An enchanted gift for our amazing readers!

Last year we made a number of our back issues available as free PDFs while everyone was hunkering down and keeping cozy in their homes. You can see them all below and now we’ve added our current spring 2021 Faerie Queen issue as well. We hope you enjoy these issues and that you all stay safe and healthy–and enchanted–as you re-enter the world!
You can find print back issues here or subscribe here.

*Downloads are instant. If you would like to select where to save your file, please right click, on the button, and select ‘Save Link As..’.

We also want to share our Mythic Coloring Book, which we printed in 2015 and which features the art of legendary artists Charles Vess and Michael Kaluta. Download and print the pages – and color to your heart’s mythic content!

Just added: Charles Vess’s WALKING THROUGH THE LANDSCAPE OF FAERIE, featuring Charles’s lush fantasy illustrations and writing, along with an introduction by Charles de Lint and additional poetry from Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gregory Maguire, Alice Hoffman, Terri Windling, Jane Yolen, Delia Sherman, Theodora Goss, Ari Berk, John Matthews, and more! Please download and enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for the generous gift of magazine downloads. I have just recently discovered Enchanted Living – it is a feast for the eyes and heart! I also just purchased the new Pre-Raphaelite edition at B&N, and hope to find an evening to rest and relax with a pot of tea and a lovely read.

    To all of you, be healthy and blessed in these dark days. Blessings be!


  2. Thank you! I haven’t read your magazine before, but my brother sent me the link. I will give it a try! He thought I would like it. <3

  3. Thank you for sharing your majick ,and caring about all of our souls in these difficult times. Most appreciated! I send loving and healing energies out to the world.

  4. Very generous! I have these issues but now that they are on my computer, I can keep the hard copy safe and move around with the downloads. Thank you.

  5. How Wonderful!!! This made my heart smile today. 🥰 Thank you for such a generous gift, it’s such a beautiful magazine & exactly what I need today.

    Glittery blessings to you. 🧚‍♀️✨ 💖🙏💖

  6. Thank you so much for such a beautiful gift during this difficult time. I will definitely enjoy reading these and looking at all the lovely pictures.
    Blessed be!

  7. Thank you so much – much appreciated. I am thrilled to be able to read Issue #40. I have your other Witch issue and I LOVE it. This is such an amazing and generous thing to do – thank you again!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks so much for the generous gift of free downloads, Lisa & all of you Folks at Enchanted Living/ Faerie Magazine! Seems like a good time to be transported to a Magical Faerie Land~ Blessed Be…

  9. Wow. This is sooooo immensely kind. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is the absolute highlight of my week/month/maybe even year 😀
    Thank you very much – this is such a beautiful gift!!

  10. Thank you to everyone at “Enchanted Living” for such a generous gift…
    My imagination is in dire need of a kickstart, a nice long nap, and a cheese pizza. 🙂

  11. Hi there!
    Thanks a lot for this gift! I already have some numbers but not these one so I was so happy to discover this surprise!
    Everyone must take care in this period.
    Blessed be!

  12. Thank you for this beautiful gift. In between live streaming my music (the new way of playing concerts!) I will enjoy this.
    Stay safe, love from Berlin xx

  13. Thank you so very much for such a generous gift, I have read and re-read issues that I currently have, it will be nice to have some fresh content to read through. Get inspired and stay magical everyone!

  14. Wow, THANKYOU so very much for your kindness. I hope you and your friends and family are all safe and well also.
    Sending you all much love and best wishes during this trying time.

  15. Thank you for this wonderful gift, so uplifting to receive, a beautiful reminder of mother nature in all her magical ways is there to healing, lift our spirits and provid inspiration. Brightest blessings Linda xxx

  16. Quite amazing!

    Oh how lovely. Thank you very much! How truly kind. Kindness is magical!

    Have yourselves an enchanted day! Many many blessings to you!

    Be well. Be blessed.

