For me, the witch is the wise woman of the village. She’s knowledgeable in the healing arts, she grows herbs and plants, and she’s in tune with the rhythms of nature. She is eternally young with a spark of magic in her eye, no matter the age of her body, for she is in touch with the beauty and awe of the world and remains her precious eternal child. In spring she revels in new growth, both in nature and herself. It’s a time for the turning of the soil and planting of seeds both in nature and within our lives—a time to start enacting the dreams we envisioned during long winter nights. It is a time of becoming, a quickening of our souls.

In honor of this time, I’ve created a green witchy table bursting with spring treasures and set for a sweet lunch with your best magical friends. I wanted it to look like we pulled up cushions to our garden’s potting table, lush with plants and flowers and all the details of a gardener’s lair. I included lots of small potted herbs and plants, and natural bits and bobs like nests of eggs, feathers, and crystals. Of course there must be magical mushrooms and tiny spell books too. I envision the setting as a cross between a gardener’s workbench and a nature scientist’s laboratory, all mixed with a touch of magic, because for me that is what a green witch is.

How to:

• Any place in the garden or nature can work. First, lay down a large area rug and then place plywood on cinder blocks. Cover with a large linen to hide your structure and sprinkle cushions around.

• You can actually use a potting bench as a table and pull up stools (if it’s tall) or chairs (if it’s table height). If the table is super rustic, that’s even better, as it adds to the ambiance. You can use place mats to protect your dishes if desired.

• A simple folding table in the garden can work beautifully. Simply cover it with linens and bring in the rustic touch with planks of wood or piles of pots and plants.

Fun details:

• Give out packets of seeds or bulbs as favors.

• Have your guests write their wishes on paper made with natural fiber laced with seeds. When they plant the paper, as the seeds grow so will their wishes.

• Don’t be afraid of a little dirt and moss; it is good for the immune system!

• Have your guests share their favorite gardening tips on recipe cards to be added to each other’s “spell” books of garden tips.

• Give bundles of herbs as favors with scrolled information on their magical properties.

• Other ideas for favors could be sachets of homemade potpourri, tea, and cooking herbs.

• Serve herbal-infused food and tea to complete the theme.

Whatever you do, remember to celebrate the turning of the season as a time of new beginnings, of growing and becoming. Go outside and revel in the beauty and magic of Mother Nature!


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Tricia Saroya
Tricia Saroya is an event designer and artist who’ll travel anywhere with her band of faeries to create a magical event just for you. She just launched a series of DVDs to teach you how to create beautiful professional floral arrangements. Visit and