We want to bring you some news from lovely candle company Firelight Fables and its proprietor Kasey Cleary, whom we’ve featured before and in previous newsletters.

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Kasey’s now introducing this season’s “Underworld Carnival” collection, a returning collection that launched two years ago and has been a fan favorite. It’s great for setting the Halloween vibe. Just listen:

In the dark of night, far away from the goings-on of men, creatures of the night gather for a moonlit festival. Werewolves, vampires, dark fey and the like revel in feasts and festivities. Magicians display arcane spectacles. Oracles reveal long-awaited fortunes. A ringmaster bids strange beasts to perform astonishing feats. Haunting creatures prowl in the nearby woods. Welcome to the Underworld Carnival. https://www.firelightfables.com/underworld-carnival

Two of the most popular scents in this collection are Vampiric Kiss….

Under a twilight sky, eternal beauty is promised for only just a bite. The dark curse looms as enticing, cold lips brush a warm neck. Notes of black cherry, red wine and dark plum.


and Haunted Tales:

Sweet, warm liquid brews over the embers of a shared fire. Mysterious creatures recount eerie legends while inhaling bonfire smoke. Notes of smoked wood, maple bourbon and crisp apple.


Kasey’s also introduced Mystic Mists, which are a flame-free alternative that can be sprayed in your home, car, closet, etc. to bring all the Firelight Fable scents with you wherever you go. Here’s the Night Circus Mystic Mist, as an alluring example.

Creatures of the night gather to witness fanciful feats. Spellbinding magicians and prancing dark fey captivate the audience as the ringmaster rides atop a haunting beast. Notes of red currant, black pepper and blood orange.

The Underworld Carnival collection also includes two brand-new scents this year: Witch’s Trolley….

Her trolley glides without a push, as if guided by magic. Its sweet aroma weaves a spell that captivates curious onlookers. Laden with an array of carnival confections, it stands as a portal to a world of sugary wonders. As you gaze at the mysterious visage of the witch, a question lingers: will you dare to surrender to her tempting enchantments? Notes of caramel, popcorn, and nostalgic carnival treats.


and Solstice Soiree

Amidst the velvety darkness, bathed in the ethereal moonlight, bewildering creatures of the night partake in a mesmerizing waltz, their forms illuminated by the glow of dancing lights that float in the air. A mystical figure, cloaked in shadows, extends a hand, inviting you to join the enchanting revelry on the dance floor. Notes of black raspberry, amber, and vanilla.


You can get free samples of all of these scents by joining the VIP Club (just pay shipping) at https://www.firelightfables.com/join-the-vip-club.

Isn’t this sample pack sweet?

And finally, Kasey’s brought back two of Firelight’s most popular seasonal scents, both meant to set the scene for fantasy storytelling experiences, such as reading books, playing tabletop RPGs, movie watching, video games, and also provide inspiration for hobbyists. They’re available in samples as well.

The first is Autumn Woods:

As you wander through the charming hamlet, nestled amidst the embrace of white birch trees, a tapestry of golden leaves greets your every step, their delicate rustle underfoot serenading your every step. Nearby, a cider press churns while villagers wander the festival booths, infusing the air with the invigorating aroma of freshly pressed apples and a heartwarming sense of togetherness. Notes of fallen leaves, apple cider, and white birch.


And the other is Stormy Hollow

Seeking refuge from the relentless storm, you inhale the scent of rain-soaked earth as thunder rumbles in the distance, guiding you to a hidden hamlet. A quaint inn offers shelter from the tempest outside. As hushed tones from the locals reveal mysteries and secrets, your curiosity deepens about the enigmatic tales hidden in this stormy sanctuary. Notes of rainfall and petrichor.


Can you even with all this autumnal sensory gorgeousness? You might want to stock up on these scents to use while reading your autumn witch issue (and doing everything else, really), not to mention next year’s autumn queen issue.

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