A forgotten race. A forbidden child. The third book in The Iyarri Chronicles, Ascension’s Reckoning, alights today! And Melissa is offering a special gift of a book bag to Enchanted Living readers who purchase hardcovers directly from her.

If you’ve missed out on either our resident herbal alchemist and fantasy author Melissa Lynn Herold or the first two books in The Iyarri Chronicles, you’ll want to get to know them now!

Our Enchanted Living readers were some of the very first to get to see the cover for the third book, Ascension’s Reckoning, and is it ever stunning. Just take a look:

It’s a brilliant finale to the previous two books, Heaven’s Silhouette and Mourning’s Dawn.

New to The Iyarri Chronicles? Brew a cuppa and curl up with the book trailer and the series synopsis:

“Two thousand years ago, on the Night of Bloody Feathers, humans used blades, bows, and fire to bring a violent end to their delicate partnership with the winged, mythical Iyarri, and in the same stroke, destroyed the balance of truth and justice that unified their enemy. Splintered, the Iyarri withdrew from the world of men, and with time and magic to hide them, faded into human mythos and religious iconography. But they did not forget, and in deep in cliffside strongholds, the Iyarri amended their laws: contact with humans became forbidden, and having a child with one, the Unspeakable Sin, was punishable by death.

Now, one such forbidden child, Aurelia, learns the true circumstances of her birth and must evade a death-sentence handed down a millennia ago. It’s up to her to harness her unique blood and long-unseen powers to not only carve out a place for herself in Iyarri society, but also to mend what was broken so long ago.”

You’ll notice the links for the books go to Melissa’s Etsy shop, NightBlooming, because this supports her directly as an independent author. While you can pick up all three hardcovers and ebooks from Amazon and other sellers, books directly from Melissa come wrapped like they’re a gift, come with a metal feather bookmark and your choice of Novel Blends (which are essential oil blends inspired by Melissa’s characters and worldbuilding).

Ordering all three books at once means that when Melissa signs and numbers your books, all your copy numbers will match, which makes this series a collector’s keepsake, too.

Normally you have to support her on Patreon, or order the full trilogy to get the “Until the Skies Fall” bookbag for free, but just for our Enchanted Living readers, if you order any of the hardcovers from her Etsy store and let her know Enchanted Living is how you found her, she’ll add it to your order for free!

The bag is created from pre-consumer waste generated by factories during the fabric cutting process. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of this product will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet⁠. (Sadly Melissa’s adorable cat, Zerah, is not included.)

The Iyarri Chronicles is artistic, evocative, and perfect for the dark days of autumn. Capture your copies now, and don’t forget to let Melissa know you found her through Enchanted Living to add a free book bag to any hardcover order!

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