We want to tell you about musician Parabola West’s debut album, Stars Will Light the Way, which came out at the end of April after five years of hard work! Alongside the album, she’s also released a very limited edition art book with only 100 copies available in the world. The album introduces us to Frozen Heart, Haunted Hannah, Moon Witch, Sky Painter, Melancholy Mermaid, Dreaming Dryad, Winged Warrior, Memory Mirror, Steampunk Sorceress, Flower Girls, and Nephilim’s Daughter, and through the book, we see the artist stunningly transformed into each of these characters!

Originally from Springfield, MA, and currently based in Raglan, New Zealand, Parabola began songwriting on piano as a teenager and, at age 21, she was recruited into London-based trip-hop band Dreamfield. With two critically acclaimed releases to their credit before splitting in 2003, West relocated to New Zealand, returning to her musical roots in 2013. She’s not your ordinary musician! Her music is very much informed by the land she lives on, phases of the moon, and magic. Parabola and her husband live totally off the grid. They have a wind turbine and six solar panels, which provide enough energy to run their home appliances and stores any excess in a bank of 24 batteries. (!!!)

Anyway, check out this lovelieness:

And some of the characters Parabola creates and embodies… This character is the Dreaming Dryad, who goes with the song “Come to Me.” She has fallen in love with a mortal, but she can only use her forest magic to take human form for a short time each day (and only within the confines of the forest). These images are captured by Trinitynavar, with makeup & headpiece by Melodie McColl:

This Melancholy Mermaid goes with the song “The Best Thing” and represents the feeling of drifting away from your center, trying to find your way back to love. This image was captured by Trinitynavar, with makeup & headpiece by Melodie McColl and tail and set design by Forge Fashion.

And then in one more peek… this character is the Winged Warrior, and she goes with the song “The Edge.” The song is about when you feel on the edge of giving up on your dreams, and your inner warrior comes to fight off the fears.  Capture by Rakib Rax, with hair & makeup by Melodie McColl.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!!

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