Witch of the Wood

They said she was outside of the village by a couple of miles, in a sort of travel wagon camped on the edge of...

Written In The Stars

Illustration by GUINEVERE VON SNEEDEN Charumati glanced over her shoulder, just once. Her gaze swept the celestial palace where she had spent her life. How it...
Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash, Witch, Enchanted Living Magazine

Seeking the Witch

BY SARA CLETO AND BRITTANY WARMAN Few words conjure up an always bubbling, deeply complex brew of emotion like the whisper of witch. Depending on...

Clockwork Princess

Feature Illustration by Charles Vess Article From 2014 Spring Issue #26 Subscribe // Print // Digital Once, there was a clockwork princess who lived in a land of forgotten things. The...

An Enchanting Interview with Robert Beatty

We hope you're doing beautifully today. We have some beautiful news for you too: Serafina and the Seven Stars, the fourth Serafina book in Robert Beatty's...
Fairy folk by an old gnarled tree by Arthur Rackham.

Grandmother Elder

My grandmother was a mysterious woman—quiet and stern, her burdens etched harshly across her face. Her home was unremarkable, uncluttered, and as sensible as...

What You Wish For

Feature Image © Martin Podt I sat on the borderland between two worlds: In front of me was the ocean, mist-cloudy and tumultuous; behind me...
Photography by Gale Zucker. Model Ali Weiss

Love Never Ending

Photography by Gale Zucker. Model Ali Weiss At first she didn’t know a spell had been cast upon her husband. They had known each other...

The Snow Bride

Illustration by Gina Schiappacasse   Once upon a time... not too long ago. A brother and his twin sister walked in the woods near their house...


Monodon Monoceros: one tooth, one horn. Or one toothed unicorn. Narwhals are dappled grey whales that live in the Arctic, wielding nine-foot-long tusks. Their remote,...