In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.
—William Blake


With temperatures dropping, it’s time to reach for warming lotions, luscious creams, and fragrant oils that feed and nourish the skin, and keep it soft and glowing, even as you sit by the roaring fire.

When the climate is most harsh, it’s important to be kind to yourself, and embrace a gentle beauty regimen with rich natural botanicals (like the beautiful blooming rose), nut oils (tropical coconut extracts), and plant elixirs (cardamom and sandalwood) that are stimulating to the skin.

Here are some of our favorite winter warmers.


Organic Pharmacy Virgin Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil with Frankincense & Vitamin E

Organic Pharmacy Virgin Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil with Frankincense & Vitamin E 
A nutritious organic rosehip seed oil, loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which is harvested at high altitude in the Chilean Andes Mountains. Helps soften scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines all over the body.

Juara Radiance Vitality Oil

Juara Radiance Vitality Oil
When the world is cold and dark, this delicious oil will transport you to sunny Bali. A lovely blend of frangipani flower extract, passion fruit seed oil, coconut, avocado, and turmeric will firm and smooth your skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing MistJurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
Rosewater is a natural astringent that has become popular in spritzes, sprays, and toners. The scent boosts the mood, and a soft misting plumps and hydrates tired skin (and hair). It also leaves the room smelling like a bouquet of roses!

Trilogy Rosehip OilTrilogy Rosehip Oil
Rosehip oil is healing and perks up dull, dry skin. It stimulates the circulation, and leads to, well, a rosy glow; helps promote cell regeneration; and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, which is why it is commonly found in facial serums, age-defying lotions and creams. Rose oil can also constrict small blood vessels, and reduce broken capillaries, penetrating deeply into the skin.


Red Flower Cardamom Amber OilRed Flower Cardamom Amber Oil
A warming blend of cardamom, sandalwood, jasmine, and black pepper, with a scent that is intoxicating, this sensual body oil is soothing and calming to the nerves and skin.


COCOme BodystickCOCOme Bodystick
Like a magic wand, this coconut balm stick can fix just about everything! Portable enough to carry with you at all times, it leaves a soothing gloss of organic virgin coconut oil on lips, cuticles, and dry spots anywhere on the face or body. Also protects skin from chapping.

Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel MaskFarmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask
Though we love dark spots and freckles, if you don’t, this mask will slowly help to brighten skin and fade them out. Echinacea and coconut gel hydrate the skin and temporarily tightens it right up! Great before a big night out.


To create your own nourishing skincare treatments take a look at Winter Faerie Beauty by Alise Marie.

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