Dark Beauty

As golden sunlight exhales to earth, her creatures are given life, embraced as they grow to full radiance, allowing a force of will to...
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Bell, Book, And Beauty

Feature Image: ©Columbia Pictures / Diltz / Bridgeman Images _____ Amid a swathe of tribal fertility idols, leopard-lined cloaks, and a cabaret singer imported from Montmartre,...

The Beauty Witch: MARCH

The restless winds of early Spring torn between adventures that await rising from the fertile belly of the earth and the fervent desire to melt back beneath the...
Green Witch by Alise Marie, The Beauty Witch®

The Beauty of Renewal

Discover the beauty of renewal with Alise Marie's expertly crafted beauty potions. As the seasons change, embrace the calling card of spring by changing your rituals to suit the season at hand. Alise's offerings are carefully conjured to align you with the detoxifying necessities of now and the body's yearning for fresh nourishment. With a blend of charmed favorites and mysterious muses, her beauty potions will enhance your magic and have you ready and glowing for this most gloriously green spell our beloved earth casts.

The Beauty Witch: JULY

With a feline stretch, July awakens from the dream of last month’s Cancer New Moon still fresh in our minds. Our minds are filled...

Sleeping Beauty

A Fairy Tale (1985), by Arthur Wardle “All seemed to sleep, the timid hare on form.” —Sir Walter Scott Sleep. That most fickle of good fairies....

The Beauty Witch: MAY

Discover the powerful and sensual energies of May with The Beauty Witch, Alise Marie. In this video, she explores the traditional fertility of the month, as well as the potent time for creation and new growth. Join her as she delves into the beautiful tryst between Earth and Fire action and lusciousness during this Lusty Month of May.

The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

August's astro-beauty and wellness forecast is here! Retrogrades, Moons, the North Node...so many juicy cosmic happenings, lunar vibes, and potion recipes to enjoy! August begins...

The Beauty Witch: JUNE

Welcome to your Midsummer Night's Dream! June blossoms with voluptuous cosmic sparkles swirling all around us, with Gemini energy shining brightly as Venus and Leo dance....
VOYAGE EXOTIQUE Facial Masque: Nourishing cucumber, orchid extract, camellia seed oil, and wild pansy extract for glowing skin.

Languid Beauty

When the solar rays embrace us in their abundant war mth, a spell has been cast on our bare flesh, so alive with sensations...