The languid poetry of lovers
that flows through each warm breath
of Summer air, so divinely sweet
is roused, reluctant
by a sky of fire.
And yet, the waters beckon
with an invitation to remain cool,
in the flow of light.

The ripe, juicy spell of Midsummer is made for lounging, beauty cocktail in hand. Bare limbs and laughter rule the day, sensually caressing the skies into a woozy state of twilight bliss. In these euphoric moments love is ignited, memories nestle safely in our hearts, and everyday stresses become somehow softer, easier, yes? Usually. This year, my Loves, the air feels a little different.  Oh, all our cherished seasonal thrills are still there, right where we left them, but the joie de vivre is a bit subdued this time around. Offset, really, by more than its share of celestial shenanigans. Though – thank the stars, literally – our warrior friend Mars is now safely back on track, there is still plenty of planetary weirdness swirling about, aided and abetted by whatever anger our red planet instigated during his out-of-bounds romp. If you found June to be more than a little edgy, you were not alone. The good news? There is healing energy to spare this month, and with two eclipses and two New Moons, many an opportunity for positive changes to emerge.

We begin with a bombshell New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd (3:16pm EST.) Though all eclipses are powerful, this one is particularly charged and somewhat delicate to handle, much like the crab itself, with a hard outer shell and sharp pincers that serve as guardians of a vulnerable inner sanctum. Solar eclipses affect our external experiences, so be prepared for visitors at the gate, so to speak. They may be disruptive, noisy, and possibly even bearing arms, but hear them out. This is important: there is tremendous energy available right now to ease and resolve conflict through peaceful action. The Mars blaze that became seemingly uncontrollable over the past few months can now be contained, and in many cases totally extinguished in an amicable way. Stay patient, resist the urge to overreact, and keep communications diplomatic – Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th, so you’ll feel it even now. All this awareness will pay off, I promise. How those in power handle it we cannot control, but we can govern ourselves as the wise Witches we are.

CANCER POWER CARD The Chariot: Channel inner strength. Focus on the best course of action for what is essential to you. Remain in the flow of life as you forge ahead.
CANCER POWER CARD The Chariot: Channel inner strength. Focus on the best course of action for what is essential to you. Remain in the flow of life as you forge ahead.

The other thing to consider is that there will be a domestic focus now, and it looks quite harmonious! Remember that your home is symbolic of none other than you, a structural representation of the love and kindness you give yourself. Is it clean, warm, happy? Does everyone who resides there bring beauty and love in? Fabulous – there’s more on the way. If not, this eclipse will shake things into action.  Use the nurturing, protective, and sensitive gifts of Cancer to create peaceful loveliness (or add to it) in your home, and if changes need to be made, get on it. You will have the assistance of the cosmos to make expert alterations so that, ultimately, the fit is perfect.

You also have two power potions at your graceful fingertips starring ingredients ruled by Cancer, the Moon, and elemental water to guide you in the dominant astrological energy of the better part of this month. My first offering clears your space, both energetically and internally, to bring forth loving vibrations and keep you strong. Light and cooling, it banishes bloat and negativity, elevating you in every way. Sip this refreshing, lunar-charged delight while you make your plans, absorbing its magick which opens the path to bliss and beauty.

Cantaloupe Moony melons have been consumed since 2000 B.C. for healing, love, and purification. Also known as “musk melon,” cantaloupe is a fantastic source of beta-carotene, which boots our immune systems, strengthens our eyes, and keeps skin glowing with the fresh life of cellular regeneration. Lush with water, fiber, vitamin C, and minerals, this Summer beauty softens fine lines, increases elasticity, heals blemishes, and imparts moisture.

Cucumber Classic, crisp cukes are also great peace-loving healers. When consumed, they promote good digestion, ease water retention, and hydrate while kissing you with vitamin C and antioxidants. Applied to the skin, they soothe sunburn and other sensitivities, tone the complexion, and banish puffiness.

Lemon Bright, zesty lemons gift us with the magick of love and happiness. Great purifiers, they effectively cleanse energy as well as our bodies. Used to brighten skin and clear breakouts, lemon detoxifies, hydrates, helps digestion, and keeps your gorgeous with the added power of vitamin C.

Coconut Bearing abundant gifts of moisture, coconut hydrates above most. Its luxuriant beauty fats keep skin firm and elastic, soft and touchable. Coconut heightens visions, purifies, and allows us to connect with spirt.

