves skin elastic, refreshed, plumped, hydrated, smooth, and fully restored! In addition to apricots multitude of vitamins and minerals, when used topically they contain fruit acids that gently lift away dead skin cells and promote new growth. Their abundance of both vitamin A and C create an age-defying combo of cell renewal and protection, while coconut softens and moisturizes. Aided and abetted by these two magical beauties, a potion is in play for spectacular skin:

Vitamin E Protective and healing, vitamin E repairs damaged skin, lightens hyperpigmentation, and provides needed antioxidants as a defense against free radical damage.

Chamomile Gentle, water-ruled chamomile is your skin’s best friend, especially when paired with a fruit acid. It will help to calm any slight redness, soothe, and soften while gracing you with the magic of love and money – ever welcome as you step out for a night on the town!

Beauty Witch Secret: You can add more anti-aging power to the treatment by massaging in the masque first before letting it set. If you have very sensitive skin, you may wish to test an area first, as the fruit acids already provide exfoliation.

Well, my Darlings, as we draw to a close another magical month, there is one more thing you must know: Mercury goes direct on March 28th, so expect things to loosen up all around as a collective sigh of relief is heaved (usually quite loudly) and humankind resumes at pace that suits it a bit better. Get ready for things to heat up in the best possible way as we gather momentum into Spring, and keep up your beauty and wellness rituals! Taking good care of yourself is where everything grows from, and it shows the world to treat you well in return.

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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  1. Yay! It’s finally Pisces Season! This month’s column is, as always, so spot on. I definitely have the Pisces habit of crawling back into my nest and avoiding things when life becomes too real. I’m excited to try out the new recipes and work them into my self care practice. Thank you for the guidance and helpful reminders, Alise <3

    • Thank you, Kristi! I’m glad it’s helpful for you! Yes, please keep going on your daily rituals of taking care…it’s SO important. Let me know how it’s going, and if I can help in any way xoxoxo Alise

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