The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

With the great feline lunation of late last month still romping about, August shines with the promise of joyful new beginnings. Conjuring what makes the...

Dark Beauty

As golden sunlight exhales to earth, her creatures are given life, embraced as they grow to full radiance, allowing a force of will to...

The Beauty Witch: MARCH

The restless winds of early Spring torn between adventures that await rising from the fertile belly of the earth and the fervent desire to melt back beneath the...
Alise Maire Beauty Witch January 2024

The Beauty Witch: JANUARY

Welcome to the new calendar year! Your January Astro Beauty and wellness forecast is here! We open the gilded gates of the new year with a...
Alise Marie The Beauty Witch, Wellness and Beauty for February

Astro Beauty and Wellness Forecast | The Beauty Witch: FEBRUARY

We think of February as a dreary, rather dull month, and yet, there are the very first signs of new life! We celebrate the sabbat of Imbolc, Aquarian energies, a New Moon to be managed, Mars and Venus in their usual tango, a twist from Juno, an efficacious Full Moon, a Lunar New Year...and, of course, Venus' Day, all swirling with glorious potions and Beauty Witch wisdom.

Winter Beauty Magic

As winter settles into our bones and spirits, Beauty Witch Alise Marie reveals the transformative power of beauty rituals. Amidst the cold, discover the warmth of self-connection and the magic within potent beauty potions. Let the enchantment of vanilla, pomegranate, cardamom, cinnamon, walnuts, avocado oil, and maple bring forth your vibrant, protected, and luminous essence.
Alise Marie, The Beauty Witch | Beauty, Skincare, Zodiac | Enchanted Living Magazine

The Beauty Witch: DECEMBER

Yuletide Blessings! December’s astro-beauty and wellness forecast is here, and excitement is in the air: lunar intrigue, Venusian delights, and Jupiter's good fortune make...

Sleeping Beauty

A Fairy Tale (1985), by Arthur Wardle “All seemed to sleep, the timid hare on form.” —Sir Walter Scott Sleep. That most fickle of good fairies....

Falling Into Beauty

Embrace the enchantment of autumn with our beauty sorcery featuring persimmon, cranberry, mugwort, and hawthorn. Dive into a spellbinding blend crafted for skin renewal, fortification, and protection. Discover the magic in our potions and beauty rituals, a sensory celebration of the witch's season
Green Witch by Alise Marie, The Beauty Witch®

The Beauty of Renewal

Discover the beauty of renewal with Alise Marie's expertly crafted beauty potions. As the seasons change, embrace the calling card of spring by changing your rituals to suit the season at hand. Alise's offerings are carefully conjured to align you with the detoxifying necessities of now and the body's yearning for fresh nourishment. With a blend of charmed favorites and mysterious muses, her beauty potions will enhance your magic and have you ready and glowing for this most gloriously green spell our beloved earth casts.