On the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, there’s a secret garden hideaway called Gallow Green where theatergoers and others can gather preshow for food and drink as the city bustles below. The hotel itself is home to the long-running Sleep No More, an experiential retelling of Macbeth, as well as a variety of cabaret shows and live concerts. But once a year the rooftop undergoes a magical transformation: Every December, the gathering space reopens as a Scottish Highland mountainside bothy, or cabin, surrounded by a forest of live pine trees. Inside are rustic wooden walls, a cozy fireplace, shelves of books, bunk beds to curl up on, and dried herbs hanging from the ceiling. You can order comfort food, pizza, spiced hot cider, mulled wine—and then step outside to breathe in the cool air and the pine and perhaps even spy a crumbling Scottish castle in the distance.

Make reservations and/or find additional information at mckittrickhotel.com/gallow-green or by calling 212-564-1662.

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