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Elven Bedtime Ritual

Elves don’t require sleep to maintain their shimmering beauty, but that doesn’t prevent them from bestowing the most lovely night’s rest on their most fortunate...

The Elven Tea Party

I make sure to occasionally host inspiring parties and sometimes invite friends over to eat good food, dance, play roleplaying games, and sit around the...
Witch Cottage Aesthetic - Camilla Rose Gjertsen -01

Witch Cottage Aesthetic

When I was younger I pledged to surround myself with beauty and let it inspire more beauty. Home is my sanctuary, and entering it...

Whorled Wonders

  Open an antiquarian book and there’s a good chance you’ll find marbleized end papers, hypnotically patterned swirls of colors created by floating pigments on...
Holly Black Library Enchanted Living Magazine

A Writer’s Cozy Lair

When I set up my very first office, I bought a modern glass-and-steel desk. It seemed clean and orderly. The problem was that I’m...

At Home: The Stylish Witch’s Lair

Feature Image by Oh The Raven Studio Hard to believe, but it’s been more than twenty-five years since Alice Hoffman published Practical Magic, the story...

The Language of Flowers

ADVICE FROM A FLORIST by LARISA MINERVA FLORAL PHOTOGRAPHY by JUSTINE GRAJSKI Flowers speak in ways that words fail us. They arrive in spring, pushing their eager green heads...

Throwing a Magical Party for Kids

photography by VINCE CHAFIN We’ve probably all witnessed a child playing more with the plain box their present came in than with the much coveted,...

At Home: A Lovely Fairy Lair

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” —William Morris     Fairies are the original eco-warriors. Living...

Enchanting Your Space: A Witchy Autumn Decor Guide

Transform your home with the allure of earth tones in our Witchy Autumn Decor Guide. Get inspired for Mabon, Samhain, and All Hallow’s Eve