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On the Edge of Discovery: The Secret of Fore-Edge Paintings

Have you ever felt the sudden jolt of bliss that accompanies the discovery of a hidden secret? This feeling drives treasure hunters of all...


Greetings all my fellow Curiosity Explorers and Magic-Makers! Allow me to introduce myself: I am the Wondersmith. I work with wonder in the same...
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Strange Dialogue: Picture and Prose

Springtime (when fancies turn to thoughts of love) is high time to swap that dog-eared, fly-specked, bookworm-infested copy of The Hobbit you’ve been carting...

The Bee Goddesses of Stephanie Law

They are ethereal. Supple and airy, with an almost Erté-like fluidity and grace. But the goddesses that Stephanie Law paints also have an earthy...

Alan Lee: Artist Of Middle-Earth

If I were to say to you, “A woman robed in white, standing next to a bowl, holding a silver ewer,” you would likely...
Amy Rose

Floral Fox Art – The Botanical Paintings of Amy Rose

Lilacs were not supposed to bloom in July, that was a simple botanical fact, at least it had been until now. Girls in the...

The Art of Darla Teagarden

Austin artist Darla Teagarden brings magic realism literally to light in the medium of photography, leaving the viewer intrigued, wonderfully tantalized—one might even say...

Fairies in Advertising

Fairies are notorious for tricking folks into making bad decisions. (See Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: transformations, potions, falling in love with jackasses.) So it’s natural...
Annie Stegg

Visions of Enchantment

A dragon-like sea monster rears above a ship, terrifying in its unleashed rage, yet beautiful—delicate scales, a sinuous grace to its form. A maiden cautiously steps...

Beata Beatrix

by Grace Nuth Photography by Steve Parke She sits, back slumped in a way that indicates she is oblivious of our gaze or the propriety...