Paper Moon Tutorial

For our celestial cover shoot, we tapped Baltimore artist Nichole Leavy to create a full-scale paper moon for the shoot in photo editor Steve...
Emily Yeadon, Enchanted Living Magazine, Interview, Moth, Felt,

Homemade Trap

Enchanted Living: Can you tell us when and why you began making embroidered insects and fungi? Emily Yeadon: My work is heavily influenced by a...

Make A Harvest Besom

For this project you will need: • A large dowel rod about 1 inch in diameter, 2 feet in length • A spool of 18-gauge nylon...

Craft Your Own Magical Jars

A wonderful way to celebrate autumn and create something special for yourself or a friend is to create a magical spell jar. They’ve come...

Enchanting Your Journal + Exclusive Downloads

I’ve known the magic of journaling ever since I was a young girl. I cherished my very first diary, a pink patent leather one with...
Enchanted Living Magazine Photography by Michaela Durisova Model: Kristína Szegenyová Accessories: Magaela Accessories

A Book of Things Received

Photography by Michaela Durisova Model: Kristína Szegenyová Accessories: Magaela Accessories The old woman handed her young apprentice a book of soft leather with tattered pages scented of...

Tips on Creating A Painting Using Acrylic or Watercolor Paints

Set up a comfortable and peaceful area to begin your art. This may include lighting a candle or incense and playing your favorite music...

Witches’ Ladders

This ritual is a form of knot magic where an intention is methodically bound to a talismanic object. As always, a strong, clear intention...
Mermaid Bra Tutorial Faerie Magazine

Mermaid Bra Tutorial

PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVE PARKE SUPPLIES Plain blue bra Gem-Tac or another nontoxic glue that dries clear Skewer for spreading glue Glue gun Glue sticks Needle and thread Fine blue glitter (matching...
Model- Eva Marini @hane.iro (self-portraits)

Stitch Witchery From Notforgotten Farm

Featured Image: Model: Eva Marini @hane.iro (self-portraits)   We’ve been charmed for a while now by the lovely, old-timey, and definitely witchy needlework of folk artist...