Interstellar Love

Per serving

1 cup very ripe cantaloupe
1 cup coconut water
¾ cup cucumber
juice of ¼ lemon

Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender, pulsing until smooth. Keep your intention strong for harmony in the home, and ask for what you need to make it your cherished inner sanctum. Pour into a sexy glass, add a bit of stevia if you like, and chill. When you are ready, sip it slowly, allowing visions to form into a course of action.

Beauty Witch Secret: Ripe cantaloupe has an amazingly sweet and distinct flavor. How to tell in the market? Find the little round spot on one end – that’s where its stem was – and press. If it is soft and yielding, your melon is quite ready for you. It should also give off a musky scent.

The night sky is abuzz on July 16th with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (5:38pm EST) in ambitious Capricorn – time for the culmination of a big project! If you’ve been conjuring something important since January, the results will become clear very soon. All your hard work is about to pay off, because the goat (and the universe) wants to see a steady, surefooted climb to the top. You may not see the effects of the eclipse on this exact day, but you will certainly get the vibe within weeks, and that energy stays with you until the next set of eclipses occurs this coming Winter. If things haven’t quite worked out as planned, your course of action will be lit up brightly. I must mention, my Darlings, that there is an awkward Mars-Venus-Uranus positioning going on, so your finances or romantic world may get shaken in order for things to move forward. For instance, if you’ve been working towards new digs your dream Lair may suddenly appear, but it may be more expensive than you had originally allowed for. That’s okay, it’s just time to look closely at what is most important to you, and make the changes necessary. This Full Moon is void-of-course, so work your magic the night before with all of the silver lady’s strength, and the pragmatism of Capricorn.

Your beauty potion for this Moon couldn’t be simpler! While you are navigating the eclipse, and working your (rather practical) magick right now, I want you to shine so brightly the whole world will stop and stare! Here’s what you’re going to do: make another batch of elixir, and reserve two tablespoons. When applied to your face, the magick increases – sloughing away dry skin, increasing cell turnover, casting wrinkles far away, firming, and bestowing a breathtaking, un-dimmable glow. Nothing can eclipse your sparkle, my Loves.

Dreaming of Wild Stars

Facial Masque and Exfoliant
Per treatment

2 tablespoons Interstellar Love elixir
2 tablespoons brown rice flour

Whisk the brown rice flour into the chilled elixir, and let it sit one minute. Apply a thin layer to skin and massage in circular motions, paying close attention to places that annoy you. Then apply the rest, and let it sit for at least ten minutes. Don’t forget your neck, décolleté, and back of hands! Remove gently with a damp face towel, followed by three good rinses with cool water.  Follow with your favorite serum and crème, then grab that elixir and enjoy the Summer night. Add a splash of sprits if you like!

Besides the bewitching beauty gifts of our lunar friends, I’ve added a little solar power to the potion in the form of a rather common and overlooked secret: brown rice. Yes! The ubiquitous hippie health grain does wonders for your skin. Try it.

Brown Rice Blended to a fine powder, rice is a gentle but very effective exfoliant that improves skin tone. Rich in selenium, it repairs skin and increases elasticity while keeping it clear. Protective and abundant, rice brings forth creativity, and more than a little sex magick.

Beauty Witch Secret: While your masque sets before using, drop in a Moonstone (or several) to infuse your potion with the feminine vibrations of healing, nurturing, and heightened intuition.

And last but not least in this most eventful month comes another New Moon! On July 31st (11:12pm EST), just as Mercury goes direct, we are blessed with a most pleasurable Leo lunation, poised for fun and action to dance us into August. Though the mercury shadow is still hovering, the Lion’s fire will forge new beginnings with his exuberant charm and stay roaring through the rest of Summer. I’ll have big-cat potions for you next month – I wouldn’t miss out on my spirit animal for anything – but for now, focus on setting the intention for something you want in a major way, because Leo doesn’t do meager. Or subtle, for that matter. Use the Lion’s help to hold space for that wish, and his power to make it positively regal. After all the intricacies of this year thus far, I think a little good-natured roaring is appropriate now, no?

Speaking of big cats and Summer, I’m off to nap in the Sun. I’m going to dream of stars and bewitching Autumn nights. What will you dream of?

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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