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The first time I ever heard or saw light language, I was led to it by following a post about dolphins. It had an insightful quotation from Jamye Price, and I wanted to see who this wise person was. Before too long, I was watching a video of a blonde woman standing amid red rocks in Arizona, her hands flowing and flashing with signs, uttering phrases in some angelic language that sounded like gold, if gold were a sound. I stopped everything else I was doing and stared at the screen, and my body began to respond to this dance of sound and urgent gesture, rivers of energy that I felt inside.

Since then, I’ve discovered other practitioners of light language. Some people speak it, some sing it, some sign or draw or write it, as light maps or codes or inscriptions. It’s called light language because that is how it appears to the inner eye as the practitioner is speaking—words that are on fire or really lit with gold. Some say they are channeling light language from other beings in other realms or star systems; some say that it comes from their higher self. Some believe that it is both: Those “alien” beings are fractals of their own self. Each person has their own style of expression as distinct as their voice, as distinct as the beings or aspects they are bringing through them.

For years I have been interested in forms of communication other than the syntactic, denotative ones that humans have become accustomed to using: how dolphins send each other holographic blasts of information through their clicks and whistles and whirrs, how trees and the mycelium of forests speak to one another in chemical impulses. These things don’t point to definitions: They transmit states of being, full of emotion, charged with presence.

When the “Celestial” theme of the Winter 2018 issue of Enchanted Living was announced, I knew that I had to write about light language. Because light language is truly celestial: It is galactic and angelic, ancient and futuristic. As much as many of us are familiar with ideas of enchantment and spells, light language takes us right to the edge of the unfamiliar. But I also know that it’s important for us to know about, because we all can do it. It is a new kind of magic, this weaving of light. In an age of misunderstanding, how beneficial it would be for us to feel new ways of communicating that, as trees and dolphins and ETs and angels already know, can never be misunderstood.

Eva Marquez: The Pleiades

“As a child, I would try to outrun it, I was scared of it,” recalls Eva Marquez of her intuitive ability. In her childhood years in the Czech Republic, Marquez was drawn to forests and gardens, fairies and nature spirits, but she lacked a framework to help her understand her perceptions. Then, like many people, Marquez went through what she calls “a forgetting period.”

It was during her adult life, while she was living in Maine, that the light language came on. She had been reading Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman, a go-to reference for people beginning a channeling practice. Even though the subject matter enthralled her, she initially had trouble connecting—but that was to change.

“One day I was washing dishes, and I felt a male energy by my right side,” she relates. “I heard the word Keneau in my head, and then I felt … Pleiades. I swear to God, I didn’t even know what the Pleiades were! I went to look it up and said, ‘I think he is from the Pleiades!’ As I started to say it, this chant, this language of light—although I didn’t know what it was called at the time—was coming through. And I was sobbing, I was crying. It was the most beautiful energy I had ever felt. I had to stop washing the dishes, just to sit down. I thought, This is his language!”

Since then, Marquez primarily channels Pleiadians—beings from the Pleiades star system—and they add their inflection to the light language she speaks. “I have studied with several of them,” she says, “a professor, and a healer who has a softer, almost tinkling voice. But I realize it is me, because there is a memory that goes back further, and further, and further. It is all me.”

This is something Marquez and other light-language practitioners want us to understand: Any beings we encounter are aspects of us—whether past, future, or parallel lives; ancient or in a different dimension. When we gain access to them, we reclaim something that may have been lost or forgotten within ourselves.

And in that uniqueness, the communication might not sound like language at all. “The language of light doesn’t have to be words,” Marquez explains. “It’s sound, it’s color. It can be numbers and sacred geometry. We all have a distinct dialect. First, there
is just the energy and the beauty. Your ‘human’ sits aside and you let yourself communicate.” When she brings light language through, Marquez says, “I have a vision in my head, but I don’t understand word by word what is said. Rather, I get a feeling.”

Marquez now lives in South Carolina with her husband Tom and their family. She does soul healing sessions, life coaching, and co-leads an active Facebook community. Healing is central to her understanding of light language and its importance to our times right now.

In the stress of our three-dimensional world, Marquez says, the practice of light language heals by bringing together the spiritual and the physical. “Expressing ourselves helps us make the connection,” she says, sincerity shining from her wide, Czech fairy face, “to bridge the imaginary into the physical realm, because sound is physical. To bring everything we can from our ancestry into the physical world. We can then apply that wisdom to everything we do. Bringing it into physical energy helps us grow and make our world better than it is.”

Anybody can speak light language, Marquez says: “If you have a memory of it within your heart, then yes. If you even have the question, Can I do it?, then the answer is yes! Why would your soul even be guided to ask? Then why not explore it?

