The Beauty Witch: APRIL

Seems ironic, no? In the spell of early Spring that gives new life to earth and all her charms, she opens the heavy doors...

The Beauty Witch: FEBRUARY

When the lonely heart of snow and ice, heavy and insular with thoughts of days passed and restless for days to come, is led by the hand...

The Beauty Witch: MAY

Discover the powerful and sensual energies of May with The Beauty Witch, Alise Marie. In this video, she explores the traditional fertility of the month, as well as the potent time for creation and new growth. Join her as she delves into the beautiful tryst between Earth and Fire action and lusciousness during this Lusty Month of May.

Falling Into Beauty

Embrace the enchantment of autumn with our beauty sorcery featuring persimmon, cranberry, mugwort, and hawthorn. Dive into a spellbinding blend crafted for skin renewal, fortification, and protection. Discover the magic in our potions and beauty rituals, a sensory celebration of the witch's season

The Beauty Witch: JUNE

The warmth of Midsummer voluptuous, yet restful weaves her magic into every drop of precious sunlight so fleeting and so powerful with honeysuckle nectar at our lips and birdsong the score in...

The Beauty Witch: OCTOBER

Majestic trees inhale to draw breath from each graceful limb deep into their hearts, sprinkling jeweled leaves along a scented path. The earth, still ripe with bounty, shimmers between...

The Beauty Witch: September

When the circle of the year turns in September, it is a certain, defined clicking into place, one that takes us from the slow...

The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

August bounds in like a rather large cat romping atop your bed, just as you were hoping for a bit more slumber – he...
VOYAGE EXOTIQUE Facial Masque: Nourishing cucumber, orchid extract, camellia seed oil, and wild pansy extract for glowing skin.

Languid Beauty

When the solar rays embrace us in their abundant war mth, a spell has been cast on our bare flesh, so alive with sensations...

The Beauty Witch: OCTOBER

The Wheel of The Year is a funny thing. And quite beautiful, really. As we undulate forward into a new season of life, we...