Madeline After Prayer, 1868, by Daniel Maclise Art Renewal Center

Love in a Cold Climate

As the nights grow longer and colder, my mind always turns to love. Actually, my mind turns to love and cake because both are...
Photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash

Medicine For The Spirit

As I write this, I’m looking out over a field of gnarled juniper trees, sagebrush, and pinion pine in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The landscape...

Art Nouveau Today

Photography by CRAIG CRIST Art Nouveau is, without a doubt, my favorite art movement. I am drawn to the curling lines, the sumptuous textures, the...
Courtesy of NASA

What is Light Language?

Feature Image: Courtesy of NASA The first time I ever heard or saw light language, I was led to it by following a post about dolphins....

The Mermaid Handbook

Answer the enchanting siren call of the mermaid with this comprehensive, lavishly illustrated and intricately designed one-of-a-kind lifestyle compendium from the editor in chief...

Artemis of the Silver Bow

  In the shadows of mountains and in the wind on mountain-tops She loves to take her bow Her bow made all of silver And shoot off her...