    Christi Jean

  17. Thank you, dear Enchanted Friends! This is very kind of you, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your generosity! I have downloaded one of the earlier issues, which I missed, and I know that I will enjoy it. Please take care of yourselves and STAY WELL. with love, b

  18. Joette

    Thank you so very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness during these times of uncertainty
    This is the most perfect gift to relieve yourself of the coronavirus anxieties. I was having a hard time unplugging from all this for my mental health. This is truly just what I needed.
    Thank you again for this gift you and your colleagues are truly a blessing.
    I would like to share however real quick I’m highly sensitive to things around me and people so this has put me on overload which I’m sure a lot of people feel this way as well. My heart hurts for our world and all the people and their families I’ve cried many tears already. I’ve recently started increasing my adaptogenic herbal teas for my immune system as well as tinctures like motherwort and lemon balm for my anxiety. Sea salt herbal tea baths etc homemade body butters. All of these things help your body to recharge oh and homemade smoothies take care of yourself. I just wanted to share my coping tips.

  19. Thank you for the FANtastic downloads. I was totally charmed. And, of course you achieved your goal! You Brighten my day💋🍀

  20. This lovely gift of yours, giving light to our eyes, hearts, and mind at this time of self-isolation warms my soul. I cried as I read the poem of Willow to my husband who is already very ill with a respiratory illness. We are still quite covered in snow, so these lovely inspirational gems bring the hope that spring will come to the Mountains yet.

  21. This is the best thing that happened to me this week !
    Thank you <3
    As soon as I can afford it, and the traffic wills it, I will buy a physical issue and make it across the Atlantic ocean!

  22. You are one of the helpers that Mr.Rogers talked about. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a bright light.

  23. Remember me. I will repay this a thousand fold. The generosity of this gift will sooth the spirits of many, help them through these dark times, the lift to their mood perhaps being just the edge required to get through this ~ to raise their immune system boosted by joy, ease their nerves calming them to peace, and contain them in their homes happily, saving them from exposure. Good, also, for the children.

    May such kindness be a sign of what the world soon shall be.

  24. How very thoughtful and kind to share these back issues and coloring books. Thank you so very much. Please stay well.

  25. Thank you very much for your generosity. As a First Responder (firefighter/EMT/police officer) I appreciate any kind gesture, and it sure lightens up the load a little bit…be safe

  26. Thank-you! What a thoughtful gift to share! I downloaded all and can’t wait to have time to sit with a cup of tea and each magazine! I’ve already printed a couple of pages from the coloring books. Sending the email off to my niece who loves all things magical! You really shared a treasure for all of us and I greatly appreciate it! Definitely going to subscribe as soon as I am back to working for $$$! Right now none of my clients have the cash flow to pay me, but things will get back to ‘normal’ one of these days. This is a perfect opportunity to review our lives and appreciate our homes! Thank-you again!

  27. Dear Editors! of the “ELM”!

    Thank you so much for all these wonderful Gifts in these difficult Times! You are very, very generous! Please take all good Care about your Health! Best Regards!

  28. This is so generous and thoughtful of you! Sometimes I really wish I could jump into the next Fairy ring and never come back to this world again, but at least I have your magazines and coloring books to keep me here. Thank you.

  29. Thank you so much for giving these lovely gifts. I have my pencils ready and cannot wait to read the magazines.

    * Lots of blessings *

  30. I would also like to add my heartfelt thanks for this wonderful gift! <3
    Your magazine is the epitome of magical and I am beyond excited to begin reading these issues and to begin coloring!

    Best wishes to you all in this tense and troubled time,

  31. ♥♥♥♥♥Thank so much♥♥♥♥♥ Thank you from the heart because the tip for files to download from the magazine was from a friend. Qu wonderful!

  32. hello, I always buy your mag at Barnes and Noble. Thank you for these freebies!!
    I’m having trouble downloading the second coloring book. It keeps “failing”. Any ideas or other way? I’d love to color that book! Thank you!

  33. Thank you so much for these free downloads…they just awakened my sour soul and really got some creative thoughts going! I think there will be HONEY WALNUT CAKE here in hour or so! page 23 FM42…

  34. I am so grateful to Faerie for creating the fantastic new Enchanted Circle group. Just looking at the gorgeous photography sent in by your readers is such a feast for the eye and the spirit. I needed to be reminded of how many people there are who appreciate what I appreciate and sent in their glorious work to prove it. And I haven’t had a chance to say how much I am in love with the Pre-Raphaelite issue. What a triumph! I adored every page. The Enchanted staff probably has no idea how much they have changed our lives. You have given a place to those of us who love and need beauty and enchantment. And you have boosted our drooping spirits with your generous gifts. My heartfelt thanks. Love, Linda

  35. Thank you such a kind, considerate gifts during these stressful times. I am very grateful, thank you!

  36. How wonderfully thoughtful to provide these downloads during this time of world tragedy. Thank you for your kindness! xo

  37. Thank you for the kind and wonderful gifts! Your kindness and optimism are really inspiring during such crazy times! You guys really are a cut above!

