“Spring fever, spring is here at last. Spring fever, my heart’s beating fast. Get up, get out. Spring is everywhere.” —Elvis Presley

When tiny leaves sprout from withered boughs and buds shake off the frost and begin to bloom, t he magic of spring always makes me feel like dancing with the flowers. There are so many reasons why spring makes us feel good! Exposure to sunlight increases serotonin in the brain, which elevates the mood. It decreases melatonin in the body during the day and increases it at night, which can help improve sleep.

Spring is also a time of transition for the skin. As the weather warms, it’s a good idea to go for a facial to jump-start skin-cell turnover. Swap out heavy creams for lighter lotions, and keep a facial mist handy to cleanse, detox, and hydrate. And look for products with these beautiful herbs and flowers!


Evening primrose oil is a bit of a cure-all, with emollient properties that soften and smooth the skin, enhance elasticity, and reduce the appearance of roughness, lines and wrinkles, and dry, dull skin.

Hollybeth Organics Face & Neck Elixir
An intoxicating blend of extraordinary flower oils—camellia, evening primrose, sunflower, sea buckthorn, rose geranium—and carrot (rich in vitamin A), this USDA-certified organic beauty secret is nourishing and hydrating and will work its magic on dry skin.


I grow a small rosemary bush in my backyard, and whenever I need an energy boost, I step outside, rub a couple of leaves between my fingers, and inhale the delicious aroma. It immediately perks me up, which is also what rosemary does for the skin.

Erbaviva Organic Lip and Cheek Balm
This adorable little stick is not only an incredible deal; it is something you will always want to carry with you. It will become as indispensable as your cell phone! Loaded with antioxidant-rich rosemary and calendula extracts, shea butter, and soothing essential oils of chamomile and lavender, the cheeky little balm soothes, moisturizes, elevates the mood with aromatherapy, and gives a bit of a glow to the skin.


Everyone expects mint in their toothpaste, but the zesty herb has many more effective uses in beauty and personal care. Peppermint and spearmint stimulate the circulation and revive tired and achy feet. Plus it’s an antibacterial, which makes it perfect for natural deodorant.

Soapwalla Sensitive Skin Lavender Mint Deodorant Cream
Soapwalla is one of the first natural deodorants and an early brand to formulate deodorant cream, which is applied to the skin with fingers. With vegetable powders, charcoal, and clay to absorb moisture and lavender, and peppermint and palmarosa to inhibit bacteria, this formulation is free of baking soda and gentle enough for sensitive skin. And it works! The baking-soda-free formula is ideal for those with reactive underarms.


Lilac is a heady, fragrant bloom that evokes hot, sultry nights and the buzzing of cicadas. With powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, lilac leaf stem cells can help promote skin-cell turnover and skin renewal. Lilac is antibacterial and antifungal—it eases irritation and is good for blemished skin.

Kypris Clearing Serum
An excellent antidote to oily, blemished skin, this serum contains zinc, lilac leaf stem cells, and AHAs, which help exfoliate. (The serum also helps reduce ingrown hairs from shaving, waxing, or other methods of depilation.) Tea tree and lavender also fight against blemishes.


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Rona Berg is the former editorial director of Elle, deputy lifestyle editor and beauty columnist for the New York Times Magazine and best-selling author of Beauty: The New Basics and Fast Beauty: 1000 Quick Fixes. Berg has been cited as an industry expert by New York magazine, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post, and was awarded the American Spa 2020 Women in Wellness Environmental Leader Award. You can follow her on Instagram @Rona Berg.