“Go out into nature,” she urges. “Let what is in your chest come out. Maybe it will be a chant, or syllables, or a strange sequence that comes out. And there’s nothing scary about it. It’s the embracing of who you are. What is encoded in the sleeping DNA that you have?”

Marquez’s latest ebook Pleiadean Code is available on Amazon. You can find her online at evamarquez.org and in the Facebook group Harmonic Convergence 333. You can hear some of her transmissions on her YouTube channel.

Jamye Price: Lyra

Jamye Price is known for her beautiful transmissions of light language that use voice and hand sign: her hands describing shapes, glyphs, and formations in the air, a simultaneous layer of meaning to the utterances of her voice.

Price was working as an energy healer when she felt light language come on suddenly. She was giving an axiotonal alignment in Sedona, Arizona, where she lives now, when her hands started moving: “My hands would twitch, and then the movement got bigger and faster and would become more organized rather than just a twitch.”

Soon after, a teacher at an event Price was attending showed a slide of light language during a presentation. “And as soon as I saw it I knew that that’s what my hands were doing,” she says. “They were writing that in the air.”

Unsure of what to do with this new ability, Price repressed it for a long time. “My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life, that if I let it flow, I would just be a weirdo. People would ostracize me. So I’d shut it down. If I went to a place where there was a lot of energy, I would actually have to sit on my hands and keep my mouth clenched shut,” she says. “Finally, I was doing a channeling in public. When the first person came up, my finger went right to her shoulder and barely touched her and then light language started coming out, just all of a sudden—she had a spontaneous energetic experience and could not stop laughing! One of my clients said it came out like a storm. I knew I was at a choice point. All this time of nurturing, and learning, and now it’s time. To grow the courage to do something so unusual and take that risk.”

Price’s transmissions can be from the angelic realms, from galactic dimensions, from the ancient continent of Lemuria, even from the elemental realms of elves and fairies. (The group consciousness she is most known for channeling, Areon, is from the star group of Lyra, yet Areon transmissions are usually in English.) Sometimes she will set an intention for the energy or information she wants to bring through; sometimes she will let the energies decide.

Practice and openness have made Price an enthusiastic conduit for light language. She now leads workshops to teach other people how to do it. “The more you do it, you get more experience and understanding, and you trust yourself more. You’re allowing it to flow more. It becomes more accessible. It’s accessible to me any time I want it.”

Light language is part of our evolutionary stage on an evolving earth, Price says. “What we are going through now is a more conscious connection with the subtle realm,” she explains.
“We’ve always been interacting with it, but now it’s becoming more consciously available to us: Light language bridges this communication because it uses your brain in a different way. You’re not going off of memory—you’re allowing flow to happen and then you’re observing. In the physical realm, you have to manipulate reality. But the nonphysical realm is about connection and about resonance.

“Everyone has the potential to do it,” Price insists. “It’s something that is natural to us, and as we use it more, and connect and communicate in a different way, it starts to expand things. You’re starting to expand your multidimensional awareness. It’s so exciting to recognize that we can all channel.

“Understand that you are connected to something huge,” she says firmly. “Life wants to communicate with you, life wants to communicate through you, and you are life in human form—so you start to see life everywhere, and it is something that takes you out of your comfort zone of what felt familiar and into a loving connection with something that’s starting to change the human experience.”

Price is the author of Opening to Light Language. You can find her offerings online at jamyeprice.com, on Facebook at Jamye Price—Crystalline Soul Healing & Light Language, and subscribe to her transmissions on her YouTube channel. 

Read the full ‘What is Light Language?’ Article in the Winter Issue!

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  1. Thank you Laura for this AMAZING article. I know of both these beautiful ladies you have written about. I work with Eva Marquez on a one to one basis, and I have been following Jamie Price for 2 years now. This article brings me full circle leading me into my own Light Language of Lyra. It is said that when the energies of the Soul Love met the energies of another energy (light) wave, they together found a way to communicate. This being the beginning of Light Language in this Universe. It is my passion to find my truth of my own original Light Language. So again, Thank you for being in my circle, Much Love and Gratitude, Katie

  2. Thank you for this article. This is the first time I have ever heard of this. I have always been able to speak a language at will. It flows out of me without any traditional thought pattern. I am so grateful I came across this article. I used to think I was crazy, I no longer do. At this time of great awakening, things are finally becoming clear. Not sure of the origination of this language- but there was always a “word” or a sound that I somehow knew meant “God, Light” or “Source.” Again, thank you for this article.

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