Falling Into Beauty

Embrace the enchantment of autumn with our beauty sorcery featuring persimmon, cranberry, mugwort, and hawthorn. Dive into a spellbinding blend crafted for skin renewal, fortification, and protection. Discover the magic in our potions and beauty rituals, a sensory celebration of the witch's season
VOYAGE EXOTIQUE Facial Masque: Nourishing cucumber, orchid extract, camellia seed oil, and wild pansy extract for glowing skin.

Languid Beauty

When the solar rays embrace us in their abundant war mth, a spell has been cast on our bare flesh, so alive with sensations...

The Magic of Natural Beauty

This is a love story. Perhaps you’re familiar with it: It is one that has inspired for centuries and continues to thrive despite obstacles,...

The Enchantments Of Lustrous Locks

"Hold thou thy heart against her shining hair, If, by thy fate, she spread it once for thee; For, when she nets a young...

Beauty Secrets of A Forest Nymph

A wakened by birdsong, her incandescent eyes flutter open to behold the verdant forest, lush and damp with newly fallen rains. Sweetly scented moss...

Bohemian Beauty

She enters her private quarters hurriedly, whirling in full-skirted layers to fasten shut the oaken door as silently as its brass fastenings will allow....
Three Women and Three Wolves (1900), by Eugène Grasset

Soul Flight

Unlock the secrets of Witches' Flying Ointment 🌙✨ Dive into ancient herbal magic, soul exploration, and DIY mysticism. Discover the power of cottonwood, mugwort, yarrow, and calendula in this enchanting journey. 🧙‍♀️🌿 #Witchcraft #HerbalMagic #SoulFlight #DIYMagic

The Beauty Witch: OCTOBER

When October embraces us with her witchy wiles, can’t you just feel the excitement all around? Even when everything feels dour, and indeed dire,...

Bountiful Beauty

Inside woven baskets brimming with the abundance of autumn, so ample with lusciousness that you can barely carry them, ancient beauty secrets live and...

The Beauty Witch: MARCH

Adages and weather aside, the transitional month of March, in fact, comes in like a fish and goes out on fire. Indeed, the spell...