In Art Nouveau news, we’ve recently fallen for the stunning work of German artist Mona Fuchs, whom you can find on Instagram at (and order prints from at, because of her Art Nouveau renderings of some of our favorite Game of Thrones characters….

Game Of Thrones by Mona Fuchs Art Nouveau Faerie Magazine Enchanted Living Magazine

Are you as in love with them as we are?

Driven by said love, we recently asked Mona a few questions:

Are you a fan of Art Nouveau?
Yes! A thousand times yes! It‘s one of my favorite art forms, maybe THE favorite.

How and why?
The first time I saw Art Nouveau was when I was around 16 I guess. My uncle, who is also an artist, had recently moved at that time and when I sorted through his book collection I discovered a few Mucha artbooks and was immediately hooked.

The forms and colors fascinated me, they were like out of a fairy tale.

Art Nouveau has something so wholesome about it, the characters most of the time have a peaceful look, the colors are wisely chosen, its look is so organic, so interwoven, so detailed and most of all meaningful and symbolic. An immediate eyecatcher.

Game Of Thrones by Mona Fuchs Art Nouveau Faerie Magazine Enchanted Living Magazine

How do you think it’s relevant today, as a movement?
For one I think design nowadays has become a bit too minimalistic and forms like Art Nouveau can weigh against it, to create balance. I‘d honestly wish for more Art Nouveau architecture and interior design.

And also I feel like art is more important than ever. Art, especially Art Nouveau because of its wholesome and dreamlike character, can give us a peace of mind even if just for a moment.

Art Nouveau was once in its origin a movement for people being part of nature and why not today too, when we need to take care of our environment.

Can you tell us about your Game of Thrones portraits?
So far I’ve worked on three pieces: Sansa, Brienne and Jaime. I am planning on more, like a Dany emblem for example.

I felt like Game of Thrones and Art Nouveau are a match made in heaven.

For many people, and me included, the final season was a bit disappointing … The final season ended things so abruptly in certain ways. Emotions felt closed off and through fan art I could bring those to the forefront. Art Nouveau is so symbolic and detailed that it could help me with that, like showing Sansa‘s strength, pride and regalness or Brienne and Jaime‘s complicated relationship. Through Art Nouveau I was able to tell a story.

Game Of Thrones by Mona Fuchs Art Nouveau Faerie Magazine Enchanted Living Magazine

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Have you done more art nouveau inspired work?
Yes, I have.

I waited for the right time and object to start a few studies in that field and felt ready when I fell in love with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I did a lot of fan art in various shapes and sizes for it and still do plan on a lot more haha.

I also made simpler versions and sketches for She-Ra and Wonder Woman and a full-sized environmental themed artwork and some commissions.

How do you stay enchanted in your life?
Art in various forms to be honest. If it’s painting, movies, music, theater, craftsmanship, fashion, games etc…it‘s what makes this world colorful and enchanting. It‘s what keeps it from being dull and grey.

Family and friends too. You can laugh and cry with them; they accompany you through life. Home is not a place, it‘s where your heart resides.

And I‘d say the little things in life that happen almost everyday and can make you smile.

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Art Nouveau, Enchanted Living Magazine, Alphonse Mucha, Prague, Czech

Game Of Thrones by Mona Fuchs Art Nouveau Faerie Magazine Enchanted Living Magazine

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