  38. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! The colouring books have me running for my crayons : D. Blessed be.

  39. thank you so much for the free downloads. They were greatly appreciated. I was wondering if you were going to offer some of the issues that are sold out? I have all your issues so far but somehow never received issue #5 or #7. Perhaps lost in the mail. I was hoping to download them as I have been unable to purchase the copies. I hope you will consider offering some of the issues (#5 and #7) that are sold out.

  40. Thank you for the downloads, so much inspiration, magical photography, ensuring our connection to the Earth and all things magical keeps us all moving forward and feeling the love, committment and kindness or you and your team.
    Many blessings to you all.
    Much love Linda xxx

  41. Out of the misty gloom came Enchanted Living’s beautiful gifts to their readers. To be able to escape into a land of enchantment and love is an exquisite feeling to gain. The beautiful layers of art, photography, poetry and all the other creative ideas that are scattered throughout takes one out of this world and into another. Thanks so much for your faerie wand that transports us to the enchanted realm!!

  42. Blessings to all who have contributed the free items for these keep our souls fed when we cannot step outside to walk in nature or sit and read your wonderful magazine. It is only TOGETHER that we shall all get through this period of time which is teaching the world many lessons. Hopefully when this is over I can once more walk the hills and valleys of Scotland that for now I can only do in my mind but for peacefulness have your issues to read and reread again, to colour beautiful pictures and let our minds drift to beautiful places. Thank You

  43. I am so grateful for your generous gifts! I will enjoy reading and coloring.
    Bright blessings )O(

  44. This is such a lovely, generous and inspirational gesture imparting light and beauty to our challenging times. Love, love, love!!!

  45. Wow this is so nice – thank you so much for sharing these beautiful gifts with us and for all the wonderful email missivies that bring some joy and inspiration during this time. Wishing you all well xx

  46. Thank you for the free downloads. I wish you would offer the ones that have sold out as free downloads. I am missing 2 issues #5 and #8 and would love those issues. Would love them as hard copies but if I can’t get them that way would love to have as free downloads. Does anyone out there have issue 5 and 8 that I could purchase???

  47. I have just discovered this magazine and I am “enchanted”! Thanks so much for making these free issues available. I will thoroughly enjoy them while I wait for my first print copy.

  48. Thank you so much! I have loved your magazines for years. I look forward to these issues that were missing from my collection. I appreciate this very much!

  49. I’m beyond thrilled – what an unexpected treat! I can’t wait to look up old recipes and marvel at the beautiful pictures. Thank you all so much for all you do. This publication brings me so much joy, and I’m looking forward to all the years ahead!

  50. Thank you SO MUCH for this! It’s such a kindness to have access to these beautiful offerings right now. So grateful to come to this page and find such a treasure trove of material. Overflowing with gratitude, Jo

  51. I also wanted to thank you! I liked these so much that I subscribed. Your magazine is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for all that you do!

  52. Thanks, ever so much, Enchanted Living Magazine, for these lovely gifts for your readers, which are such a joy to share. It has been a delight to become acquainted with the many artists and artisans who make significant contributions to your publication, as well as, your diligence in honoring them.

    All the Best,


  53. I keep these downloaded issues on my desktop so that no matter how heavy the world gets, I can travel to the land of Faerie and renew my spirit. Thank you so much!

  54. Thank you so much for the lovely & generous gift of magazine downloads. I liked these so much that I bought every issue from #18!! I’m from Belgium so it’s a bit expensive for me to subscribe (the print issues) due to shipping costs. Your magazine is so inspiring… I’d like to thank you for all that you do!

    Be healthy and blessed in these dark days. Blessings be!

    Virtual and safe hugs from Belgium ^^!


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